The arbitrariness of Graphcard operators

Graphcard sounded promising when it was first launched. It was poised to meet the needs of users in Africa as well as other “third world countries” where credit cards are not widely available to the general populace. Graphcard has been doing fine somewhat all this while but something that is really putting me off these days about their services is the arbitrariness of its operators.

At one time, one could withdraw funds from Graphcard to Paypal, but not any more. One could deposit funds to Graphcard from a credit/debit card (I never used this) but not any more. e-gold was very prominent on Graphcard for withdrawal and deposit but not any more. What’s more annoying? They do not inform users when they are pulling the plug on some of these functionalities but will storm one’s inbox with excitement when new functionalities are introduced.

I respect the right of Graphcard’s operators to run their business in their best interest, but it is also in the interest of users to be informed, whenever major changes are made to their operations.

The removal of e-gold from their operations is something I consider “shooting themselves in the foot”. With funding Graphcard only limited to Moneygram, Western Union, Wire transfer and cheques (for US users only), I am left to wonder how much longer they would last. What’s worse? Firefox users cannot login to Graphcard. The website is currently accessible only via Internet Explorer. Phew!

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Oluniyi D. Ajao
Oluniyi D. Ajao is an Internet Entrepreneur and Tech Enthusiast based in South Africa. Follow him on twitter @niyyie for more tech updates.


  1. Graphcard provides a great service, and I used them extensively. I haven’t used their service for months now. Part of the reason I stopped was the delays in getting debit cards then. My business suffered heavilly then.

    But I expect them to carry subscribers along in things like this. And those annoying mails they send every other day…..

    I really hope Graphcard does well and lasts.

  2. I left Graphcard long ago when they were dodgy about referrals. I introduced some people to Graphcard but I wasn’t contacted. You know how you receive an automatic email that this person has joined your downline or group or team?. I was disappointed, I had $25 dollars in my account which I couldn’t withdraw. They still send me emails by the way. Oh, I forgot their login headaches. It was a great idea but they got very greedy, complacent and satisfied with very little success. Too bad.

  3. I recently joined Graphcard and after signing up, they sent an email of how to fund my account through a bank. I recently made apost about them on my blog…..I hope they don’t disappoint.

  4. I haven’t used their service cos its quite arbitrary.

    they keep sending mails and i wonder if its lack of management that’s causing their downfall

  5. This blog is really an eye-opener before I head a way that will lead to a dead-end. Graphcard should have thought better. I think it’s a lack of a management that values its service to customers that have resulted in the absurd decisions.

  6. Haba! Oga David,
    Why did you pull my contribution towards the full knowledge for Nigeirans?
    At least you could have emailed me first!
    I have admiration for you and I was realy hoping we could forge acertain partnership for our mutual benefit.
    Anyway sha…

  7. David
    Can you help me with a service provider who could provide me with a US virtual office and collect checks on my behalf then sent it to me here in Nigeria. I intended using Graphcard for this service but since the remarks about their services has been questionable, an althernative from a seasoned business man like you will be of great value.

  8. u advised ue about but nigeria is not listed so how can we get the virtue address or beter still register with them.

  9. i want to know how to register on when nigeria is not listed among countries they offer services to. pls help if u know a way.

  10. i want to know how to register on when nigeria is not listed among countries they offer services to. pls help if u know a way.

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