1. Please, kindly let me know if you know any online/offline data entry job which I can be doing at home and being paid in Nigeria.

  2. You’re correct Cheque is the worst payment method. I wish Paypal is available to Nigerians.
    I hope to read the second part and the solution you’re going to provide. Some people now asks us to pay some amount to open a US Account – how far is this true?

  3. Nice post. The issue still remains that we profer solution to this problem. I wish you could spill the beans by making it as simple as ABC how a nigerian resident can open a US bank account. A lot of people are ripping desperate nigerians trying to survive by demanding fees for such information. Well, it is ok for the persons who give in. However, i still believ this information could be made relatively free to access. Why can’t we be our brother’s helper.

    I look forward to your next article on this issue.

    Do not forget to profer sound and realistic and verifiable solutions. The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.

    God bless.

  4. Wow,theres something i didnt know about opening up a US bank account,its a good blog too,i will keep my eyes open for your updates,it was very informative,thanks.

  5. i Make money online using the very popular Google Adsense program. i also tried Amazon affiliate program but i dont earn that much from amazon.

  6. “hello,
    This is about online payment.There is a massive change underway in the mobile media market as it becomes unshackled from the operators’ portals that have dominated it for a decade, all without having made any significant inroads into the content use of mobile users. The new capped data packages, fuelled by further competition, will see a total revamp of the mobile media market. It will no longer be based on portals but on direct services by content and services providers via open source phones and mobile-friendly Internet-based services. The next step is the continued emergence of m-commerce and in particular m-payment services. 


  7. The preferred method I would recommend is Paypal. Only thing is if you’re a good internet marketer and doing well, you’ll be required to either verify a bank account, which falls into the same issues as mentioned in the article, or verify through a third party. As with most freelance auction sites their preferred method is payment is always Paypal too.

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