Dr Douglas Jackson of e-gold’s Testimony before US Congress

DigitalMoneyWorld has published a video on YouTube about a Congressional Subcommittee Hearing with focused on deleting Commercial Child Pornography Sites From the Internet: The U.S. Financial Industry’s Efforts to Combat This Problem

YouTube Video >>>

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  1. The YouTube clip is an excerpt, as the entire hearing is about three hours.
    If you are interested in watching it all, and have the time, here it is:


    Here’s the webpage with a link to the above, and another link for downloading a copy of Real Player:


    I watched the entire three hour hearing, so I could get the full context of the interaction between Doug Jackson, as the founder of e-gold and OmniPay, the other panelists, who represented American Express, MasterCard, Visa and PayPal, and the Congressmen who were conducting the hearing.

    I came to the conclusion that there was a bais against digital currency [which to the limited experience of the Congressmen, meant e-gold, primarily] from the beginning of the hearing.

    The Congressman from Michigan, Stupak, was playing the role of attack dog, although the Congressman conducting the hearing tried to give the impression of being impartial, but slipped a few times in showing his bias against digital currency in general, and e-gold in particular.

    I think that Doug Jackson would have been better off reading from a mostly scripted statement which would have anticipated the hostility he recieved, in addition to having an e-gold representative attend the hearing.

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