Google Search latest update lets you add movies and TV shows to a ‘WatchList’

Google Search’s latest update is bringing a new feature called Watch List to searches on Movies and TV Shows. With this, users will be able to add Movies and TV Shows to their Watch List so you can easily keep track of any new episodes.

The feature is an extra handy update rolled out in Google’s so-called Knowledge Graph cards.

Once rolled out, users will be able to see some new cards on the Knowledge Graph Cards when they search for a new movie or TV Show. They can either tap on the “Watched it?” or “Watchlist” buttons, depending on whether they have watched the movie or wish to watch it.

Tapping on the first option tells Google that a user has already watched the movie while choosing the latter is similar to adding an item on their Wishlist.

Google will save all the items added to your Watchlist in a separate page dubbed Collection. These collections, for now, include favorite pages, images, and even places that a user has previously saved.

After this update, Google Search users will also be able to see your favorite Movies and TV Shows added on the Collections page. To access the saved items from their search, they can go to

Watchlist is currently rolling out in mobile search both inside the browser and the Google app.

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