Announcing Google Ghana

I’m a bit excited this morning to announce that Google now has a version of its great search engine for Ghana. It was implemented just this morning. I use Google several times everyday and it was only this morning I was redirected to when I did a search for “web hosting ghana“.

What Google has for Ghana so far is just a basic page. Nothing that enables you to search “pages from Ghana” nor Google’s search engine in Ghanaian languages. I can only hope these would be implemented later since most other Google country pages come with them.

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  1. First time visitin ur page gud 2 know of an african blogger 4 ghanathumbs .T:smile:
    wud luv to join da train wagon of african bloggers.

  2. am sure Google has good plans for Ghana . once Google Ghana has been created all the other add-ons will be added soon enough,at least its not every country that has their own Google page abi?

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