GoDaddy Gift Cards. Buy with e-gold.

GoDaddyPerhaps, you were a RegisterFly customer, and were paying for your domains and web hosting via e-gold. Perhaps not. Whatever the case is, I am selling GoDaddy Gift Cards for e-gold. With the e-Gift Cards, you can pay for any service at GoDaddy’s website if you’re their customer.

ICANN has withdrawn Registerfly‘s accreditation as a domain registrar due to huge customer complaints about their none-existing customer service and many customers have been moved to GoDaddy. GoDaddy is currently the world’s #1 domain registrar.

If you are in Ghana, I can accept Cedis and if you’re in Nigeria, I’d accept Naira. Be aware that in both cases, you would have to pay into the bank. No exceptions please.

Godaddy e-Gift Card:
– Super-fast delivery via email
– Good for any product or service at
– Available in any dollar amount. Minimum purchase per gift card: $20. Maximum: $1,000


  1. e-gold: add 5% of any amount you want. I would accept US Dollars only.
  2. Nigeria: 140 Naira per US Dollar
  3. Ghana: 1.03 Ghana Cedis (10,300 cedis) per US Dollar

Terms/conditions apply. Consult GoDaddy’s website for their terms.

GoDaddy e-Gift cards are now being sold at

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  2. Hello,
    i am a nigerian living in ghana i wlii like to know how to get e-gold in ghana .so i if youn can please send your phone numberto me so i can call you to buy some e-gold form you.
    best regards

  3. Hello Mr. David,

    Do you of any merchant that deals in gift certificate here in Nigeria? I mean a merchant that buys and sells gift certificates??

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