Making Money Online From Nigeria: 7 Big Lies You Should Be Aware Of

If you are interested in making money online from Nigeria, there are some big lies you should be aware of. I never knew some of these things were big lies until I started my journey online 2 years ago and discovered for myself what worked and the real truth online.

Here are a few of popular ones:

1.       You Need A Paypal Account To Make Money From Nigeria

Although this is a big lie many Nigerians spend time, money to look for ways to open a PayPal account. I have always advised Nigerians to forget about Paypal because basically, Paypal is like a bank account and bank accounts don’t make money. Having a paypal account will not make you money online.

2.       You Need A Clickbank Account To Make Money Online From Nigeria

This is very similar to having a Paypal account. Many Nigerians interested in affiliate marketing kill themselves over how to get a ClickBank account even after knowing that having one from Nigeria is illegal. I was also very interested in knowing how to this when I started out but later realize that having one was not the answer. Having a ClickBank account is not a prerequisite for making money online.

3.       Online Survey Is The Best Way To Make Money Online From Nigeria

I have even bought a product about this on Success Digest Extra some months ago. I will tell you straight that this is a big lie. Online surveys work, but not for Nigerians. Apart from the fact that there are many scam companies who don’t pay up when you fill a survey, online survey are not really directed at Nigerians.

If they were, why do those e-books advice you hide your IP address? It is simply because Nigerians are not the ideal customers for the companies paying for the online survey. Filling these online surveys as a Nigerian is equivalent to scamming the survey websites.

Bottom line, online surveys don’t work like that.

4.       Starting A Blogger Blog Is The Best Way To Make Money

This is the new craze for Nigerians. Every Nigerian wants to own and run a blog. is now the preferred medium filled with Nigerian bloggers struggling to hit big online. I am happy that many Nigerians are writing and publishing online but just starting a blog will not make you money online. You will not hammer anything by just throwing up a blogger blog.

If it were so every Nigerian with a blog would be cruising around in a hummer. I am not driving one so you can trust me when I say it is a big lie. Now, I am not saying you cannot make money with a blog but just putting up a blog will not cut it.

5.       Blogging about Blogging Or Blogging About How To Make Money Online Is The Best Way To Make Money Online

This is another big lie. It is what I am doing on 2 of my blogs and haven’t bought a hummer yet, meaning I am not making a killing yet. Money can be made with blogging but blogging about blogging or about making money online will not just make your laptop or desktop to spit out clean bills of N1,000 notes.

6.       Google Adsense Is The Best Way To Make Money Online

There was a time Google Adsense was a buzz word as far as making money online was the topic. It is actually very possible to make money online from Nigeria with Google Adsense. Spaulding’s 5DollarFormula can help you out if that is the line you wish to toe. But my guy, Google Adsense will only make you so much if you have a high traffic site like Apart from traffic the adverts posted must have a high CTR and people will have to click the ads before you can make any form of cash.

It works but it is not a sure thing so don’t be deceived by marketers who sell you e-books that claim that all you need to do is start a blog on and throw up Google Adsense around it to make money online.

7.       You will make $1,000 in 2 days

I read a lot of ad copies in many newspaper adverts that promise that one will make so and so amount of cash in days by just doing little or no work. They quote large, sexy amounts of money that will get anyone pulling out their moneys to pay for the products.

It is very possible to make $1,000 in one day but it will not just happen when you don’t have assets online. It will not just happen because one e-book said so. It will not just happen to a newbie who has no list, no website or a new website or blog. Anyone who says making that kind of sum is possible without doing any form of work or owning an online asset is a bloody liar. So beware of these adverts that promise heaven on earth… they are just scams.

So What Is The Best Way To Make Money Online From Nigeria?

Yes, that is the question that you may want to ask me. Well, to answer that, I have good news and bad news.

First, bad news…

I don’t know all the answers.

The good news…

I know one very important tip that will push you miles away from anyone who wants to make money online. It took me a while to realize it. If you want to make money online from Nigeria or anyway from the world , you need to sell something. If you have that at the back of your head, you are miles ahead of many. I hope this has been helpful.

Thank you.

Mk Akan is a Nigerian blogger who is learning, practising and sharing real ways to make money online from Nigeria. He has written a 72 page guide that reveals more lies and truth about making money online from Nigeria.

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  1. Thank you so much for the share and I sincerely think the idea of making money online is to be creative and willing to learn as much as possible. Making money online typically is more hard work than 9 – 5 job(s) since it requires a lot of time learning and applying the knowledge you have learned. With proper knowledge may shorten the learning curve but does not guarantee any success. You need a lot of determination in this business to grow!

  2. hi there, after going through your article and what some magazine has been publishing about making money online without much work. I think the only true and legal way of making money online in Nigeria is through article writing. Have been doing article writing for sometime now and it pays. The rest are not for us here in nigeria.
    Have been writing articles for people worldwide through and and getting my money here is easy. so pls forget about data entry, survey and the adsense cheat.

    • hello, read you make money through writing of articles. am really interested. i dont know how to start selling my articles. just grasduated from the university. your reply would be most appreciated. thanks

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  4. Am the master of google adsense.
    Listen guys one secret you guys dont know that you cant compare a click made from usa or canada ip address to ones made from african ip address.
    And you can compare a click made from a english speaking country to a non english country. So dont you ever listing to some guys that tells you to buy ebook or pay to make 1000$ a day or a month because it is a trick.
    One secret of making money with google adsense is get at least 1000 visitor.then let do the mathematics.
    Assuming your keyword is 0.20$ pay click and average of 5000
    page view a day and you get 200 clicks out of 5000 page view .You will be getting 40$ a day this mathematics is not for those that own a blog site or forum. Is for those that own a dating or social network site with upto 1000 visitor a day.
    So if you want to be hitting $1,300 a day like nairaland you have to work harder.
    Unlike nairaland you dont need to click in on his adsense because you cant even see it. his is using cpm method that click per impression. Good luck.

  5. To
    What you will do is to search for a good shared webhosting or you can buy from nigerian web hosting about $4 a month.
    And they will give you a diskspace and bandwidth then login to your webhost account and go to softacolous or fantastico and instal wordpress blog then start write any that is your hobby and anything that people are searching from the search engine like make money online or sex issues, just anything you like then go to google adsense and sign up.they will give you a javascript code just copy it and paste it to your worldpress blog.
    And also make sure you dont cheat google may be by clicking on your adsense or ask someone from your family,friends or relation to click on it.if you do so google will terminate you and make sure you use the same computer and ip address to login into your google adsense.
    As i said before you need a good visitor,at least 1000 a day.
    If you have question just ask

  6. Thanks for your concern over the fake businesses on the net. Pls, where can i invest at least #10000 in Nigeria and make good returns? Thanks and God bless

  7. Thanks for your concern over some fake businesses on the net. Pls, where can i invest at least #10000 in Nigeria and make good returns? Thanks and God bless

  8. 8 Nigerian Blogs /websites You Should Visit If You Want To Learn About Making Money Online From Nigeria | NairaCow 8 Nigerian Blogs /websites You Should Visit If You Want To Learn About Making Money Online From Nigeria | NairaCow

    […] I recently wrote a guest blog about 7 lies about making money online from Nigeria . […]

  9. Well David I don’t know about not needing paypal to make money to be a lie cause some Nigerians I know actually used paypal to make money buying and selling stuff on ebay, but certainly you could still make money in Nigeria online with or without a paypal.

    Good ideas though and informative too.

  10. Everyone on this issue never have a solution for the newbie seeking to make money online. I think Nigerians need to begin to think about opportunities that will help the newbie. The big boys don’t do much of the prescribed business models rather they concentrate on the third party business models. figure it out.

    I make money online as a distributor of products using my blog, twitter, facebook etc. as the marketing platform.

    How i get products such as Laptops, Blackberry, Ipad, various electronics? i mean the list is long and it is amazing, the easiest way for any newbie to start an online business.

    follow my link to see a webinar on my blog.

  11. Adsense only makes sense when you get over 2000 visitors a day. Most blogs and websites get under 100 visitors a day. It is best to work on traffic first before expecting to make money.

  12. Tanx for your advice. It is an eye opener to me. But,can you help me on the best online business to do in Nigeria. Thanking you in anticipation.

  13. Thanks 4 ds 1daful piece,ua making too much sense! Pls am a graduate,no job and i want to start online biz. Whats d best way to go as a newbie? Thanks alot!

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