How to view free-to-air channels on DSTV decoder DSD1110 in Southern Africa

A common question is asked: Is there any way I can get free-to-air channels on my DSD1110 decoder so I can get free satellite TV, movie, series?
Answer: Yes, you can.  There are a couple of free DSTV channels that you can get on your decoder, if you know how to set them up, continue reading.

MultiChoice DSD 1110 decoder
MultiChoice DSD 1110 decoder

Procedure (Method)

Press the MENU button on the remote. The following will be displayed (on the TV):


1 Information Control
2 Parental Control
3 Language Options
4 Mail Messages
5 Colors and Transparency
6 Information Display Period
7 Advance Options

With the arrow down button move to option 7 and press OK once. The following will be displayed;


1 Dish Installations
2 Signal Detection
3 Information
4 TV Installation
5 Modem Settings
6 Local Time
7 DSD Upgrade

With the arrow down button move to option 1 and press OK once.

You can use option 7 to upgrade the software on your decoder. Enter the pin code PIN KODE in (9949) and press OK once.


1 Home Network DSTV Pas 7 (Do not change this!)
2 Network 2 Disabled
3 Network 3 Disabled
4 More Networks
5 Scan New Network (Grayed)

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