Visa ATMs in Nigeria

I was plesantly surprised last night to discover that ATMs that support Visa cards are now available in Nigeria.

According to Visa’s ATM locator website, some ATMs of the following banking institutions: support Visa, Plus and Visa Electron cards:


This is good news for Nigerians who make a (legitimate) living online from affiliate marketing, MLMs and other businesses.

My search on Visa’s website for financial institutions that issue Visa cards in Nigeria however came-up with the following message:


We currently do not have any financial institutions listed for this country. Please contact the financial institutions in your local area to inquire about getting a Visa card.

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Oluniyi D. Ajao
Oluniyi D. Ajao is an Internet Entrepreneur and Tech Enthusiast based in South Africa. Follow him on twitter @niyyie for more tech updates.


  1. I like the whole news of being able to withdraw dollars in Nigeria.
    But where can we such VISA, MASTERCARD etc., ATM’s in Port Harcourt?
    Pls if you know, do let me know

  2. You will get a free ATM card shipped directly to your address and a bank account that anybody can wire into from anywhere, the banks are usually in UK or US.
    So with the card you can do any online business and also receive cash check ,money order in you bank account. you can use e currency to order card.
    he new face of money.
    If you want a free Atm card then consider joining my forex trading service once you register with $100 you will have a bank account+Atm card, but you will get the card after your investment matures,that is after 30 days. if you just need to buy a card fine, it will help you in any online money making venture,


  3. the visa card of vcard is one of the most recent inovations in the Nigerian banking system, however it has received wider publicity through Oceanic Bank (experience peace) and supported by others. One of its setbacks is that you can only receive money in the Naira equivalent of the forign currency sent to you from abroad. I have used it and it is more convenient than some payment systems around.

  4. i want to sign up to have ionternational master card or debit card from nigeria? please kindly help me out because i need this very international master card okay

  5. how i will make money and get my international debit card tell me website to go and sign up instantly okay please help me out ?

  6. Hello, I have a friend working in Warri, and he is unable to get to use his atm card, he is from the US, I am unable to help him, is there anyone that could help him there? I am not familar with the interantional banking. Please help us. Thank you kindly! jlm

  7. If your Visa card is in US Dollars, and you want to pay some money in GB Pounds, will the VISA machine do the conversions itself to the equivalent Pounds from the Dollars you have on your card.

  8. I have Nigeria Visa Card UBA and i also have GTB master card, how can i use it for international transaction, and does anyone know if our ATM here is Nigeria is globally accepted.

  9. Thank you so much for your reply. So,it means we can use our credit card to withdraw money in Nigeria right? ( in Nigeria currency )

    Pls kindly help to confirm my understanding

  10. Hello, i have a british friend staying at Enugu and he is having problems with his mastercard. He can’t find an ATM accepting his credit card. Could you help me, please? I already sent him money but it’s not enough.
    Thank you in advance,

  11. hello, thank you for your reply so far.
    please can i use my zenith bank visa card to receive money from a friend that is in norway, his bank also operates visa card too, and what details do i need to send him

  12. Why mastercard cannot acces to ATM in Lagos, my friend of US stuck over there because of this problem. He just finished his working contract but cannot going back to new york to reunite with his sick daughter, because the ATM not accepting his mastercard, and when he call his bank he told that they cannot doing anything to help him due to the distance. So how he can be helped.

  13. Even with surprises of various kind, you can expect any thing from ATM card company , thank so much for the conveniences

  14. Please is there any Nigeria bank ATM machine where i can withdrawal cash in US dollars. I just came back to Nigeria from US and haven’t found any where to get my cash using my ATM card. I will appreciate any informations please. Thank You.

  15. hi david,
    i have been trying to use my indian visa card here in nigeria but i keep on getting an error saying ‘your financial instituition is not available ,please do you know the bank that can pay me with my indian visa card here with showing the error message

  16. my name is roy brooke from united state just came to nigeria for a visit ..i want to know where i can use my visa and master card credit catrd to witdraw money and where to shop at store

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