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Internet traffic is not only growing in Africa but is increasingly becoming localized, albeit, slowly. With South Africa leading the trail, more international content providers like Facebook, Google etc are bringing content closer to the end-users by peering directly with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) on the African continent.


NAPAfrica Johannesburg is notable for carrying the highest volume of IP traffic as well as the highest number of peering ASNs. With about 430 public ASNs, it is currently among the top 10 IXPs in the world.

top 10
A screenshot from bgp.he.net showing NAPAfrica IX Johannesburg as one of the top 10 IXPs in the world, in terms of members.

The community-owned and driven Johannesburg Internet Exchange is notable for being the oldest active IXP in Africa and is holding its own in terms of membership and traffic.

Internet Society actively supports activities that promote local peering in Africa


In West Africa, Internet eXchange Point of Nigeria (IXPN Lagos), is by far the largest, in terms of membership and traffic. Considering Nigeria’s population, this isn’t much of a surprise and one can venture to say it has a lot of room for growth as more residents of Nigeria get online.


Kenya Internet Exchange Point – Nairobi (KIXP) only reflects the reality that Nairobi is the economic and tech engine room of East Africa, by its being the biggest IXP in that subregion.


Northern Africa has had much fortune in terms of IXPs. Not only are the number of IXPs in that region disproportionately low relative their population, but the volume of local traffic exchanged is also painfully low. This may be attributed to their geographic proximity to Europe, thus relying on European providers for content hosting.


IXPCountryCityMembersTraffic (Gbps)Launched
Angola-IXP (ANG-IXP)AngolaLuanda91.62006
Angonix (Angonix)AngolaLuanda24182015
Benin IX (BENIN-IX)BeninCotonou655.42013
Botswana Internet Exchange (BIXP)BotswanaGaborone1412005
Burkina Faso Internet Exchange Point (BFIX)Burkina FasoOuagadougou124.482015
Burundi National Internet Exchange Point (BDIXP)BurundiBujumbura80.012017
Cote d’Ivoire Internet Exchange Point (CIVIX)Cote d’IvoireAbidjan80.422013
Kinshasa Internet eXchange point (KINIX)Democratic Republic of CongoKinshasa917.022012
Djibouti Internet Exchange (DjIX)DjiboutiDjibouti112.442016
Cairo IX (CAIX)EgyptCairo65.182002
Gabon Internet Exchange Point (GAB-IX)GabonLibreville1016.882014
Serekunda Internet Exchange Point (SIXP)GambiaSerekunda70.52014
Ghana Internet Exchange Association (GIXA)GhanaAccra26522005
Le Point d’Echange Internet de la Guinée (IXP-GUINEE)GuineeConakry70.142020
Kenya Internet Exchange Point – Mombasa (KIXP – MSA)KenyaMombasa80.012014
Kenya Internet Exchange Point – Nairobi (KIXP)KenyaNairobi5817.992002
Lesotho Internet Exchange Point (LIXP)LesothoMaseru02011
Liberia Internet Exchange Point (LIXP)LiberiaMonrovia42015
Madagascar Global Internet eXchange (MGIX)MadagascarAntananarivo92016
Malawi Internet Exchange (MIX)MalawiBlantyre60.012008
Mauritius Internet Exchange Point (MIXP)MauritiusEbene160.852008
Mozambique Internet Exchange (MOZIX)MozambiqueMaputo151.52002
Internet eXchange Point Namibia (IXWHK)NamibiaWindhoek130.592014
IXPN AbujaNigeriaAbuja120.562011
Internet eXchange Point of Nigeria (IXPN Lagos)NigeriaLagos471552007
IXPN Port HarcourtNigeriaPort Harcourt40.042012
IXPN KanoNigeriaKano40.042012
Congo Internet Exchange (CGIX)Republic of CongoBrazzaville70.012013
Rwanda Internet Exchange (RINEX)RwandaKigali151.72004
Senegal Internet Exchange (SENIX)SenegalDakar80.72017
Somalia Internet Exchange Point (SoIXP)SomaliaMogadishu60.022018
Cape Town Internet Exchange Point (CINX)South AfricaCape Town5813.11997
NAPAfrica IX Cape Town (NAPAfrica CT1)South AfricaCape Town205169.372012
Durban Internet Exchange Point (DINX)South AfricaDurban6917.92012
NAPAfrica IX Durban (NAPAfrica DB1)South AfricaDurban9712.82011
Johannesburg Internet Exchange Point (JINX)South AfricaJohannesburg10754.31996
NAPAfrica IX Johannesburg (NAPAfrica JB1)South AfricaJohannesburg42011302012
Sudan Internet Exchange Point (SIXP)SudanKhartoum70.012011
Arusha Internet Exchange Point (AIXP)TanzaniaArusha60.012006
Tanzania Internet Exchange (TIX)TanzaniaDar es Salaam428.012004
Mwanza Internet Exchange Point (MIXP)TanzaniaMwanza120.012016
Zanzibar Internet Exchange Point (ZIXP)TanzaniaZanzibar30.012018
Togo Internet Exchange Point (TGIX)TogoLome60.12017
Tunisia IXP Tunis (TunIXP)TunisiaTunis52011
Uganda Internet eXchange Point (UIXP)UgandaKampala2812.42001
Zambia Internet Exchange Point (ZIXP)ZambiaLusaka130.12006
Harare Internet Exchange Point (HIXP)ZimbabweHarare100.282017
IXPS in Africa


The African IXP Association (Af-IX) is an association of African Internet eXchange Points. It is a community-driven association serving African Internet exchange points and Internet service providers and the general IP community, including politicians, regulators, and other industry-related sectors. Its membership in Af-IX is free and open to all operators of Internet Exchange Points in Africa.

Internet Society

Internet Society actively supports events, outreach programmes and other activities that promote local peering in Africa. They recently released a report contrasting peering within Kenya and Nigeria respectively, between 2010 and 2020.

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