OPPO, Xiaomi, and Vivo set to launch their cross-platform Airdrop alternative

Back in August, OPPO, Xiaomi, and Vivo announced a partnership dubbed “Inter-Transfer Alliance Group”. It should enable their smartphones to make seamless peer-to-peer file transfers at high speeds. The Global name of this collaboration is “Peer-to-Peer transmission Alliance”.

The new technology has been in open beta during the past months. Now, it seems that the development group is done with the testing and just announced in a press release the cross-brand service is going global. According to the latest report from the trio, they want to time it with the 5G rollout across the world due to the “expected increase of average file sizes”.

According to Spark Ni, Senior VP at Vivo, the partnership allows users to share files wirelessly without the need for an internet connection. To achieve this, the technology makes use of Bluetooth for fast pairing and Wi-Fi P2P for a high-speed connection. To use it, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth must be one. Then, users can select the new transfer method via the menu option.

The three firms are looking to add more brands that are willing to participate and expand their ecosystem.

The new tech achieves speeds that can reach 20 MB/s and the first smartphones with it will start to pop out in February 2020. Perhaps we may see it getting its Global debut during MWC 2020. For now, we just think that it deserves an easier, compact naming since Peer-to-Peer Transmission Alliance is rather long and easily forgettable.

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