The Perfect Picture (Movie Review)

I had the priviledge of watching the latest & hottest Ghanaian movie in town yesterday afternoon at the Silverbird Cinema in Accra. Several hours later, I am still catching my breath. The first time I read about this movie via a friend on Facebook, I wondered to myself: “What audacity? How could anyone risk titling a movie THE PERFECT PICTURE?” The producers of the movie by using a title like that are opening their work to thorough scrutiny from the public and would receive heavy criticism should the movie contain the slightest shade of mediocrity.

A snapshot of The Perfect Picture website
A snapshot of The Perfect Picture website

I had high expectations before watching the movie. Why? There was a special website for the movie: Now, this is uncommon in Africa, and very rare in Ghana. What’s more? The website was just perfect for a movie. Well designed. I later monitored the trailer on GTV and some promo video at KSM’s Thank God It’s Friday on Metro TV.

Just last Friday, KSM (aka Kweku Sintim-Misa) featured the Director/Producer of the movie, Shirley Frimpong-Manso. They chatted heartily about the very positive feedback they had received by then. I knew the movie had to be very good. It became a must-see for me and I was not disappointed.

The opening montage was just very nice. It featured a lady on her wedding day, surrounded by friends and family. This leads the viewer into what the entire movie is about: the love life of 3 beautiful, privileged, middle-class young ladies. The movie delves into love, sex, romance, deceit, pain, anxiety, addiction and many other related facets of human existence. It is relatively full of suspense (though I could predict a few scenes) and obviously, every scene was well thought through.

I found some scenes especially captivating:

  • two lovers expressing affection verbally, and kissing with the glowing moon in the background
  • an ex-husband professing love to his ex-wife at a beachside. 3 canoes are seen drifting gently beside them
  • the fast-paced scenes featuring various parts of Accra
  • the various dance steps in the scenes featuring Ghanaian music

The movie does well in the “audio department” as well. Crystal clear sound, very good selection of background music, and good humour here and there.

THE PERFECT PICTURE features Jackie Appiah, Lydia Forson, Naa Ashorkor Mensah-Doku, Chris Attoh, Adjetey Annang, Nana Kwame, Osei-Sarpong and the King of comedy in Ghana, KSM!

Overall, I would dare to rate the movie 9/10. Why? I won’t explain now without divulging too much. You should see the movie yourself. It would soon be screened in other parts of Ghana, and probably in Nigeria, the UK, USA etc. It is coming to a cinema near you and when it does, don’t miss the chance to enjoy it. It was worth every pesewa I paid for the ticket. More so, I believe it would be released on DVD soon enough. In the meantime, enjoy the official trailer.

Good work Shirley Frimpong-Manso and your team at Sparrow Productions. Keep the Ghanaian flag flying. I hope you become very rich from producing this movie and release even better flicks in future.

10 July 2020 update: a sequel has since been released and is now available on Netflix.

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Oluniyi D. Ajao
Oluniyi D. Ajao is an Internet Entrepreneur and Tech Enthusiast based in South Africa. Follow him on twitter @niyyie for more tech updates.


  1. hi shirley
    if you read this comment by your self kindly reply me because have been looking for your personal number which i can’t get through from anyone. my name is Joyce A Agyeman(ewurassi)you are really doing well.this is my email address [email protected]

    • Its probably typical. Cinema was a dead industry in Ghana. Most cinemas that exist have been converted into new uses. A notable one is that one at Nkrumah Circle in Accra (I can’t remember the name) which has been converted into a church. People in this part are more used to home videos now and thus I am not surprised about how quick “The Perfect Picture” was moved to home video.

  2. hi ma dear u have giving a new meaning why we should watch gahaian movies go girl please here is ma email girlwaa[at] let get to know ourselves i am coming to ghana soon only if is possible.

  3. hi i lef ghana sence 1992 now u ar giving me the imppration to go back thanks ilov ghana God bless ghana GOd bless Accra GOd bless tamale.
    i what to meet friends 4rom ghana b4 i come down bye
    4ro nigeria

  4. I really hope that we get to Naa Ashorkor Mensah in more brilliant movies like this one.I am based in Brooklyn New York and I must say that shirley is a great director and I love her work.Is there a way to chat or exchange comments with the girls.

  5. I personallly think this movie sucks.. i do like the girl and chris attoh but thats about it…wasted 2 hours of my life. obviously Nigerian movies are still beating ours.

    • it is not about who is beating who.. lets face it Ghanain movies are makung good impression these days. Go shirley this movie is good not only from the quality production but also a great story line…a human story that we can all relate to regardless of race, gender and nationality…. it is simply the best.

  6. Oh yeah ,… like i said that movie sucks and was sooooooooooooooo PREDICTABLE!!… booooooooooring.. … guess Nigerian movies are still beating ours. that was a 2 hour waste of my life. even Beyonce was better i actually enjoyed that one. get your movie game up Ghana because this really isn’t the best. and all these fake slangs.. if it isn’t there don’t force it. geez!!

  7. everyone out der this is a must watch movie .go out get urself one albulm,relax and enjoy this fact it is sooooooo ramantic

  8. the movie was very interesting. couldn,t stop watching it over and over again till i must have watched it four times within the space of a week. It was a masterpiece.

    Whilst i don’t completely agree with NAES, i do think Shirley could 1. have done better with the dialogue 2. linked the scenes more harmoniously; i felt she was in a rush 3. encourage the actors and actresses to be more natural, though some did well. 4. I’ve seen movies with striking resemblance in stories and characters, i think she can exhibit more ingenuity if she put more effort into it.
    *The little boy on the church wall at the wedding did not have an expression, if this was not the Video editor’s slip then i don’t see the relevance.
    my last comment on the movie can be debated but i think the movie disappointed me by not frowning on premarital sex, Ghanaian movies should hold their indigenous societal values.

  10. Hello dear,
    how are you doing it will be my pleasure to say hi to you.i am seriously looking for your contacts but dont know how to get it
    so i have good written down films which will be great and we can talk things over how to meet about this
    so if u may wish here is my email address contact me now([email protected]) or here is my number+221763386266 so u can call or drop urs.
    thanks and have a great day

  11. In all honesty…I did love da movie nd ghanaian movies mite be turnin onto da right path…but as of now da future really lies in da hands of upcoming young ppl who av to take da movie industry another notche>>>> cameras, acting lessons, better scripts nd all da funds needed to make betta movies will av to come da nxt “shirly” who is willin to take a chance nd go in a direction different frm all dese but all da while acknowledgin da rich culture dat defines. Ghana nd Africa at large….but until den we all own ourselves da simple curtesy of supportin da ppl who av began ahead of us….nd finally I am proud to be a ghanaian…

  12. It was a very exciting movie.
    I just have an appeal to make. With a movie that good, it should be made appropriate for the entire family and that includes children. The sex scene(s) prohibited that. It was too detailed, a little intro would have been just fine. I think ghanaian movies should be censored a bit.
    Good anyway.

  13. bought the movie in USA and watched it with my friend, it’s so excellent and standard, we all liked it so much, I hope African movie makers could produce such movies, 9/10.

  14. Hello people,am here and just here for one aim,and thats to put on board my grieves and alex lee,21 yrs and a an up coming actor,who has all it takes to be the next van vicker ghanaians are lookin out for,if strictly given a little training and push.i need a manager cus cant do it alone since i dnt know how to start…if anyone can help introduce me to any producer or director,i will be very much delighted and grateful.

  15. great movie i rate it a 10/10. the only thing is i would really want to get the names of the music that was played in the movie, can anyone help me please.

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