Moments with Mo

Moments with Mo
Moments with Mo

I have been seeing ads about “Moments with Mo” on DSTV channels for several weeks now but never bothered to check it out. I watched a full episode of the talk show on MNET West for the first time, today. It was terribly hilarious. Why? Today’s episode was all about laughter and the need to laugh on a regular basis. Mo had some of Nigeria’s best comedians on the show including Julius “The Genius” Agwu, Gbenga Adeyinka the 1st, Koffi, Owen Gee and “Lepacious” Bose. I really had a good time laughing.

About the show:

From what I got on Mo’s website:

Moments with Mo is a purpose built vehicle by which Africans and the rest of the world will come to appreciate our culture and our achievements ant to know and understand us as a people.

Mo has realised that the ultimate task facing us as a continent is to build world class persons and brand, to โ€œshowcaseโ€ our own achievements in a global setting and economy.

Our challenge is to credible debunk the tendency of the western media that portrays us as the Dark Continent which exemplifies Disease, Despair, Destruction, Disaster Destitution and Deceit.

I am wondering on which TV channels this talk show is broadcast in Nigeria. It appears the programme is produced exclusively for MNET, and only available on DSTV. The talk show is anchored by Mo Abudu and its website is

Keep it real, Mo!


  1. it is quite fascinating to see an african woman do such a wonderful job on tv show. keep it up it is off the hook.

  2. @Bola
    A good point. She is good enough, she doesn’t need to sound or act as a duplicate of anybody. Who says good things can’t come from Nigeria? I am proudly Nigerian ๐Ÿ˜€

    I am wondering why the show can’t be sponsored on NTA! ๐Ÿ˜ฅ Most of the people that need the encouragement cannot afford DSTV ๐Ÿ™ I belief some corporate organisation’s can afford to sponsor the show on NTA even if it is recap of what has already been shown on MNET ๐Ÿ˜

  3. i been watching this show for quite a while now.
    pls keep up the good works and do what you know how to do best.

  4. hello MO i have been a keen watcher, calling from cameroon, a film maker, i want more greeze to elbow for taking africa in a different level
    stay bless and God blee u in ur endeavours

  5. ive been watching the show for a while now and it is one of the most educative programmes on air.even if she is trying to personify oprah its a good thing.we need people like oprah in Africa.kudos mo ๐Ÿ˜†



  7. hi my name is bade, im a big fan of your show. love what your doing for people. im a youth living in a youth populated society. mingle a lot with people and i meet a lot of people eveyday. im writing here in hopes that you actually read these things and hoping you actually read this. im writing this book i know will change a lot of lives since it’s on a world issue and a topic we talk about everyday. im using this book to start up on a lot of things. but the thing is i don’t know how to get it out and i watch your show a lot and see the different guests you have i wondered. why can’t i be on this show. why cant i make a difference in peoples lives. why can’t i be an outspoken youth. A 300 level statistics student un the university of Abuja, wanting to make a difference in my country. i havent really been online for a while since iv been really busy with things so im using my friends email adress. do hope to hear from you.

    *from an aspiring young man seeking your attention to make a difference in my own way*

  8. Hi Mo,
    I watched one of your shows in which you featured Carol, Slimmer U. Can you pls get her phone number and address across. On your show, everyone’s need is met. Thanx and God bless you. Keep the good work.Its always a wow ๐Ÿ™„ ๐Ÿ˜†


  9. Really do love ur show
    kip up d gd work
    never b intimated bt c it as a challenge 2 do better
    take care
    love love ur show:wink:

  10. Really do love ur show
    kip up d gd work
    never allow urself 2 b intimidated
    bt rather c it as a challenge 2 do better
    take care
    love love love ur show

  11. love ur show
    kip up d gd work
    do nt allow urself to b intimidated
    do it ur style n ur way cos u r unique
    c intimidations as challenges 2 do better
    take care
    luv luv luv d show


  12. hi am a big fan of the show and i love the way you handle every situation that presents itself u know the way u help people solve their problems. ๐Ÿ˜Ž i am writing from Cameroon and i need an advice.i think am very skinny and feel shamed of myself to the point i dont want to go out and go to in the university and feel very uncomfortable around so desperate and i think its affecting my education.please what can i do to put on weight i mean is there ny medical advice or anything i can do/i know that since birth i have been skinny but i really cant take it anymore please help me .happy new year and i really hope you read this.

  13. glad you’re doing what u do. It is really impacting. I live in jos and we get to watch you thursday morn on silverbird. Go at it girl……

  14. hi moment with mo,luv your show and ๐Ÿ™‚ am watching your show almost every day it’s very intersting keep up the good job.


  15. Its fun watching her but she speaks alot morre than her guests. Let her give her guest audience than the present pls.

  16. THE SAYING GOES THAT EVIL THRIVES WHEN GOOD MEN DO NOTHING.Therefore, I leave this comment for the records…Featuring Wole Soyinka on the show makes me realise that He is a humanist,indeed God has blessed him with the so much talent and recognition all over the world for His glory but its sad that he doesnt know this God.My prayer for him is that he will accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and saviour so that he can make peace with this God who has bestowed him with great honour.

  17. HiMo! wacthed your show tonight, you looked beautiful,your husband is a lucky man.Ihope he knows that.Ur show is great, africans are great people endowed with great potentials,resources,intellectual capabilities in every world standard.unfortunately we might never live to see all these except something urgent is done by we africans to stop our present leaders that has enslaved us to enrich themselves. So I also think you should use your show to expose some of the evils of this leaders. Thank you

  18. Mo, I must say i love your show. I watched this particular one of yesterday 30th August, 2009, i cried with you mo. I just admire you and wish i could work with you. keep it up mo.


  19. Hi mo my name is ebikienmo i am form brass baylsa state i have been watching your show for guit a while now, i want to say u are relly doing a good job kip the good work going GOD will reward and iloveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the show

  20. Hi Mo I watch your show every time PHCN allows us the luxury of having light and i must say that you are an inspiration to every African woman(including me} You are the one who re brands Nigeria and the whole of Africa every time through your show. You are a blessing thank you.

  21. It's nice job, my God Almighty continue to be with every one of us & change our leaders attitude Ameen. Mo with mo Bye for now. Usman Adeshina, Kano State Nigeria.

    May God keep continue helping you.., keep laughing always bcs you are doing a wonderful Job, but you are beautiful. I love you.

  22. hello Mo, i must compliment you on the great show you are putting up. please keep it up. i must say its inspiring.please when you interview make their contacts open for the benefit of those of us who are marketer and might have interest in their line of business.
    thank you and God blessings.

  23. Thanks very much for all the educative shows i have been watching. God bles you. Please i need addresses of your guests for sunday 18th APRIL, 2010.

  24. Hi, mir ur programme on africa and western values was relly good. Its the very episolde baba told stories and played guiter, but I have reservation about baba’s pattern of tell stories. We need a refined parts to telling stories where pure and modified stories are told, not the beauty of African stories craft to promote lies how torties back got broken which turn out to be a forever scar rather than the beauty of creation. Thank MO and MO crew God continually and strenght you to carry on and do greater.

  25. Mo, you are too much. I love everything about you. You are real, natural and african. infact, I love the majority of your episode views especially that of today. I had always wanted to enroll on fashion designining that can compete with international standards.I wish you can connect me on fashion designing school that is internationally updated.I cant wait to meet you one on one.

  26. Hello Mo, am so please to see my fellow Nigeria woman come up with such an interesting show like yours. Am from Benue state and am chairmanship Aspirant Makurdi Local Government come 2011. I want you to use this media to help us the young female politician who are still single and fight for our rights. We are been treated as if we are not human beings. Just yesterday i was called and told that because am single that the party would not want to or give me the position am coming out for. And i see that as not fair at all. Please Mo, help me and other young and single women out there for these unfair treat. Thank you very much and God bless you.

  27. am so happy to know a wonderfull lady like you is from my country…but i will be very happy if you can give me and my friend to be on your live show..and i also have something very important to do for my are in the best position to make this dream a reality.

  28. HI ma,love your show so much on the nta.i run an ngo that focuses on raising leaders and educating the young ones based on several sex issues,now our focus is on single mothers.we want to teach them on how to rise again and live a fulfilling life.all i want is the opportunity to be heard by the people.i wish you could have me on your show ,i have a lot to offer nigeria and the whole world.thanks ma.BETTY.

  29. Watched a few editions of moments with Mo and quite alright the show is nice bt i fault the anchor herself and the crew of the show..The anchor of the show in every set don’t know how the show should be set in regards to the guest and as such how the stage should be..this things should be corrected for future purpose. An example of such event was her interview with some of our presidential aspirants, sad to say her dress code was like she lacked dress code sense i blame this anyways to her wardrobe coordinator and even the Aspirants themselves didn’t sense this. If promoting the norms of this nation it definitely shouldn’t be in such a way, the way you interview the likes of Tuface and nollyword stars shud be different from when interviewing some people of high esteem especially those aspiring for a seat like the presidential seat of a nation…
    And also your essence of been an anchor a talk show of that magnitude you need to take note of your interjections i.e in your asking of question to your guest the way you interlude cuts we the viewers of some micro-important information
    Mo do remember that we have both active and passive viewers in which i’m an ACTIVE viewer and i know quite a number of Nigerians are too.. Keep the good work up!

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