BarCamp Ghana 2009: Break-out Session

627 Break-out Session started at 15:20pm and is moderated by Kajsa Hallberg Adu. She started blogged to tell people back home (Sweden) about life abroad (Ghana). Blogging is a conversation and so she sort to meet other bloggers, thus facilitating the creation of

  • Steve Danso blogs about how technology can affect our business. He blogs about ICT, business and poetry.
  • Saheed runs 3 blogs and offers a social platform.
  • Daisy blogs about technology trends in Ghana. break-out session @ BarCamp Ghana 2009 break-out session @ BarCamp Ghana 2009

Kajsa believes strongly in creating local content in the form of blogging.

Why should you blog?

  • Make money
  • Educate yourself
  • Indirect personal benefits like jobs
  • Express yourself, share your opinion
  • Local people are better problem-solvers on local issues
  • Promote an agenda
  • It’s cooler than a typical diary

Creating relevant internet content. What is relevant content? What would people like to read about? Topics could include:

  • comparing telecommunication services
  • discussing fashion
  • Nii Thompson thinks the concept of “relevant” is subjective .
  • A contributor opened-up suggestions about video blogging and photo blogging.
  • Edward Taggoe suggests that it is necessary for bloggers to track the visits to a blog, and apply the information into a better blogging exercise.
  • Isaac thinks the blog reader determines what is relevant.
  • Ebenezer thinks we must have theme to talk about and stick to specific issues.
  • Consistence is important
  • Christopher Bennett asked copyright protection issues and how helps with that, should he decide to join.

Kajsa has been blogging for 4 years and wants to use her blog as the central anchor of her online social networking. She concluded the very participatory session by introducing


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