What is happening in Togo?

Africa, once a great continent, has sadly been dropped to the bottom of the ladder, in every sense of the word, globally.

Togo in West Africa
Togo in West Africa

Every thing negative is in abundance here. Name it: Corruption, Mediocrity, Civil wars, Famine, Bad leadership, poorly managed economies, Poor infrastructure, HIV/AIDS, Low GDP, High Mortality rate etc.

The political atmosphere in many countries for me is simply sickening. How can I describe the unfolding drama in Togo? As if the death of the “great” Eyadema was not enough, the drama keeps getting bizarre by the day.

I simply cannot understand how a people could be manipulated and trampled upon so easily. Well, this might have been possible because the process of anarchy has been in place for over three decades and the then ruler had systematically “tamed” the people by force and simply got rid of the “stubborn” ones. This is the only way that a country could have a parliament that is practically a rubber stamp, that dances to the whims and caprices of the Head of State. A Head of State dies, the army (who have no business being involved in politics) within hours swear their allegiance to the former President’s son, there is a lame excuse that the Speaker of Parliament is out of the country, and to make up for the power vacuum, they are making Eyadema’s son President. The Speaker of Parliament who is suppose to be the interim President pending when election would be held within sixty days, is locked out of the country. Parliament meets hurriedly on a Sunday evening, pass a vote of no confidence in the Speaker (no reason was given), then proceed to make the Minister of Communication, Foure Gnasingbe, Speaker of Parliament, and by extension, interim President, but not for sixty days, till the end of his late father’s tenure in 2008. What a drama!

I have information that the Constitution of the Republic of Togo states that an MP shall forfeit his/her sit in Parliament if he/she takes up a Ministerial appointment. Foure was an MP, became a Minister. On what basis was he made Speaker of Parliament? Why was the Speaker not allowed to land at the Lome airport when he was returning from Brussels? Why did the military swear allegiance to a late President’s son hours after the President’s death? Was there a succession plan in place before President Eyadema’s death? Could it be that the unfolding drama was only the implementation of the succession plan? What is happening next in Togo?

WHAT ON EARTH IS HAPPENING IN TOGO? Somebody please tell me.

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