Tumi Makgabo leaves CNN

makgabo.tumiMany of us got to know of Tumi Makgabo via global news network, CNN International. Hitherto, she had been a popular current affairs anchor with South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC 3) and was born in South Africa.

Since joining CNN in July 2000, Tumi has covered numerous world events and issues including the fall of Liberia’s former President, Charles Taylor; the change of leadership in the former Soviet republic of Georgia; the War in Iraq; the 2004 elections in South Africa; the U.S. Presidential elections in 2000; the World Conference against Racism in 2001; and the September 11 terrorist attacks.

A statement from CNN said although she would still be working with the news corporation from time to time, Makgabo would primarily work as an independent journalist and producer on a number of different projects.

In a statement explaining her departure, Makgabo said although the decision was not an easy one, she and her family felt it was important for them “to come back home and contribute to the country that has given them so much”.

“We felt the time was right for us. I have learnt so much in the (five) years that I have been with CNN, and I am looking forward to sharing that (experience) back home,” she said.

Well, Tumi’s new job is with South Africa 2010’s Local Organising Committee.

Tumi Makgabo has been employed by Danny Jordaan and the 2010 Local Organising Committee to head up the communications division for the World Cup that takes place in South Africa in 2010.

Makgabo has a rolling contract that will be reviewed at the end of this year.


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  1. I went to the ceremony where the South Africa 2010 emblem was unveiled, and Tumi Makgabo was one of the hosts of the event. So this comes as no surprise. Femi Oke and Isha Sesay have stepped into her Inside Africa shoes.

  2. It is always sad to learn that one of the best reporter is leaving the network. Tumi has been a great voice for Africa, I come to appreciate her stories on Inside Africa a couple of years ago and has since been asking myself where she has gone. Tumi missing you is now garranteed for us and wish you all the best with 2010.

  3. It is heart-breaking to learn that Tumi is moving fron the big network. SHe has been a great inspiration to me personally since 2000, Never did i ever miss her shows. I was mesmerized the moment she hosted Inside AFrica. Tumi personally as Timothy i just fell in luv with the shows she hosted, her articulate English, an African at that. Besides, we shared the same birthday months that is June, hers I gues June 07th, mine June 12th; her initials Tm for Tumi Makgabo and mine Tm for Timothy Mununuzi. Personally am going to miss u. If there was a way of hearing more from u, I’ll appreciate

  4. Honestly,watching tumi on cnn was a pleasure to me.I was unaware of her departure from cnn until recently.Well, I wish her goodluck in her new found job.

  5. I have just found out today that Tumi left CNN. This searching has come after i got tired of waiting to see her hosting Inside Africa and presenting news. I was always wondering where has Tumi gone within CNN. I never dreamed that i will never see hear again on my screen. She made me like CNN. She made me feel so proud about Africa. She made me appreciate how careful is CNN in recruiting female presenters.

  6. I am sad to find out Tumi has actualy left CNN, especialy inside Africa. The show has become a joke without her. She was the only African who reported on Africa and actualy knew what she was talking about. I understand the others are African , but reporting on Africa needs the true spirit of having lived through its good and tough times. Tumi knows what that means. I am truly sad and dissapointed. But hey, a loss to CNN is a bigger gain to us South Africans, we need all that brain drain we have in Africa to be restored. We need to gain skills abroad and bring them back home..Africa needs people like Tumi. Goodluck and wish you all the best in wonderfull South Africa. I will boycot Inside Africa till they get some concrete people for the show!

  7. Tumi’s exit from the big network is indeed regrettable. She was sharp-witted, spoke impeccable English and dressed impressively. Her news content was always rich, well researched and delivered with such laser intensity. She is truly the Queen of African news casters.

  8. Tumi’s exit from the big network is indeed regrettable. She was just fantastic to be head. Am really going to miss her, espercially during inside Africa. Good luck to you in all your endeavours.

  9. I’m currently a pilot in the air force and it’s all because of the motivation you always gave when you were on tv. Our teacher used to let us watch your shows and debate about what was said and in way we got to learn english. I’m really greatful to a have one of our homegrown stars as a role model. You might not notice from your position but you are an inspiration to most people especially my matric class of 2000. ( Ramogabudi senior secondary school)


  10. I was indeed put off balance when it eventually dawned on me that Tumi had left CNN.I would have thought people with such magnitude of intelligence should not leave where they are of service not just to a section of the world but to all and sundry.I am indeed missing her.

  11. After all those years; missing the vivid CNN african news eporting, I took trouble to find out where on earth this fine and polished South African Reporter is; Tumi; Indeed Africa need the kind of reporting you did, spare time to groom future girls and boys to follow your footsteps. Africa needs the likes.

  12. I’ve spent the last couple of years wondering where Tumi might be, I got tired of wondering & finally decided to google her, and I found this. I wish her every fulfillment in life. Miss her greatly.

  13. I miss team too but I will be honest and tell the real reasons I means her. She is beautiful, well built and gracefully endowed with heart consuming boobs. Even without coming close to them, I felt like she is in my hands every time I saw her on TV. I think the others are not being truth. Her major attraction was her front. Period!

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