Ghana is the size of Lagos! Or is it?

Nigeria is a country of superlatives, no doubt. Being Africa’s largest population, it is only natural that many things to do with Nigeria would be on a relatively larger scale since the large population can be used to an advantage. Nigeria also has a land mass that is blessed with natural resources. The good mixture of a huge human resource and abundant natural resources make Nigeria even more relevant, especially in the context of Africa. It is thus understandable to some extent, that an average Nigerian is proud & confident of himself and his country. But then, there is a problem: ignorance or worst still, half-education sees to it that many people are misinformed and this motivates them to express highly exaggerated niceties about Nigeria, and completely look-down on other countries – especially neighbouring countries.

A Ghanaian woman at the Indepence Square during the Ghana @ 50 celebration. Photo by Oluniyi David Ajao.
A Ghanaian woman at the Indepence Square during the Ghana @ 50 celebration. Photo by Oluniyi David Ajao.

You will thus appreciate the anger and frustration of a Ghanaian diplomat in Nigeria, protesting the constant minimizing of Ghana in Nigeria, by some ignorant and arrogant Nigerian government officials. Enjoy:

SIR: I am compelled to write to express serious concern about a couple of statements by some top Nigerian officials about Ghana in recent weeks. Last month, Defence Minister Godwin Abbe was quoted as saying, “the volume of water generated in Ghana is not enough to flush toilets in Lagos State, the number of teachers you have to pay salaries in the whole of Ghana is not more than Western Nigeria so that is that. And the whole of Ghanaian Armed Forces, if you choose to know, is not more than just two brigades of the Nigerian Armed Forces, period.”

Only last weekend, Education Minister Sam Egwu was on national radio talking about the ongoing ASUU strike, and he made the most ridiculous assertion that all the university lecturers in Ghana will not be adequate for a single university in Nigeria! This is a blatant falsehood. Anyone who had been to the University of Ghana Legon (with a student population of more than 40,000), can testify to the fact that probably no university in Nigeria has more space and facilities than Legon. And there are at least five more public universities in Ghana. There are also a dozen privately-owned universities in Ghana, offering quality education to Ghanaians and foreigners alike, including a growing number of Nigerians.

And in the case of the defence minister, we do not know where he got his information from regarding the current strength of the Ghana armed forces. Needless to say that the Ghanaian military is one of the best trained on the continent and had performed exceptionally well in various international assignments. The entire first generation of Nigerian military officers, including Generals Olusegun Obasanjo, Hassan Katsina and Adebayo were all trained in Ghana. Ghanaian army generals have commanded UN troops in Lebanon, Liberia, Rwanda, Darfur, etc over the years.

Information Minister Dora Akunyili also told a local television network at the end of August that the whole of Ghana is not even up to the size of Lagos! Even a child in kindergarten knows that to be untrue. Government officials, unlike private citizens, traditionally tend to be circumspect about what they say about other countries. Ghana is smaller than Nigeria, and I reckon everyone knows that as a fact. And it is certainly not the only country in the world that is smaller than Nigeria. Or is it? Or have Nigerian government officials only suddenly realised how ‘small’ Ghana is?

Our concern really is that such reckless and unguarded comments could have grave implications for bilateral relations and derail efforts by leaders of the two countries to forge strong bilateral ties. We think President Umaru Yar’Adua should call his ministers to order. The Ghana bashing must stop! Ghana is a well-respected member of the international community, and deserves respect from Nigerians, particularly top government officials.

Nana Yaw Aboagye, Ghana High Commission, Abuja, FCT

I remember a friend once asking me, “Is there traffic jam in Ghana?” when I was complaining about being stuck in heavy traffic. I cheekily responded that “Ghana is only a small village and there is no traffic at all”. On other occasions, I have come across people who think of Ghana as only a town and not a country. They are thus shocked when they have to travel at least 3 hours from  Aflao border town to the capital city Accra when they are travelling to Ghana by road for the first time. Worse still, many outside Africa don’t know Ghana or confuse it with Guyana.

I reckon Ghana has a lot of publicity work to do.

Back to the ignorant (and/or arrogant) Nigerian government officials and politicians, I am of the opinion that they should rather be making their shameless comparison with South Africa, Brazil, Malaysia and China. All four countries are former colonies (like Ghana and Nigeria) and though classified as “developing countries”, but are doing very well. Politicians looking for a smaller country to use in defending their abysmal failure doesn’t sell in my ears.

Quick stats about Ghana

  • Independence (from Britain): 6th March 1957
  • Area: 238,535km squared or 92,098 square miles
  • Estimated population: 23,837,000 (2009)
  • more information about Ghana is available here.

What are your thoughts?

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Oluniyi D. Ajao
Oluniyi D. Ajao is an Internet Entrepreneur and Tech Enthusiast based in South Africa. Follow him on twitter @niyyie for more tech updates.


  1. This is all as a result of the kind of honor brought to Ghana by Obama’s visit. If Nigeria wants some honor in the eyes of the world community, it better begin to put its house in order

    • Sinaisix is just a fool who thinks some human beings or countries are superior to others……….I think that is exactly the beef about Nigeria. We esteem deep pride in our confidence and we see no reason why Obama should be in Nigeria when we have greater men. Maybe Ghana needs Obama to put an end to their problems but we don’t. Bill Clinton was in Nigeria to beg for oil and Yar’adua did America the favour to have a chat with their president(Bush). You must attack the few Nigerians who spoke against Ghana and not generalise

    • Did Ghana later benefited from Obama’s visit? Did Obama love Ghana more than Kenya ? But kenya warned Obama before his later visit that he should not mention anything about Gay marriage etc….But strictly on business…. Nigeria wont agree and did not take Obama as Ghana will rate him so high….Visiting did not make Ghana to become more greater.

  2. Regarding publicity – the world cup, oil, good natured manner of Ghanaians, kofi annan – he list goes on has given Ghana a good enough name yes in the uk some ignorant people confuse it with guyana but when they realize it is Ghana – there is no negative stigma attached to it.

    On the contrary it is Nigerian that has a behemoth task of cleaning up its name and image – yes its a is a country – yes it has many resources but what has it done with all of this. No electricity, poor universities, poor airline safety – oppressive military “dem mama dem papa – Timaya’, Biafra , nija delta etc Dodgy elections – the list goes one.

    As much as I would love a better PR for Nigeria it seems some people in government of Nigeria and some Nigerians at home and abroad need to wake up and actually start dealing with the mess of a country before they complain and belittle other countries such as Ghana.

    In 2009 Nigerian ministers are more concerned with tarnishing the image of smaller better functioning nations when the biggest block buster of summer 2009 – District 9 – totally tarnishes and already battered image of Nigeria. This portrayal of Nigerians and infect black people or Africans is sad but it takes behavior like this form Nigeria’s to purport and continue this negative image of Nigeria.

    Yes everything about Nigeria is big and yes Nigerians are the proudest people on earth, but what do they have to show for all this pride and opulence.

    Constant references of Ghana must go and the meager size or populations of other countries will not solve the huge infrastructural and societal problems nigeria has.

    Ghana has gone and is moving on Nigeria pleas wake up and do something with yourself.
    p.s I have no beef against honest sensible nigerians in fact I have nigerian family but Nigerians need to stop putting down others to prop up an ego that has no foundation.

    • Kwebena, you must stop speaking lika a fool. Little wonder you are a slave in the Uk and you have been re-colonised. Compare your comments with the comments of the elites from your country. You are just an ungrateful a**. Where would ghana have been without Nigeria. I remeber vividly when your citizens come running and crying to nigeria for help(Amnesty and asylum). Corruption in Africa started from Ghana before Nigeria bought the idea. You need to go through your history books again or go claim your money back from which ever school you attended cos you are such an a**. Even the writer avoided the use of violent words while he still made his points very clear. Who are you to say Nigeria has poor universities and infrastructural problems? We know the ratings of African universities. It may interest you to know that Nigeria has over 100 universities and over 80 are fully accredited. We get transfers from our schools to study abroad, lol. What the hell are you doing in the Uk if ghana has such good colour that you are painting. Why not stay in your country with more opportunities. You are one of the few unfortunate b*****ds from Ghana

      • Ghana was the first Country in Sub Sahara africa to gain Independence. Ghana´s litracy Ratings is 71% compared to Nigeria´s 51%. Americans and Europeans have more respect for Ghanaians than Nigerians.. Nnamdi Azikiwe came to Ghana in the 1930´s to look for Job and joined the Ghanaian Police force till his mother called him to come back home because his dad´s health was deteriorating. Obasanjo and Abacha had their millitary Training in Ghana. The Biafran conference to end your barbaric civil war which is well documented was held in Ghana.Life expectancy rate in Ghana is 65.7 whereas Nigeria is 52.4 . Ghana´s history is richer than that of Nigeria, and the list goes on and on so get your Facts correct.

  3. My dear brother Nana Yaw Aboagye [Ghana High Commission, Abuja, FCT] shouldn’t bother to waste his time trying to educated -the uneducated. Worst still, uneducated, jealous and full of Hate -these ‘Haters of Ghana’ are best left to get on with it. Because anyone worth their weight in gold would know that from the moment [Father] God blessed Ghana -and enabled us [a small but able country] to be the first Sub-Saharan country to gain independence -some of our neighbours have never gotten over it -and hate Ghana with ‘perfect hatred’ [and now that the Obamas have chosen Ghana as the first African country to visit -I guess this jealousy and hatred will be magnified]. But as I always say, ‘Whom God Bless No Man [or Nation] can curse. It is also a fact that regardless of how small Ghana is; we are respected and admired by the West, and in England where I live, -most of the Africans [Black folks] at the top of their game are Ghanaian -Amen. We just don’t boast about it because it is not the Ghanaian way. The Hate of Ghana or Ghanaians will never stop Ghana or Ghanaians from [always being first or] winning -Amen. The Blood of Jesus is covering Ghana and all Ghanaians -and the curses, hate and negativities that are constantly sent our way -will never destroy Ghana -if fact, I believe that we are growing stronger, becoming more united -and will be the first African country to escape the ‘Third World’ tag…….Thanks Paulina Opoku-Gyimah x

  4. David,

    This case of Nigerian officials making derogatory statements about Ghana is another manifestation of the rot that has eaten our dear country, Nigeria.

    This excuse for patriotism is a cancerous growth that blinds the eyes and the minds of those who subscribe to it. Nigeria has more problems than Ghana can generate in a decade right now. And who says that size has anything to do with strength?

    For example, whatever the perceived size of the Nigerian armed forces, it is largely untrained and much of their equipment outdated and/or grounded. The nigerian Airforce still prides itself in Jaguar jets in 2009 – and almost none of them airworthy.

    Ghana has stable power supply. The Ghanaian education system is so much better that our citizens now send their wards to school in Ghana. Government works much better in Ghana. Ghana’s roads are way better than ours.

    Never forget this – Nigerians like to show off and boast, even when its mostly hot air.

    I am a Nigerian and not ashamed of that fact, but I am not blind. Or stupid.

  5. I think the Ghanaian minister need not bother with those remarks. It’s either none of those ministers have ever visited Ghana or it is just plain ‘bad belle’. I’m a Nigerian living and working in Ghana for almost two years now. I often joke about changing my nationality. The only thing Nigeria has is size and it’s not working for us.

    Taking the points those jokers made one by one. Nigeria doesn’t generate any water. The last time water ran in the public taps in anywhere I have live in Nigeria was when I was a toddler and I’m over thirty now. In the time I have lived in Ghana, water has not been a problem. Let’s not even go near power…imagine a country where the power authority apologizes on radio for ‘load shedding?’ and this doesn’t even affect all parts. Where I stay in Tema, I kept count of outages for the whole of last year (17 in total). The longest lasted approximately four hours.

    Nigerians are trouping into Ghana for education. Sometimes, I’m worried that we’ll bring our corrupting influence into this wonderful country. Families are relocating here from Nigeria very quietly. I met a friend who shuttles between Ghana and Nigeria to do his business. He moved his family here. The company I work for relocated here as well. So if Nigeria is such a great country I wonder why we are all moving to ‘small’ Ghana.

    Dora is a misinformation minister. She needs to visit Ghana. I wouldn’t expect much from someone who hangs up on a BBC journalist just because she doesn’t like the way the questions are going.

  6. on behalf of our ministers and every Nigerian home and abrod that ever belittled Ghana,i say we are sorry and u nigerians that talk bad about our dear nigeria can definatly talk evil of ghana,Nigerians are jut generally proud people,and when thins go bad, we just try to do some unnecessary comparism,but i belive thns will get better

  7. Is not time to compare. Is not time to destructively criticize. Is not time to blame either system.

    It is time to unite forces. It is time to compliment our weaknesses. It is time to show brotherly love. It is time to share in the hope of a brighter future that lies ahead of Young, Black and Gifted Ghanaians/Nigerians.

    Let’s emphasize on our similarities rather than differences.

  8. As much as i subscribe to your opinion about this unbecomining attitude of a bunch of ignorant Nigerians, leadership and the led alike. The caveat there is; you would have done well if you had gotten your facts right about the Nigerian military strenghth before including it as one of your points in the negativites against Nigeria.

    • I take it that your comment is addressed at me personally and so would respond:

      All I did was comment on the letter from the diplomat. If I was writing this blog post without the letter in mind, I would have done it different.

      If you have the numbers about Nigeria’s military strenght, feel free to share it. Cheers!

      • How nice do you think it will be if you had done your research properly before publishing? You could have earn yourself good remarks from people. What if the diplomat wasn’t correct in his statistics

        • Take it easy Mike. I am not obliged to provide any stats considering I was only making commentary on the diplomat’s letter. The truth is, a lot of Nigerian politicians make ridiculous comparison between Nigeria and Ghana. If the politicians think Nigeria is okay in their hands, they should dare compare Nigeria’s development with that of South Africa and we would see where the truth lies. Size without control is nothing.

    • From the few comments above, it is evident that Ghana has more population of ignorant people. This is a very mature comment from a Nigerian. I applaud you bro and I’m proud of you. As much as we love the ghanians, they need to learn. I don’t know why the sudden comparison between ghana and Nigeria. These two countries are not equal by any standard.

      • Look here Mike, i think you are only envious of Ghana´s strong dedication to lift up the Country. I am a Ghanaian with 23 siblings and None of us has ever set foot on Nigerian soil. I am extremely proud to hear that there´s an Exodus of Nigerians moving to Ghana- why not?. We don´t pay evil for evil as we are only humans and do not know what tomorrow has for us otherwise we will have a Population of ignorant People like you mentioned. I think you get me right?- so who has a Population full of ignorance. (remember Ghana must go, but we say Nigerian´s must stay) I have lived in europe for the past 25 yrs. ,and i know some few Nigerians …….

  9. Hello Ghanaians, on behalf of my country Nigeria and Africa as a whole, I dolly appologies to Ghanaians both home and abroad to please ignore those senseless comments from our ministers who could not control their waywardness in making speech. I live and enjoy Ghana and am proud to defend Ghana in any occasion. Charly no mind them crazy ministers!!!!!!!!

  10. I am proudly Ghanaian(Volta Region),I luv Nigerians most of my friends are Nigerians as well.I forgive all Ghanaian Haters.FORWARD EVER BACWARDS NEVER.Long live Mother Ghana, Long live Nigeria and Long Live Africa.(GOD BLESS GHANA)

  11. It’s a big suprise to hear this from somebody who we’ll all think is knowledgeable.Nigerians are too smart to have some one like this, to tanish the image of the country. I believe Ghanaian are too civilised to say such a thing about a neighboring country. Please let be cordial and respect each other.

    • We, Nigerians appologise deeply for the utterances of those ministers but I also think you shouldn’t say Ghana is too civilised to say such. Please read up the comments of your fellow country men, you probably have read them but maybe you did without your glasses

  12. Well!!! I still dont understand why people hate us [Nigeria] we Nigeria know that we are bad. No problem!! if your country is good why can’t you show love? check Matthew 7vs 12 and secondly Africa are going no where. Ghana and Nigeria,South Africa has a better school My question is this what are there study ? take a look all the things we are using in Africa are made by white men.. that is why i always respect white-man … IF THE WORLD HATE US. YOU BETTER RESPECT YOURSELF. MAN DIE GO. F**K ALL

  13. one thing i stand to tell Ghana is that,wheather obama visit Nigeria or not, we Nigerian don,t care. but the only thing i stand to tell Ghana is that they should remember when things were hard for them and Nigeria care for things is not even ok for them there are under-rate Nigeria.
    and Ghana should bear in mind that,it can not come worst for Nigeria to run to thing i live to tell Ghana is that they should wish out for Nigeria.

  14. i want live at ghana and i am a gpod football i which i can just see help 4rom u pls i need ur help i an teid of nija pls helpme think u 4 dis ok

  15. I am a Nigerian and would love my leaders to work harder so as to help the poor masses. Nigeria is supposed to be among the top 10 richest countries in the world. Even with bad leadership, we Nigerians dont let this get us down. Individually we are great. Nigerians are the richest black people on earth, check forbes list. People claim ghana has good education system but that is laughable, bc Most text books (more than 70%) used in Ghana schools are written by Nigerian athors. The best scientists, actors, actresses, fashion designers etc etc in Africa are from Nigeria. If Ghana educational system is good then ghana should be producing great scientist. The best performing black students in europe and america are nigerians. The father of the internet is a Nigerian, Jelani of Genera motors is a Nigerian and so is the little girl that break world record last year flying solo across america. the list is endless. A Nigerian has just partnered and bought an important airport in England last week. NIGERIA run the gamut in the list of greatest Africans. If Ghana has everything working for them why are they not doing well locally and internationally? Ghanains in europe and american dont ever think of going home. While Indians in overseas return home every year with more money and knowledge. A group of Nigerian doctors in USA are building a $350 million dollar hospital in Abuja. Another group are building African American university of sciences. What are diaspora Ghanians doing to help their people back home? Even in Ghana Nigerians are the highest foreign investors. Most banks, insurance companies, richest estates etc etc are owned by Nigerians. We control all the vital areas of ghanas economy including avaition, banking, telecommunications etc etc. The only cinema in ghana (SILVERBIRD) is owned by a Nigerian. Pls tell me which area Ghana can match Nigeria apart from HATE? I used to love ghanaians so much b4 i came to this country, but since 7 years i have been coming here and have discovered these people hate us sooo much.
    I have shops and restaurants in Ghana. Every now and then these street urchins will chant Nigeria must go. I wish they will mean this one day so we keep them where they belong. We will crush their economy. If Nigerians leave ghana half of their population will be jobless. Nigerian banks are the highest paying here, most ghana bankers resign from their poor banks to take position in Nigerian banks.
    If Nigeria goes we will go with our airlines, banks, mega companies, shops etc etc unlike when we sent ghana packing they went home with lorry load of ghana must go bags.
    Oh i forgot to mention, as i am writtin this note am in ghana and the elctricity has been on and off for at least 3 times today. yet you will hear ghanains telling you they have good electricity supply. Bc of this light wahala and HATRED, many Nigerians are relocating back home. Last year at least 12 Nigerian guys that I know relocated to their states with their families. Before April i will move my restaurants to Gambia and senegal. I already bought a night club in gambia. I wish fellow Nigerians will leave ghana for ghanains to manage their own economy, lets see what they can do. And dont forget nigerian govt subsidizes oil/gas to ghana to tell u how much we love and help these people. Pls dont misunderstand me, i love Ghanains alot. I have given work to 5 ghanains who are working oil companies in Nigeria and making good money. But i dont like those fools who trash talk Nigerians bc ghana is not better. When you say Nigerian leaders are corrupt u forgot your own leaders? Most african leaders are corrupt and will go to hell. Ghana is an exporter of gold and diamonds, and is the worlds second largest exporter of cocoa, what are they doing with the money?

  16. Serously Nigerians need to calm down. They disrespect other African countries always. Sometimes you guys need to sit and think why there’s so much problem in a country that calls itself powerful? It’s because of the people attitude towards their fellow human-beings. Noboby is perfect on this earth but Nigerians behave as if they are better then the rest of the human race. They always have something negative to say about other people especially other Africans. We all came on this earth with nothing therefore we will leave the earth with nothing. No need to be so rude, irrogant, and boastful. As i said Nigerians need to calm down. You guys are on a high horse it’s time to be humble towards others. No man can build a brige by himself he needs others to do the job with him…as the United State of America. Nothing wrong with being proud of who you are but do not look at others as if they are nothing but shit. Nobody hates Nigerians, others talk the way they talk about Nigerians because of the way Nigerians talk and think of other human-beings. LONG LIVE AFRICA AND WORLD IN GENERAL.

  17. the main thing here is that all this going on is not the best.I am a Nigerian and will remain a nigerian till i die.let me tell the whole world this:if any thing like ‘Nigeria must go’happens in ghana,ghana will crumble downs to a piece of crumb such as cameroon or other african countries.let me tell you-ghana’s economy is not booming but is just at optimum(enough for their citizens.nigerians produce a large per capital income compared to any other country in africa but it is not evident in our system due to the problem i am about to share to the whole world.Nigeria’s economy WAS at a boom as at 1977.then we (nigeria)hosted this particular time all countries of africa brought to nigeria all their masquerades which people never knew that that at that particular event, there was a release of demons in accordance with their country’s problem.that is why as soon as the festac was over nigeria experienced a rapid diminish of economy.that was our problem not the bad leaders.because if you notice,at those particular time of economy boom,the military why operated the most corrupt leadership system where in power but it still never affected our great nigeria from moving much more these days where the people have a right to question the government.a country like ghana are just experiencing a balaced economy as it suppose to.but i can say this to the whole world…”the generation of nigerians who will take nigeria to the worlds power has been given birth to.”……..ghana’s achievement now does not play any role.In 7 years to come,ghana will be regconised in the world because God will give nigeria the grace to set them there as we nigerians will be the best.I have seen this.there are some things i cannot disclose to every body about the prophecy about nigeria but if you really want to know you can mail me on [email protected]….our pastor,pastor chingtok ishaku realy gave a comprehensive teaching on the future nigeria.but all this talk on good universities etc does not bother me because it doesn’t affect the glory that nigeria is preparing for.sincerely i can boldly say that the person that POSTED THAT LEGON UNIVERSITY HAVE THE LARGEST AREA is a liar because a university like the one i school in i.e AHMADU BELLO UNIVERSITY which is the largest in africa can be sincerely compared to the whole of ACCRA in land area.research and see the validity of this statement then you mail me.nigeria is just a country to be envied. i can really imagine the stigmatization that nigerians in ghana face from their counterpart ghanians due to the fact that they are the citizens of the GIANT OF AFRICA.i am a student of mechanical engineering.AND MY ONLY ADVICE TO GHANIAN GOVERNMENT IS THAT THEY SHOULD EITHER PROPOSE AND HAVE A GOOD RELATIONSHIP WITH NIGERIA OR THEY PREPARE FOR THE SHOCKER OF HAVING ALL THIER SYSTEM FAILING WITHING A SHORT PERIOD DUE TO THE RELOCATION OF NIGERINAS TO THEIR COUNTRY DUE TO THE RAPID GROWTH…TO ALL NIGERIAN:STOP TO RIDICULE AND DOWNGRADE THE LESS PRIVILEGED GHANIANS AND……..CHEERS FOR A GREATER NIGERIA.

    • I studied world history in Germany so i would say i know much about nigerian history. One question please, is Nigeria so great a Country from it´s birth as you People Claim it to be or because of it´s oil?.Let me tell you something – we all know that the west loves and depends on oil more than anything in the world,- it lubricates their industrial machines and everything that drives their economy and makes their currency go high and high and high.Nigeria in the eyes of the White man was nothing than any other african Country where the can capture slaves to build their Country untill they found oil. Mind you, it wasn´t a Nigerian who discovered your oil- it was the Whiteman who came all the way from his continent to find it for you, and because of that they made your Country Sound “great”. Iran and Iraq has much more oil in their reserves than Nigeria but they are very cool. It´s your oil and not the People of Nigeria. Besides all your oil look at the size of your ( G D P) and compare that with south africa´s which has no oil and then compare the Beauty of those two countries- even upon all the oil Nigeria has, Abuja can never compare it´s self with Cairo or Nairobi. Nigeria is even the 13th biggest Country in africa. Why the arrogance?

  18. naija tell u what,apart from yr money and town beauty,what are u on top of us.and oh! Have u realise u are among the world most dangerious countries.

  19. infact no one hates nigerians,but ghana dominates u in bcos of yr attitude,hahaha! everywhere is boko boko haram.oh! What a pity.

  20. Ghana is a growing population but a small country compared to Nigeria . I have been from Aflao to Bokina in Ghana, Cape coast and indeed the whole of Ghana.
    The people are law abiding but that does not make Ghana a greater country than.

    Things have gone wrong in Nigeria but it’s economy is far still stronger than that of Ghana, if not Nearly all African counties.
    Smart and very innovative people, very creative and determined to get to the top no matter how impossible the task may seen.

    The problem which put Nigeria in its present state was caused by Britain and America and some leading nations in Europe . In this light, Nigerian masses have not helped the situation as they have the strength in number to force the government towards the right direction.
    Nigeria most adopte its original constitution to make the nation a better one, we are not a federation. But a confederate state, which allows all states to develop at its own strength and raw resources at its geographical endowment . The story goes on and on.

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