KASAPA offers FREE phone calls


Ghana’s only analogue mobile phone network, Kasapa, has recently launched a new promotion that allows their subscribers to make free phone calls on the KASAPA network.


  1. I have noticed a factual error in your article on Kasapa in Ghana and thought I should bring it to your notice for correction. Kasapa, even though an analogue system, DOES have call waiting facility which is available to all its customers for free.

  2. Hi,
    Will like to thank the kasapa company for what they have doing for we the people in Ghana here.They have make cheap for us to use their SIM card and able to buy their phones.Using and buying their phone is VERY GOOD and i like it.
    They should keep doing what they have being doing to Ghana.
    Thank you.

  3. hello, is amazing because KASAPA has make we the customer fire like all right .Thank to KASAPA for making it service cheaper for even students. However it defficulty hold cellphone.Thank kasapa and it entire staff.

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