How Aero Contractors offers very low airfares. The catches!

Aero Contractors in my view is a budget airline only that it is not so-called. The airline has been advertising very low fares to all its destinations, for some time now. I dragged myself into flying Aero twice in recent times, to satisfy my curiosity on how they could offer such low fares. This blog post is based on what I could see as a passenger who has no expertise in aviation.

Aero Contractors (Aero Contractors Company of Nigeria Ltd) or simply “Aero” is an airline based in Lagos, Nigeria. It operates domestic and international scheduled services, air taxi, charter and third party aircraft operations, largely in support of Nigeria’s extensive oil and gas industry. Its main base is Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos.

The Premise
Aero offers such low airfares at this time, it is alarming as to how they achieve this considering that some of their fares are less than 50% that of their leading competitors – Arik Air and Nigerian Eagle Airline – especially on the Lagos – Accra – Lagos route. Take the up-coming flights as outlined in the following table as a case study.

Lagos to Accra – One Way flights for 18th March 2010 as advertised on the respective websites of the airlines
Airline Fare in Nigerian Naira Equivalent in USD Source
Aero NGN 7,612.85 $50
Nigerian Eagle NGN 30,653.00 $201.32
Arik Air NGN 32,249.00 $211.80

From the above information, Aero’s flight costs only 23.6% that of Arik Air and only 24.84% that of Nigerian Eagle.

How do they pull it off?
The following factors are those I have observed. I do not have access to their maintenance logs and thus unable to comment on aircraft maintenance, staff remuneration and other hidden factors.

1. Book & Pay over the Internet

An advertisement banner on showing one of their fares and placing emphasis online booking & payment.
An advertisement banner on showing one of their fares and placing emphasis online booking & payment.

Aero places a lot of emphasis on direct sales of tickets over the Internet thereby avoiding fees and commissions paid to travel agents and computer reservations systems. The very low-fares they offer would not be possible without the Internet. Thus, their radio ads are geared towards directing potential passengers to their website

Booking can be completed online with payment via four methods:

  • Interswitch: Nigeria’s leading ATM/debit card network and payment processor
  • Etranzact: another local payment gateway available in Ghana and Nigeria
  • Book On Hold for Ghana only: potential flyers can book for a flight and place it on hold for 24 hrs and then pay at any UBA branches in Ghana.*
  • Book On Hold for Nigeria only: potential flyers can book for a flight and place it on hold for 24 hrs and then pay at any Oceanic Bank branches in Nigeria.*

*To pay through the bank, booking should be for a flight at least 48 hours ahead.

2. Hidden Fees
When booking for a Lagos – Accra – Lagos flight, you would be faced with an optional “International Insurance” cover fee costing N1,500 ($9.85). From their website:

Insurance (International) This covers for flight cancellation and holiday packages for passengers travelling into and out of Nigeria only.charges on this cover is based on per persanger per day.
Please note that it is not possible to change date, destination or name of passenger once the insurance has been purchased. Standard and Deluxe insurance is only available to people who are resident or domiciled in Nigeria.

Adding the “Insurance fee” to your booking would push your fare upwards to N9,112.85
Note, the Insurance fees is available to domestic flights as well.

3. In-flight meals need to be paid-for

A N1,500 meal on an Aero flight.
A N1,500 meal on an Aero flight. Photo by Oluniyi D. Ajao.

Aero last year introduced the idea of passengers paying for refreshment mid-flight should they want any and gave it a fancy name, Aero Sky Snax. From their website:

In Flight Meals-aero Sky Snax
With effect from 16th November, 2009 aero begins sale of a variety of affordable mouth watering snacks, soft drinks and beverages on-board for your enjoyment.

The upside about paying for the meal is that the passenger is not compelled to pay when he/she is not in a position to eat. Also, the passenger can order for the quantity of snacks that is really enough to satisfy unlike the little appetizers typically offered by the other airlines.

The downside is, any passenger willing to eat but without extra naira in his/her wallet would fly hungry. Aero does not accept card payments mid-flight.

4. Minimal uniformed staff
Aero, from the flights I have taken, maintains very few uniformed staff. The check-in staff in Murtala International Airport (MMIA) Lagos and Kotoka International Airport (KIA) Accra are contracted from another company that offers those services. This would aid their cost-saving and low-fares drive.

An Aero Boeing 737-400 jet on the tarmac with other airplanes in Kotoka International Airport, Accra. Photo by Oluniyi D. Ajao.
An Aero Boeing 737-400 jet on the tarmac with other airplanes in Kotoka International Airport, Accra. Photo by Oluniyi D. Ajao.

5. Shared Office
Though Aero maintains a full office inside MMIA fully manned by its own staff, it shares a ticketing cubicle with Arik Air inside the departure hall of KIA.

6. Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable
Aero offers no refunds or transfers to later flights in the event of missed flights, i.e. if the aircraft leaves on time without a passenger who arrived late, he will have to buy a wholly new ticket for the next flight.

7. No frequent flyer programme
Unlike Nigerian Eagle, Aero does not offer any frequent flyer programme and thus all the money that would have been invested in running such a programme are saved. The passenger can thus apply the saved funds to other things.

It is also important to note that Aero’s fares typically increase as the plane fills up. Thus, the low fares are only guaranteed for early reservations. Also, the GHC25 airfare Aero is presently advertising in Ghanaian newspapers exclude taxes and so many other fees.

Should you have additions or questions, do well to leave your comments in the comments area.

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Oluniyi D. Ajao
Oluniyi D. Ajao is an Internet Entrepreneur and Tech Enthusiast based in South Africa. Follow him on twitter @niyyie for more tech updates.


  1. this booking on hold thing is still confusing.Does it mean u can actually book online and pay the actual onine fee at Oceanic bank as advertised?

    • i want to book an airline from lagos to ghana from 31st march- 5thh April. this cheap flight you are talking about, is it real?

    • Please let me know the answer you gave to Jasmine on the booking on hold thing and the mode of paying through Oceanic Bank. Also, I saw your advert on Vanguard newspaper few days ago on this low rate flying thing which the booking in advance will expire after 9th August, 2010. Is Benin – Lagos route inclusive? I intend flying the route on 6th September, 2010. What is the air fare? Also, I intend flying Benin – Abuja on September 19, 2010 too. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. I want to travel to Nigeria and I want to know if the GHc25.00 airfare you advertise is very real. Is it a promotion. How do I apply for the ticket.

  3. I’m an NYSC corp member. I want to fly from Lagos to Kaduna and want to know if the cheap flight rate applies to me, if so how much precisely? I also want to know if there is direct flight.

  4. Does Aero offers any discount on booking for atleast two weeks before the time. If yes, what are the procedures? I am from Abuja, Nigeria.

    • what are the procedures for booking two weeks before a trip with aero in a trip from lagos to kano return ticket?How much does it cost and possibly if there is any discount .

  5. thanks 4 ur incisive look at aero and cheap flights. i looked at the insurance package but i did not see any coverage for passengers in case of plane crash. I also believe the insurance should not be optional.

  6. what is the cost of a return ticket from accra to lagos/abuja
    will be very happy to know by close of work tomorrow

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  10. I want to commend aero for their kind gesture. Pls i want to know the flight ticket from Abuja – Lagos for 27/05/10 and the return ticket. Also, how to pay for the flight ticket.

  11. My name is Hammed and am from Ogun State, please i want to know the cost of the ticket from Lagos to Accra on 10th day of june 2010 till 10th of August 2010 please let me know how much is the return ticket.thanks

  12. @David
    Nice article. But folks here must be assuming that you work for Aero going by the CUSTOMER DESK kind of questions they are asking. I don’t think it will hurt if they navigate to to get the needed clarifications instead of asking you 😉

  13. Aero contractors’ cheal flights; Certainly the airline company must have a means of investing of these cheap funds to multiply into the real flight amount before the two weeks specified duration for the flight. I m interested in know which finacial investment they carry on.

  14. 1.i will like to know if you travil from accra to lagos without a passport much is the fair and where can the ticket be bought

  15. I want to book a return ticket -Lagos to Owerri on June 17th {go} June 21st {return} 2010. How much? and which of the banks should I pay in the amount? Time of flights? Can I book for 3 persons?

    • pls ill like to book on line to travell from lagos to owerri for myself and a friend with the low tariff rate. how do i go about it? suppose to travel a week from now.

  16. I have tried many times to book through the internat, since you can only enjoy the low rate through the internaet booking, it just could not go. Why can’t I just go to the bank and pay?

  17. Pls,i ve a two and half yrs old child and 11month baby. We intend travelling 4rm accra to port harcourt. can the children travell without passport?and how much is the online booking 4rm accra to ph.with the children.

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  19. Pls,I intend travelling at the end of this month to and fro lagos-kaduna-lagos.I would like to confirm if you still do the cheap rate flight….

    Best regards

    Captain Tunde

  20. I want to travel to Lagos from Abuja on 19th june back to Abuja on26th june. how much is d ticket, to and fro. how do i make the payment here in Abuja

  21. I want to travel to accra on 19 july and return on 23rd july. Can I pay now and am I certain the plane will leave on those days. What time do they leave for accra and back to lagos (flight schedule)

  22. I want to travel to Accra on 5th July and return on 9th July. Can I pay now and am I certain the plane will leave on those days. What time do they leave for Accra and back to Lagos. (flight schedule)

    How much will i pay and to which bank account?

  23. Sincerely Aero Contractor has put smile onto the faces and easiness into the lives of the masses by this low price. More grease to her elbow.

  24. people, david has said it all…. i flew to nigeria on the 14th of june 2010 in the morning, from accra. its no surprise, all about aero is true. the best way to get it cheap is to book online(48 hours before departure) and u qualify for this 25 ghs.
    the other charges are are basically airport taxes. in all , i paid 107 ghs. which is more cheaper, faster and hustle free, compared to travelling by road , not to talk of border hustles.
    i really wish aero could expand its services to all other countries in africa. thank you aero…. i’m grateful

  25. i want to travel from Lagos to Abuja 30th July and come back on 31st of July . pls with your promo booking how much will it cost me and how to apply.

  26. please how can i book this #3000 k ticket from phc to lagos online. if am booking it and it still giving me the normal booking price. please tell me how to book it thank u

  27. my trip to dubai fly emirates was wonderful& return i heard of aero contractor airline.nxt first trip to ghana accra,i used aero contractor,i was impressed by hostess,pilot.i think with time they will improved by putting tv,earpiece(music),games, magazine(fashion)…even though the journey is short.its comfortable but i was sad for not listening to music.i would have come with my ipod,dutyfree magazine,others brought theirs .they should atleast sell wrist watch/designer glasses or tell the passenger on seat something fun/intresting/medical stuff.these will help the passenger alot.i love aero contractor even though the trip is short/ was a relaxing&comfortable place.keep the good work

  28. Goody,please i want to inquire how i can pay for my flight tick from Accra to Lagos Nigeria and how much it will cost me.

    Mr Oliver

  29. Hello

    Please confirm to me, a return ticket fare from Abuja to Port Harcourt on promo and also fare for 5-10yrs old baby.
    please treat as urgent cos’ i want to book now.

    Chucks O.

  30. Good day.i’m having my nysc in gombe state and i want to know if aero flies from gombe to lagos and also from gombe to ibadan.if yes,pls i want to know the cost and know if it’s different for corpers

  31. please i want to know if the promo from uyo to lagos is still on?wat about the promo from lagos to accra?i wish to trael on sunday the 25th of july……..pls reply as

  32. Please i want to book for port harcourt to lagos (return ticket)for the 9th of August, how much will it cost me under promotional fares and the flight schedule for that day?.
    Quick response will be nice.


  33. i am 17 years old, is possible for me to travel from nigeria to ghana or any other country on my own without going with anybody? since i have gotten to 18 years

  34. good day, i really want to know if i will be able to get a cheap airline to Kaduna. i will be traveling on the 22 of august 2010 for my NYSC Primary assignment. i cant stand sitting down for 13 hours in the bus. please let me know.

  35. hello, please i want to know all the total cost because am currently in ghana and i want to fly to lagos nigeria

    pls i want need some information

  36. i wish to travel to abuja with my family. i was told that there is a promo going on that all flights from lagos to anywhere within nigeria is N5,000. Is it still on and does apply to little children too.

  37. Your services are quite good and welcoming.Please does Aero contractor offer cheap flights from PortHarcourt(and Owerri) to Illorin?Thanks.

  38. please i dnt really knw hw this works,can someone put me thru.i want to fly aero 2 abjua am i want to book online……wat will i do?

  39. I appreciated the way Aero contractors favoured the masses who could not afford to join flight, but now, I my self alone booked more than 20 tickets for my friends and their families in September only. so pls keep up.

    S.A Beli is currently a staff with RAHAMANIYYA OIL & GAS

  40. 1, I want to travel to Ghana for a 3day visit in december,so I want to know if I am required to travel with an international passport and how much is the flight ticket?

    2, I also want to know if aero contrators do fly to benue republic,and how much?

  41. I want to know if there’s adjustment on the traveling schedule for today’s flights from Uyo to Lagos.I had depart Uyo 12:45 but am told is by 5:15

  42. Dear Niyi,

    you are right with many of your observations about AERO.

    They happen to be the oldest airline in the country and probably the the only Airline that have ever operated to internationally acceptable standards.

    AERO started out and still maintains a huge patronage & portfolio of business in the oil & gas sector. Their clients in this sector demand a high level of professional service and safety standards. This I believe accounts for a huge chunk of their revenue.They have a huge industry expertise and have leveraged on this knowledge to great advantage in most aspects of their business including safety, maintenance, customer service, technology, punctuality, discipline, etc.

    These days Aero may be facing challenges., along with the difficult economic situation its bankers have called-in AERO’s US$20B debt. Though there are more than professional ‘ties’ with its bankers, we hope and there seems to be no negative practices. Anyways Airlines are characteristically highly indebted organisation.

    Personally though I will only speak for the Los-Accra route. Standards seem to be slipping with the average delay of 1hr 30mins. For people like me who are time conscious and have always appreciated AERO’s punctuality, this is a bit unnerving. I have been on at least 7 flights that had delays of over 1hr.

    For a business that is over 50yrs old, I think it is time AERO re-invent herself hopefully when it settles its issues with its bankers. I believe their business needs it. Nostalgia is not enough anymore.

    I’m still a fan of the airline so I say, Fly AERO!

  43. For goodness sake being on this blog indicates you have some knowledge about using the internet so if you need flight information GO TO THE AIRLINES WEBSITE!!! haba! or simply pick up your phone!!!

  44. i wonder why i’m still wasting my money and my time if what i’m looking for sokoto is right der shilling in my sokoto. the last time i travelled with chisco refurbished bus claimed to be brand new bus from Lagos to Abuja i paid #4,500 plus luggage fee #500, a dceptive break fast worth #280 was given to me lovely but my bitter xperiec i spent 14 good hours on the bus i.e 4m 7 a.m to 8 p.m. why aero is #5000 for 45 to 50 minutes. is that any xtra charges for luggage.

  45. Helo, good day. May I inquire to know the procedure for your online booking from Abuja to Uyo and Uyo to Abuja with Aero Contractors (Aero Airline.

    Is your bonanza still on? how much will it cost for round ticket between these two destinations?

    Please, i wish to get a feedback and the procedure involved as soon as possible to enable me book online.

    Thank you.

  46. Have heard of this online booking, and i think this is laudable. I will like to book on online to Kaduna for 17th of November 2010. Your feedback is essential. thanks.

  47. Dear Sir, I will like to book my flight against December, can you advise me on the best period to book for the reduced price to Kano return. Thank you


  49. i want to travel with my family of five (5)from LAGOS – GHANA how much will it cost me with the insurance and flight mael for five family members on 26th of november till 30th of november 2010

  50. I want to travel to Nigeria and I want to know if the GHc25.00 airfare you advertise is very real. Is it a promotion. How do I apply for the ticket.

  51. I want to book down to travel to porthacourt from abuja on d 19th of october. How much is it? And how do I go with the procedure.

  52. Thank you for helping Nigerians with low flight fare.
    Please, do something about menu in plane because things are too expensive in the economic class.
    Meanwhile, l wish this offer do not stop.

  53. i wantà travl frm lag to oweri on 18th dec.wt my 3kids ages 2,4,9.and return by 12th jan 2011.can i book frm nw?how much wil it cost me.any rebats 4kids?tanx

  54. Please;I want to travel from Jos to Uyo by Air on 16th Nov;2010 to retnrn on 19th;2010. The cost, the flight schedule. Just for one person. Thanks.

  55. Goodevening, pls i am a corp member(NYSC) serving in river state. I wil b going back home Abuja from PH by 6th of january 2011 after my valting. Pls how do i book ahead and how much wil it cost me? I cant stand armd robbery and kidnapin along dis rout.

  56. Goodevening, pls i wil b going back to lagos from benin city edo state on the 24th of november 2010 . Pls how do i book ahead and how much will it cost me?

  57. i intend to travel from warri to lagos pls how do i go about it my date of travel is 22 November2010.what is the ti-kite price.pls.
    i need a replay now.

  58. i want to travel to owerri from abuja with your cheap flight but i can’t find any cheap one this novermber. Is your promo till on? please reply now

  59. One important thing you failed to mention is that you need to book 2 weeks ahead to get the low cost fare.

    its is also worthy to not that if you are buying your ticket off the counter at the airport aero is usually more expensive than the others.

    and thirdly the main advantage of aero is that it leaves on time 80% of the time, Arik NEVER leaves on time

  60. pls am traveling from kaduna 2 benin on the 23 of dec. 2010. hw do i get the cheapest rate wit aero and hw do i book. pls reply now. thanks

  61. Someone booked a flight a for me on aero nd i wuz supposed to print d ticket 4rm my mail box but it hasnt been sent to me nd how do knw check to knw if am on a flight.Thanks

  62. I need to book on line from lagos to enugu, how do i go about it because i have to travel by next week. it is urgent please,if i can get the information now, i will be more than grateful. thanks for your corporation.

  63. pls i want to know the price for flight from Ghana to nigeria on the 30 of november 2010 and back to Ghana on the 8 of december 2010.and how do i go about it.


  65. though aero is a family friends company mrs ibru.i really wants to know if aero gos to other African countries.thank you.

  66. I’ll be leavin accra for portharcourt on the 24th of dec ’10, this is actually my first time wit aero, i want 2 know how much and the booking process its urgent i have to be in p-harcourt on the 24th.

  67. please i wish to know if there will be flight from Abuja to Gombe state on the 2nd January ,2011. And what is the cost please .

    mike Itsede

  68. I laud your effort making journey by air affordable for all and sundry. My wife will arrive Lagos from Gambia on 12th Jan. 2011 with Arik. Is there bonanza that time to Abuja. Thanks.

  69. you can book for your ticket anytime you dont dont need to book 2 weeks b4 u travel and u can use some other airline and it dose not have to be promo ticket.

  70. Please, I want to know if this discount on flight still continues this year 2011, and if so, how much is Lagos to Abuja returned ticket. I’ll will be going by this January ending.

  71. Hi. Please how much is flight ticket from accra to abuja? ie going alone. Is there a straight flight to abuja? What are the departure days & times? thanks.

  72. Please i’d like to make enquiries about cheap airfare from abuja to lagos on the 10th feb.2011. Urgent response needed please. Thanks.

  73. I don’t really understand the method of your booking,does it mean one can make the payment @ any oceanic bank without online or both are in process

  74. sometime next month i will travel frm owerri to lagos, how much will it cost me? the subsidize onlinebooking the say is 2weeks before the travel time. how do i go about the payment?

  75. Pls I want to fly to ghana on d 18th of february from lagos and want to come back to lagos on the 21st of february. Pls how do I go about it and how much will it cost me… Would there be space on that day… Thanks…

    • I need to travel by Aero to Ghana. How do get a cheap fare, and what’s the to-fare if I wish to travel on 15th may, 2011?

  76. my name is matthew toyeme, on 30/01/2011, i was coming from uk with klm,i spemd 2days in ghana going back to nigeria for a wedding with aero to lagos i was to check in my bags which was over the limit am to carry, i even paid £24 for excess bag,my bag have been opened from ghana to nigeria,the person scanning the bag saw what was in my bag,took all my watch and the most important was my best friend wedding ring that was given to me.i made a complain in nigeria nad also in ghana. the woman that check me in on that they i went back to her and she took my complaine formed i had in nigeria. so what will i do about that and all my watch i have been buying for many years, where will get from and why from ghana to nigeria. my first time in ghana and also flight your airline i will made this to facebook and toutube and all the rest medial i know about this.

  77. I want to travel from lagos to owerri on the 18th of march ad also return to lagos from owerri on the 25th of march,hw much will it cost

  78. guys…this aero thing is very true,I have actually booked a flight from Lagos to accra on the 5th of April 2011 for just 7700naira……can u imagine how amazing this airline is..

  79. Pls I wnt to knw hw much it wil cost me 4rm porthacourt to lagos to and fro,and I do I book for it pls let me knw d inquries needed.I wil b travellin by 1st april and returin to ph by 17th april pls let me knw thanks

  80. Is there any rule which restricts Nigerian people to buy tickets outside Nigeria…

    i.e. if Nigerian is traveling Lagos – Dubai – Lagos, he has to buy ticket from Nigeria. If he buys ticket from Dubai he will not be allowed to board the flight.


      • what if Nigerian buying ticket for Lagos – Accra – Lagos from Accra… will he be allowed to travel.

        i am told that Nigerian can not buy ticket outside Nigeria, if he does so he will not be allowed to board the flight.

      • what if Nigerian buying ticket for Lagos – Accra – Lagos from Accra… will he be allowed to travel.

        i am told that Nigerian can not buy ticket outside Nigeria, if he does so he will not be allowed to board the flight.

  81. Pls I book a flight to aod fro abuja-lagos.for april 6th,return april 10th, I want to extend the return ticket by 1 day to april 11th. How much will it cost and how should I go about it. Thnks

  82. Pls i want to know how much it will cost me to book a flight on 21st April, 2011, from Lagos – Calabar and return on 25 April,from Calabar – Lagos.Pls response asap.


  83. Hi,
    Pls i want to know how much it will cost me to book a flight on 21st April, 2011, from Lagos – Calabar and return on 25 April,from Calabar – Lagos, with 10 Months old baby.Pls response asap.



  84. please want to know your airfare ticket price from Lagos to Accra and back to Lagos, can i go to oceanic bank and pay after i’ve fill in my particulars on your blog online? again will aero contractors airlines works on sundays 3rd April, 2011?

  85. I want make enquiry base on the cheapest rate 2 travel from lagos to Enugu. how much will it cost me? I Need urgent reply

  86. Hi,

    Thanks for the info on the ‘catches’ you have itemised. i have seen some points made that are not correctly stated. i happen to know for a fact that quite a large number of travel agents are registered with Aero. We receive commission for the FLEXIBLE sold while the discounted tickets are not commissionable. This is aside the service fee a travel agent may/may not charge the agent. I think it is a fair enough way of ensuring that all channels to make returns are open while still keeping us in business.

    The website has a lot of information on Insurance and other products but a lot of people do not take the time to read, neither do they realise the extent of opportunities they can derive if armed with adequate information.

    Kudos to you Oluniyi for the insight, i have learnt a few things.

  87. pls i want to fly aero from lagos to abuja on thw 2nd of may and from abuja to owerri.on the 3rd of may.pls need to know the rates….thanks

  88. Pls i need to know how to book my flight online from abuja to Calabar from may 30 – june 5 2010 and how much it will cost me

  89. sir. i want to know how much it will cost me to fly from abuja to benin on 10th of june.i wil grateful if am replied urgently.

  90. Olaniyi, Congratsulations on the high trafic to your blog. I wish to comment on the statement you made on Insurance being useles and how you did not derive any benefit. You have to understand however that Insurance becomes very important when something like an accident actually happens. It works by the fact that statistically not everyone paying will be affected so enough money is accumulated for payouts to the few people affected by the adverse situations covered by the insurance.

  91. Pls i’ll like to know if there’s any bonanza for youth corpers travelling back home after service. Kano to lagos, when if any and how to book

  92. Pls,i want know if theres always a discount for a booking 2weeks ahead a flight and oerhaps the fee.i.e Lagos to kano or Lagos to Maiduguri thanks

  93. I Want to travel from Port Harcourt to Lagos in Two Weeks Time please educate me on the Online bookings. I would really appreciate it, Keep up the good job you’re doing.

  94. Hi, I ws posted to Gombe state 4 my nysc, camp is tuesday 05 july. Pls is dere ny direct flight 4rm lagos 2 Gombe or 2 any neighbouring state. And please how much is d ticket?

  95. i want to knw if its possible booking 4rm abj 2 lagos nd lagos 2 accra,wit a 9mths old baby ,on 14 nd 15 of july how much nd requirements in detail.pls wil aprc8 if u do reply.

  96. i wil like 2-knw the fare 4rm lagos 2 accra .wit a 9mths old child on the 14th july .pls do reply wat the possibility nd requirements in detail.tanx


  98. I want 2book ticket from d following destination:abuja-owerri and owerri-lagos..then abuja-lagos..I need d way trip..thanks

  99. Pls is it posible 4 my friend in lagos 2 buy ticket & send d ticket number 4 me 2 travel 2 lagos 4rm port harcourt?
    Pls pasport has expire, can i travel 2 lagos 4rm ph witout it? Thanks.

    • You don’t need a passport to travel within Nigeria. A govt-issued ID card is sufficient: driver’s licence, national I’d card etc. Its only the airport security that might ask for an I’d during check-in.

      Your friend can book online for you and would need to send you the confirmation code. Of course, the booking must be in your name.

  100. pls l want to travel to lagos from 27th september-4th october 2011 and wants to book before the time online at a cheap rate.pls how can l do that? thanks

  101. It doesn’t seem to matter how many times it is said, people still keep asking u to book their tickets. HE’S NOT AN AIRLINE STAFF. Go to the airline websites people!! Or just google. Good grief!

  102. Pls I want to know how much is going to cost from Abuja to Lagos on the 7th of oct 2011, I need to so I can pay at once, waiting to hear from u soonest

  103. Please i want to no if aero contractors have a flight from Abuja to Johannesburg and how much will it cost between on 10th-15th of next month. Thanks for the affordable services and wishing you always a safe flight.

  104. Pls i want to kwon how much wil it cost me and how to book for my uncle on 13th of november 2011, lagos to benin. How i my going to pay and where to pay. AERO or ARIK am currently in BENIN.

  105. Pls what is the price of flight ticket from Kaduna to Lagos on 10th October, 2011 and from Lagos to Kaduna on 14th or 15th October, 2011 and also the take off times

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  107. Pls i want to know the best time to book for flight from lagos to Enugu. This is for december flight. The best time i mean is the time i will likely get a huge discount. Thanks

  108. Why is everyone here asking questions when no one is answering? You guys may need to call the airlines or perhaps go to their websites to find more info.

  109. I will like to travel on sunday by 4pm upward from Lagos to Abuja. How do i get your lower rate ticket and for how much. Thanks

  110. I would like to travel from Lagos to Abuja on Sunday from 3pm upward. How much is your lowest rate ticket and where and how can i get it? Thanks

  111. Thanks 4 de article, plz I want 2 travel 4rm PHC 2 Kaduna, come 21nd Nov and return 23rd, when is the best time 4 me 2 book and pay?

  112. i booked a flight from Lagos to Kano for Thursday 10 November 2011. the flight was cancelled via text message and a number was given to call for reschedule but unfortunately the line was busy singing without positive response, i went through net no way, means i must go back to back to trier office to reschedule, its unfair.

  113. I would be going to Benin City from Abuja on 1st and return on 4th December, 2011 and will like to know how much is the lowest fare in Aero Contractor Airline. Thanks.

  114. Please, how do I know of the confirmation of my ticket after the payment? I have been sending messages through the phone number given to me but no reply yet; and have to travel next month. I have been expecting the ticket be sent to my email box but nothing yet! Let me know please.

  115. i want travel from Lagos to Abuja with my 10 months baby.Pls i will like you to furnish me with necce3ssary information needed to travel with the baby.

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  120. i want to fly by aero to abuja from lagos but i don’t have an international passport.Can’t i use my student identity card since i’m still a student because i’m going there for research.Please reply as soon as possible because its urgent

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