Is Life in Prison Abroad better than living in freedom in Africa?

Daasebre Gyamena, a Ghanaian hiplife musician was last year arrested in London, on charges of drug trafficking. Some hard drugs were found in his baggage. Well, after a court hearing, the British jury set him free on grounds that he was innocent of the charges. Daasebre Gyamena, discharged and acquitted is now back home in Ghana. He arrived last Tuesday to a hero’s welcome back to his motherland.

I saw his photo on the front cover of a Ghanaian magazine, announcing his return. In this photo, he looked really nice and well kept. I thought to myself, the magazine editors must have used an old photo of Daasebre. How wrong could I be? Indeed, the photos were taken at the airport on his arrival! He looked well-kept and even fresher than when he was living a free man in Ghana.

A cousin of a friend of mine told me confidently about two years ago, that he preferred prison life in the US to freedom in Ghana. Why? Surviving in Ghana is very difficult and he believed prison life in the US is even better. Well, I don’t share his views but obviously, others do.

MyJoyOnline, the website of one of Ghana’s leading radio stations Joy FM, published some very clear photos. I am reproducing selected comments from readers, on the website below:

By: kudjoe(london)

By: elton
dasebre is looking real fresh and nice. infact nicer than when he was in ghana. i guess the cool weather in UK did the trick. i wont mind be incarcerated for a year! hahahha

By: Ben
Prison dey fit am oh. He is so nice, especially in de logs. Welcome Back.

What do you think? Is Life in Prison Abroad better than living in freedom in Africa? Share your thoughts…

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