Nigeria launches Communications Satellite

Nigeria now has a 2nd satellite in orbit – a communications satellite. This is the very same satellite project India was trying to out-do Nigeria to, in 2005.

Well, the satellite is now in orbit. According to XICHANG,

Experts estimate that the satellite program will revolutionize telecommunications, broadcasting and broadband multimedia services in Africa. It will create more than 150,000 jobs for Nigerians and save broadband users more than US$95 million a year, as well as providing Internet access to remote rural villages and saving more than $660 million in phone-call charges.

It is also expected to play key roles in e-commerce, improving government efficiency and promoting the development of the digital economy in Nigeria and throughout the entire African continent.

Hammed Rufai, managing director of the NIGCOMSAT-1 project, said the satellite would help Nigeria break free from its over-reliance on oil trade and transform itself into a knowledge-based economy.

This is a very good step in the right direction. At least, we have something to praise the Obasanjo Administration about. I just hope this would not end up being a white elephant project and that it would be utilized to impact the life of the populace, meaningfully.

The satellite will change positions in orbit until it is finally fixed at a longitude of 42 degrees east. It is expected to be put into use by Nigeria before the end of the year and has a life span of 15 years.

The satellite will be monitored and tracked by a ground station to be built in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, by Chinese firm Great Wall Industry Corp, and a ground station in Kashgar, in northwestern China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

The satellite’s ground facility in Abuja “has the potential of making Nigeria a major traffic hub in the West and Central African region” and will prompt Nigeria and neighboring countries to “expand their switching facilities to be able to handle international traffic”, according to a Nigerian communication official.

For me, it’s good that we’re not look to the Western world, for everything. Its good to have an alternative allie, in the East like China. Lets hope Nigerian engineers and scientists can learn and be able to handle such projects in future.

Kudos to all involved. I hope you render full accounts of all the expenses incurred and not embezzle public funds.

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  1. Well i watched the live lunching even though NTA signal was not clear.
    My question is, iwant to know who to contact like sales in order to buy some segments of the satellite feeds.

    Thank You

    Marshall Anako
    Starlink Communications Inc.
    17601 West Carmed Drive
    Surprise Arizona, 85388

  2. Hi,

    infact u’re very impressive.
    keep it up.
    Ola is my name nd i reside in kaduna nigeria. i’m also an upcomming web designer/developer.
    infact u’re encouraging.
    i’m also plannng to hav my website hosted b4 sept. this yr. anyway i’ve designed 4 some clients but still learning.
    keep it up

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