Ghana 50th Independence Anniversary Parade photos

Ghana @ 50 Independence paradeGhana is 50. Oh! You know that already?

Well, I was at the Independence Square in Accra on 6th March 2007, the day of the Independence Anniversary, and took over 100 photos of the event.

Today, I was finally able to do something I had always wanted to do, create a Photo Album, as an integral part of my website. Okay – I did not exactly create a Photo Album, but I simply installed and customized a plugin that links my Flickr photo account to my WordPress-powered blog. I must say that the tool is really nice.

I upgraded my Flickr account so my disk space and bandwidth usage will be unlimited, and I am considering donating to the guys who coded this WordPress plugin.

Have I digressed? Sorry! I got carried away by my techie stuff. Anyway, enjoy the photos of Ghana @ 50 and do remember to share your comments as well. 🙂


  1. Happy pre-independence to the peaceful republic of GHANA. I am Prosper K. Bonney A ghanian Based in Liberai.

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