Google Analytics (offline?)

I signed up for Google Analytics on Tuesday after Kayode told me about how good the free tool from Google is. I copied the javascript code from the site, and used it on one of my websites.

It took quite some time for Google Analytics to ‘recognise’ the website, even after I had used the code. After it finally ‘recognised’ the site, there was this consistent notice about Google Analytics gathering and analysing the information for the web traffic statistics. Even as at this morning, same awful result though Kayode told me the analysis was done in real-time.

I logged-in this afternoon, and I am re-directed to Google homepage,
I have tried three times now, with the same result.

Any one experiencing the same thing? Leave your comment.

I read this afternoon on that Google was already over-whelmed with the excessive traffic that has been generated since the service became free-of-charge.

The headline by PCWorld reads: “Google Analytics Struggles With Popularity”
This is an excerpt from the article:

The demand for Google Analytics was much higher than we expected. The service is now completely restored and full service is available to everyone,” a Google spokesperson wrote via e-mail when asked for comment on Wednesday.

That Google fumbled the launch of this service is hard to believe, given the company’s profile and resources, Extreme Software’s Kawira said. “They should have known they were going to have a huge amount of people sign up,” he said.

Despite the subpar performance of the service so far, Kawira isn’t ready to give up on it. “I’m definitely going to stick with it because I’m confident they will iron it out,” he said.

In the meantime, Google has been cleaning pie from its face. “Needless to say, the criticism of Google Analytics is not without merit–they flubbed the launch in a big way,” wrote Jupiter Research analyst Eric Peterson in a posting on the company’s official analyst blog.

Hmmnnn… Mr Google Analytics, please stop fumbling… :s

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