Lagos State, a beacon of hope for Nigeria

The second part of my blog posts today in commemoration of Nigeria’s 49th Independence Anniversary celebration, highlights Lagos State. Lagos State is the smallest of Nigeria’s 36 states, yet the richest and most densely populated. So rich is Lagos, that it contributes over 30% of Nigeria’s annual GDP and owns about 70% of country taking industrial investment, Lagos accounts for 65% of the country commercial activities; Lagos is the home of Nigeria capital market, and money market. Lagos in size of a formal sector workforce is about 70%, it is the hub of aviation activities in Nigeria. In a nutshell, Lagos is the economic and financial backbone of Nigeria.

Against this background, you would appreciate the significance of a transformed Lagos, to Nigerians.

The current Executive Governor of Lagos State, Babatunde Raji Fashola is a man with a vision. A vision to transform Lagos into a much better place for everyone who does business and/or lives in Lagos. He is already implementing the vision. Some include face lifts of existing infrastructure whilst others are entirely new projects being implemented from scratch. I would simply share a few videos I collated from, for your viewing pleasure. It’s not all gloomy for Nigeria – Lagos is an oasis of hope, in a desert of chaos.

An AlJazaeera English report on the transformation of Lagos State

Governor of Lagos state, Babatunde Fashola, has been nicknamed the ‘action governor’. The youngest person ever to run Nigeria’s commercial capital, Fashola’s practical approach to tackling chronic problems like poor infrastructure and healthcare means he’s radically transformed Lagos in just two years.

Eko Atlantic

Eko Atlantic is a dynamic new city that will rise from the Atlantic Ocean, adjacent to Victoria Island in Lagos, Nigeria – the biggest and fastest growing city in West Africa. It will be built on land that is being reclaimed from the sea, and is now for sale. Eko Atlantic is spread across seven districts, combining residential, commercial, financial and tourist development.

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