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If you are a website owner in Nigeria, and/or run a website that targets residents of Nigeria, you should seriously consider a .ng domain name for your website. It is the most cost-effective way to identify your website with your Nigerian target market or audience. There couldn’t be a better time than now, to register your .ng domain name(s). The .ng domain registry is offering 50,000 free .ng domain names in commemoration of Nigeria’s 50th Independence Anniversary.

The following Nigerian domain names are available for FREE, from Web4Africa:

  •, and
  • (This would be part of it with the provision that a process of verification should be adhered to).

The following terms apply:

  • The domain name is for free for one year (the first year). The domain name is subject to renewal fees in the subsequent years.
  • Domain names that are not put to a meaningful use within 6 (six) months will be withdrawn.
  • All domain names must be in compliance with NIRA (.ng registry) Domain Name Policy.

Why do you need a .NG Domain Name?

  1. Why use ugly addresses like for your blog when you can register a short & smart domain name and point same to your blog?
  2. Why use an unnecessarily long domain name (because you are adding the word “nigeria” at the end of your company or organization’s name) when you can just register a short & more memorable or
  3. Why not easily rank on Google Nigeria for search terms related to Nigeria when you use a .ng domain name for your website?

If not now, then when? Rush to this .ng domain name registrar’s website to grab your free .ng domain name today. Make use of the PROMO CODE on the website.

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