Thursday, March 21, 2019
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GSM: Firm Targets Telecom Value-Added Services With Expo

THE explosion in the communications sector is giving birth to yet another platform to showcase new technologies and products that will further enhance services...

GSM: Mtel Launches GPRS in March

AFTER a protracted period in which first company of choice, Mtel literarily ceded grounds to competitors in the bone-crushing competition, the organisation announced last...

Mobile Data Special – Africa's Mobile Users Soon to Go Text-Mad

Africa's mobile operators have been so busy making money from rolling out voice services that anything else must have seemed like a distraction. Some...

Four Million Subscribers Now Trust MobiNil

Maintaining its 6-year position as Egypt’s leading mobile operator, The Egyptian Company for Mobile Services (MobiNil) has passed the milestone of 4 million subscribers.

Globacom Launches Fibre Optic Transmission

Second National Operator, Globacom, is set to further enhance voice and data transmission for mobile and fixed telephone operations, as it commences transmission service...

Mobinil Starts its Mobile Phone Battery Recycling Project

The Egyptian Company for Mobile Services (Mobinil) has began implementing its used battery recycling project on November 12, 2005.

Buzz GSM now bills by the second

Buzz GSM last night sent a text message to its active subscribers, reading: "Buzz GSM now offers you PER SECOND BILLING.

NCC Summons GSM Operators Over Declining Quality of Service

GSM Operators in the country yesterday got marching orders from the telecom regulatory authority, the Nigeria Communications Commission, over the declining quality of service...

Returning to Celtel

When we started this crusade (well, Dr. Spencer didn't actually like the use of this word) against Celtel's arrogant exploitation of the people of...

Vodacom Brings 3G to Market as Promised

Vodacom’s much publicised 3G network was switched on, on Sunday, December 19, 2004. The 3G products and services are available to all customers –...


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