Diaspora African Forum Launched in Accra

Diaspora African ForumThe Diaspora African Forum was launched yesterday Sunday 1st July 2007 here in Accra and I was there live and direct. I missed the most part of the lecture because I arrived late. Quite busy with other things. However, I was there in time for the opening of the Diaspora African Forum building, within the W.E.B. Du Bois Memorial Centre For Pan-African Culture.

According to their website:

We exist “to invite and encourage the full participation of Africans in the Diaspora in the building of the African Union, in its capacity as an important part of the Continent”. We will provide the vital linkage for diaspora Africans to become involved in Africa’s development as well as reap the fruits of African unity.

Enjoy the photos and remember to leave your comments. Shalom…

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