What is the difference between MPEG4 and MPEG2?

MPEG4 is basically a newer/better version of MPEG2. It allows better video signal compression and thus offers clear audio/video.

Can my MPEG4-compatible receiver decode MPEG2 channels?

Yes. MPEG4 technology is backward-compatible. MPEG4 receivers should be able to handle MPEG2 channels/content easily.

However, MPEG2-only receivers cannot decode MPEG4 channels.

Can I upgrade my MPEG2 receiver’s firmware so it can handle MPEG4 channels?

No you can’t. You need an MPEG4-capable hardware.

Strong SRT 4669x is a popular MPEG4-capable satellite receiver.

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  1. 1.fta are channels that are not encrypted
    which u dont have to pay to watch
    2.if u moved to a new location try centallising
    your dish using a signal finder if not working
    theen get abigger dish

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