More on Obasanjo’s Third Term Agenda

Like the proverbial cat with nine lives, this menace called “Third Term” has refused to die. It only simmers a little, and re-surfaces again, rearing its ugly head in the political terrain of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

This time, it is the state governors who are politicking. The BBC News website today reported on this with a headline titled: “Boost for third term in Nigeria“. In the opening paragraph of BBC’s report is the line:

“A majority of Nigeria’s 36 state governors have given their backing to moves to change the constitution.
The most controversial part of the proposed changes is the scrapping of the two-term limit for elected officials, notably the president.
The issue has divided the ruling People’s Democratic Party and Nigerian public opinion, with President Olusegun Obasanjo’s second term ending in 2007.
Several governors did not attend the meeting and two walked out early.
Nigeria’s powerful governors are also limited to two terms in office and so could benefit if the constitution were changed.”

I agree with Imnakoya of Grandiose Parlor when he said: “…come 2007, Mr. Obasanjo should hand over power”.

Professor Wole Soyinka said it all when he said

Alluding to Obasanjo’s alleged politics of third term, Soyinka gave the advice he once offered to the former president of Kenya Daniel Arap Moi.
“Leave quietly, peacefully take your quite considerable successes in governance policies with you. Make it possible for us to call you in retirement as an elder statesman. Do not leave the nation with such lacerating memories, with such a bad taste in the mouth that the people dismiss even your success as mere accidents, as flashes in the pan or the work of others.” The social critic advised Obasanjo further: “Leave now, pleading governance exhaustion, age betrayal, resentment at the ingratitude, anything at all but leave. Leave today, right now!” he stated.

What precident are we laying down for the next generation? What if Nigeria later has a tyrant for head of state who decides to usurp power by automatically extending his mandate with a third-term bid, what do we then do? I’m sure he’d win a third term going by the mere fact that its rare for a sitting head of state to loose a re-election bid.

Mr Obasanjo, you have done enough for Nigeria, and its time for you to leave the stage for someone else. Do so, honourably.

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Oluniyi D. Ajao
Oluniyi D. Ajao is an Internet Entrepreneur and Tech Enthusiast based in South Africa. Follow him on twitter @niyyie for more tech updates.


  1. .”. support Chippla of Grandiose Parlor when he said: “…come 2007, Mr. Obasanjo should hand over power”. This doesnt look right 🙂

  2. OBJ should not allow others to push him to destruction, because when the fall comes, it is going to be great. I pray that he will not listen to the voices of those political sychopants and enemies of progress who are bent on pushing him to destruction.

  3. if obj says he wanna carry on, i think he shuold b allowed so we in the south shuold also rule nigeria for another four years this was the same way that we have been suffering from the northern leaders for more than 20 years so i think the southern leader {OBJ}shuold do the same

  4. obj’s desire is not surprising as this is same wish others in his position would also request;but what about the youths who are ofcourse the future—obj is too old!I really bother most about what’s left for the next generation leaders……..I pray for growth,development,real leaders and progress………..obj has to vacate if not peacefully but forcefully if not we will be stagnant…….indeed enough is enough,u have done enough!

  5. OBJ should stay on! Who said we should practice demo or whatever like the west? Our problems and challenges are peculiar to the wests’ and even other African countries! Many respondents only talk about anoda person, change, African leaders bla bla what about the issues? What about tracking govt policies from the past? Give an alternative to OBJ’s govt and defend it… just want change NONSENSE We need to consolidate the gains we have achieved, its not all rosy but we are pulling ourselves…..someone give an alternative and not all the rubbish about change, IBB (God forbid, Atiku sef….)the guy we have now has grasp and direction…follow the news, read his pronouncement! We shld be strengtheng our ability to check his excesses not introduce some thief who has no vision, direction or strategy! OBJ carry go and devise a robust scheme to inform Nigerians of the progress (its a PR thing!) Nigerians i believe are not capable of reading numbers or rationality (its a diminished responsibility thing!)

  6. when i hear pro third term campaigners talking i laugh, they make many allussions to babas policies, saying that it’s better he continues for consolidation sake. i never forget to ask them this question, “is obasanjo the only inteligent man in Nigeria ? ” they b/com dumb:lol:
    the truth is that all the policies that seem to have been put in olace by his administration are all the natural dividends of democracy, and not his effort. it is simple logic in a military regime private investors are afraid of investing, because military government are usually unstable but in a democracy they are sure that their profits will keep comming for a very long time. baba is the most corrupt man on earth ! for instance if elections were rigged in Anambra state then presidency was also rigged !

  7. we are tired of the first to the third generation of elites, politician and militocrat.they should all give way or else nigeria will not be a place for them to live.obj shld find his level,he shld go and seek his god forgiveness for his lies and atrocities against hte ngerian massess.We the youth of this nation have had enougth of this comprador bourgeosis,agents of backwardness,immorality,corruption 49ners.when the times comes we know who is who.

  8. he [obasanjo ] is as worse as any alternative 4 him.
    dont care who goes or not .dont want 2 care.danm all them.

  9. A Nation that is Rich, A People that are poor. Nigeria’s problem is made up of every individuals Nigerians. Until we solve our individual problems, no matter the person put in position of running the country, the country will continue in corruption. Our problem is that we eye a particular position because of what we will gain and not what we can do to countribute to the society we profess to serve. We also support foolishness because of what we benefit. Every Nigerian is blessed with knowledge but very few are blessed with Wisdom. Power is not wisdom. Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely. Without wisdom power is POISON. The Bible tells us that “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him”. So even if Obasanjo is there for life, if he has no wisdom Nigeria will not progress. ‘A person’s sense of morality lessens as his or her power increases’ – Lord Acton.

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