Goodbye Stella Obasanjo & Indepth Photos

Stella Obasanjo

Nigeria’s first lady is dead and buried. This is no longer news. Well, I just want to wish her a sweet rest.

My aim for writing this is to praise the efforts of the Official Website of the Office of Public Communications, State House, Abuja, Nigeria.

When the sad events of the October plane crash in Nigeria and Stella Obasanjo’s death hit the International media, I was very eager to see footage photos of both events as they unfold. If I was in Nigeria, I could see such photos on the leading newspapers. Now that I am outside Nigeria, I have to rely on websites for such photos.

I visited, but was disappointed because there was no current news on the website. The photos of the plane crash took a while to appear on international news websites, and even then, was grossly inadequate. Such photos were limited to just one or two.

The first close photos I saw was on They were snapshots from NTA news, but good enough.

Only yesterday, I saw links to the photos of the burial of Stella Obasanjo on I promptly clicked, and behold, it was an external website:
I saw all I’d wanted and was very satisfied. Close up photos of the body of the late Stella Obasanjo been received at the airport, burial service and even thanksgiving service.

It doesn’t get better than this.
Many thanks

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  1. Time and place have proven that losing weight should be done through healthy meals like vegetables and fruits or exercise as well. I’m not interested if she lived or died they are just too reckless of the people’s common wealth. Let her rot in hell that’s all i cared for anyway.

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