Enov8 Solutions Launches eVisit

Due to the new developments in businesses caused by the COVID 19 pandemic, businesses are now forced to embrace digital transformation faster than they anticipated by adopting innovative digital technologies, social distancing policies, remote working, data management systems, health and safety management and hygienic practices.

Enov8 Solutions limited, an African Information Technology company in Lagos, Nigeria; has over the years, provided transformative solutions to industries of all sizes across Africa. Through its innovative products and top-notch services, it has hugely influenced technological advancement in various business processes and operations, hence the launch of a new product- eVisit.

eVisit is an automated visitor management solution that allows you streamline the check-in process of visitors into your premises. It is built with Covid-19 health and safety features in mind such as touchless sign in and questionnaires to screen visitors.

“eVisit was built out of a passion to create a safe and secured environment for corporate businesses, and residential areas using data as an entry point to provide such services”, Richmond Ogigai, VP and CEO Enov8 Solutions stated.

With the continuous concern over the spread of Covid 19 which has slowed down business operations worldwide, Enov8 Solutions is offering workplaces, governmental and residential communities; an automated solution that pre-registers, screens, approve or disapprove visits, secure facilities, accounts for visitors entering and exiting facilities, and traces visitors in case of emergencies.  

“The question is, what happens when the tacky register gets filled-up or lost? Nothing! We felt that such data can be useful to track, trace, and analyze should the need arise or should there be an emergency that shows-up.” Richmond added.

eVisit is available for organizations seeking a more proactive way to contain the spread of the Covid 19 and enforce a safer and more secure workplace for staff, customers, and visitors.

About eVisit

eVisit is a cloud-based visitor management solution created to help corporate organizations and residences manage, track and monitor visitors on their premises. eVisit has its operations up and running as a secured visitor tracking and management solution for businesses and residential estates in Lagos, Nigeria, having improved the overall safety and security concerns in our client’s premises. www.evisit.com.ng

About Enov8 Solutions Limited

Enov8 Solutions is a leading African IT and Software Company based in Lagos Nigeria, offering innovative tech solutions to significant business challenges in all sectors. To learn more about Enov8 solutions, visit www.enov8solutions.com

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