NN24: The Nigerian Presidential Elections Debate 2011

Are you a Nigerian or interested in Nigerian politics? Mark these dates on your calendar: 11th March & 18th March 2011. NN24, a 24-hour news channel in Nigeria, is organizing Nigeria’s first Presidential debate ahead of April elections. The debate hitherto scheduled for tonight was postponed since President Jonathan’s campaign team insisted on having questions ahead and not taking questions from the studio audience.

NN24 The Nigerian Presidential Elections Debate 2011
NN24 The Nigerian Presidential Elections Debate 2011

The Vice Presidential candidates’ debate would take place on 11th March 2011 (6pm local time) at Hilton Hotel in Abuja (attendance strictly by invitation) and would be broadcast live on NN24 and some other 30 channels. The Presidential candidates would face each other on 18th March 2011 at the some time and location.


The participating Presidential candidates are: President Goodluck Jonathan (People’s Democratic Party); Mallam Nuhu Ribadu (Action Congress of Nigeria); Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (Congress for Progressive Change); and Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau (All Nigeria Peoples Party).

From NN24:

Please send your QUESTIONS, COMMENTS AND OPINIONS TO 33321. KEYWORD IS ‘POST’. START YOUR MESSAGE WITH ‘POST’ SPACE AND THEN YOUR COMMENT e.g Post What can be done to solve the Nigerian electric power problem?

NN24 is available in Nigeria and the rest of Africa on DStv channel 414.

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  1. even though u advise them they may not do some thing about my advice,if wish if federal govt can give out authority to have private electricity suppl like the telecommunication to this country,atleast we have light energy we can supply solar power,we have wind in northern state,we can also supply through it,finally we can supply by water kindly do some for the country we can not live without electricity.

  2. If presisent goodluck has something to offer, why should he asking for the questions ahead of the debate. We know PDP aspirants only knows how to cheat and loot.

  3. Nigerians are tired of promise not fufield, what do u all want to do about all these stolen billions dat made d masses remain in poverty?

  4. Goodluck Jonathan may not be the messiah Nigerians need but he definately stands tall among his contenders and that is qualification enough presently.

  5. Slap on PDP aspirant, Gud luck jonathan’s Face,cos he promised 2 appear in d debate organised by NN24 but he was unable 2 fulfilled his promise.Is that how a gud leader behave?

  6. The GOODLUCK JONATHAN ECOWAS summit of resignation and derision.

    After two days of work on the 39th ordinary session of the Conference of Heads of State and Government of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), held on 23 and 24 March 2011 in Abuja, this subregional organization has produced a lengthy statement in 37 points. He took it to 2577 words or 16,462 characters (including spaces). A statement whose length is certainly not proportional to the relevance of the resolutions. Besides the litany of praise for complacency distributed to influential members of the club of heads of State of ECOWAS for their submissive allegiance to the Trust, we will examine that in West Africa, has spread through the press his immaturity, his policy facilitated by the bandwagon and silence to engage in what she does best: begging.

    The issues addressed if not mentioned by the press range from economic performance of West Africa (6-9 points) institutional issues (paragraphs 29 to 36), through the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA ) (paragraphs 10 and 11), peace and regional security (paragraphs 12 to 26), consolidation of democracy (item 27) and the situation in Libya (item 28).
    Under the situation in Libya, an African country bombed last week by a Western coalition led by France and the United States, “the Heads of State and Government (our ECOWAS) express their concerns and welcome the Union Africa and the Security Council of the United Nations for measures taken since then to deal with this precarious situation. The Conference calls upon the African Union and the United Nations to continue their commitment to the ultimate resolution of the situation and ensure stability and lasting peace in the country. ”
    If this is not the cowardice and the desire not to gouge the France, it looks strong. While the European Union of which France is a member is divided on the issue. While the Arab League protested. While the African Union has formally objected to the way it has led to the use of force to bomb an African country. While there are voices that do not understand the purpose of these bombings. It is the Heads of State and Government of Africa, to “commend the African Union and the Security Council of the United Nations for measures taken since then to deal with this precarious situation.” Ecowas has the right to congratulate the Security Council that UN resolution 1973 which took advantage today the Western coalition to bomb Libya. This Libya has probably committed the great sin of possessing oil wealth and have mostly found to have financed the campaign of Sarkozy. ECOWAS also has the right to commend the AU for his hesitation and his late entry into scene that he lost his hand. But it is curious that we, West African, can congratulate on the same line and in the same terms to both the Security Council of the United Nations and the African Union. It’s a real nonsense. It’s greed, intellectually and politically unacceptable. There, where the division of Europe and the cries of treason, the African Union and Arab League, gave the priceless opportunity to Ecowas display an original position in favor of a peaceful resolution of the Libyan crisis, our Conference of Heads of State “calls upon the African Union and the United Nations to continue their commitment to the ultimate resolution of the situation and ensure stability and lasting peace in the country.” From what commitment the AU has demonstrated it at the same level as the United Nations? To avoid having to get wet, Ecowas uses the term “situation” to talk about what is happening in Libya. And that on three occasions. What headlong politics! What a climbdown in the affirmation of our dignity!

    We have understood. Just two bits of sentence to Libya that Gaddafi is welcomed, there is still little role in the birth and achievements of the African Union. Far from us or not bias for a dictatorial regime now called by those who yesterday offering incense. But the meeting of ECOWAS ended March 24, she would not have to look at the hundreds of civilian victims of bombing Western civilians whose protection justified the vote – with forbearance from key countries – the resolution Security Council?
    Under the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), “The Conference expressed its deep concern at the impasse of the EPA negotiations arising from the persistent differences between the EU and West Africa.” About these differences, it will follow a series of recommendations that are more the domain of begging on commercial blind substantive concessions as “West Africa is ready to offer the EU an opening market at 70% or less over a period of 20 to 25 years. ” Note that most experts note that these differences result from the non-uniformity in economic and monetary space ECOWAS to conduct negotiations consistent. Concerned about its political hegemony, Nigeria does not want to negotiate in the WAEMU area more uniform and consistent with greater economic integration and functional with Commission rules and guidelines followed. With an economy presqu’anarchique, Nigeria is an obstacle to the adoption of consensus.

    Still, in its economic policy of dependence, ECOWAS calls on Europe to “avoid the adoption of mechanisms that can affect regional trade relations on the basis of unilateral sanctions policies under the non-execution clause. As a child against his father, Ecowas afraid of being punished for not following recommendations father. Ecowas a prompt yet to be imposed on Côte d’Ivoire sanctions unilateral policies based on precipitation.
    Further, the press allows us to understand why the lines on Libya are so evasive as to ECOWAS, it should “make every effort to obtain additional financial resources from the European Union for the Financing for Development Program EPA (AADP). This component increases and availability of resources must be taken into account in the text of the Agreement. ” Always begging and begging again. Where a deliberate policy of economic development in the fight against corruption and networks, and sovereignty would have enabled African countries to diversify their partners to make better use of their abundant natural resources. It is precisely this vision of President Laurent Gbagbo, who is opposed by France, which uses-paradoxically-African countries to achieve its objectives. On arrival, these African countries are reduced to begging. We prefer the crumbs at the best return for our resources. Worse, in its release, it’s almost in supplication that ECOWAS wants to “maintain the policy space required to promote trade with other trading partners, namely: countries / blocks South-South under Clause the Most Favoured Nation in the Agreement EPA. Again and again permits and special clauses to trade freely. Honourable and distinguished chair makers in Côte d’Ivoire is the competitiveness of your organization as the West African commercially be binding and not through submission to those with whom you compete.
    Our heads of state, do they know that these divergences with the EU will remain as long as they serve us on a leash? Ask to “resolve differences in order to ensure the establishment of rules of origin simple and pro-development, taking into account the different levels of development of both parties” is an illusion. Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire, ECOWAS member, alone provide 60% of world production of cocoa. Kg of beans is sold at about 1000 FCFA, to return to the Rue des Jardins, in the Cocody 2 Plateaux to 40,000 CFA francs per kg of Patchi Chocolate. 40 times more expensive. On the difference of 39,000 CFA francs per kilogram, how do you receive in respect of development aid? For 1.2 million tonnes of Ivorian cocoa, this difference or added value is 46 000 billion CFA francs. Twenty years budget Côte d’Ivoire. How then to Burkina Faso? It is simply criminal to deny this windfall to go to the frugal soup of development assistance.
    On what, you expect Western industries waive many billions? President Laurent Gbagbo has promised during his campaign, created in each department cocoa producer, a processing plant. He also initiated at the level of ECOWAS, project financing regional development of energy sector by increasing our energy potential through levies on the export revenues of our mining products that abound. That it is certainly argue that his war pairs of ECOWAS. Lord, forgive them for they know not what they do, one is tempted to say.

    This is not “inviting negotiators from both regions to pursue their consultations with a view to reaching an agreement on the differences still pending, including issues of agricultural subsidies and EU relations with Turkey in recent “we’ll get out. Because it is on the profits made in the processing of our raw materials that Europe subsidizes its agriculture. Why would we play without any legal entity when we deliver our own brothers to the Western powers.
    Africa and especially West Africa, through its officers, shot himself in the foot in the Ivorian case management and Libyan. Turning back to defending the values ??and morals, she will now little argument against the arrogance of the West.

  7. pls tell nigeria government to go to ghana prison and rescue its citizen.

    Nigerians are suffering in ghana prison,their been maltreated over there,even ten years without going to court for for trail.

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