Turbo-Charging your Media Agency with the Right Software

There is no gain-saying in the fact that marketing is pivotal to the success of every business. While there are various forms of marketing, automation when implemented properly goes a long way to improve the effectiveness of the said marketing.

While automation does not necessarily replace human oversight and intervention, it can be very helpful with managing basic repetitive tasks and/or measuring the progress and effectiveness of a business process.

In the advertising industry, for example, an advertising agency based in the USA can rely on relevant media buying software for finding the very best advertising slots relevant to the needs of their client. A task like this would have normally relied on extensive manual labour that is pegged on combing through spreadsheets and other sources of information.

One way a good media buying software can be very effective is including important industry information like Nielsen and Comscore ratings in the digital order process. This makes the buying process a lot more transparent while the buying client can get real value for money.

Even more important is the software that can embed a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) feature. It makes it easy and straight-forward to organize and manage the interaction of an agency with their current and potential clients. By entering the contact details and other important information about the client company into the CRM, the advertising agency take advantage of data analysis to improve their business relationship with their customers.

BluHorn is an excellent example of a comprehensive and capable media buying and planning software that is loaded with a lot of features. It covers the advertising industry including broadcast TV, cable TV, radio, outdoor or print and digital media.

In addition to CRM, BluHorn also offers many other features including

  • Marketplace – agencies can re-sell the available products and services available on the platform
  • Specialized Worksheets
  • Nielsen Integration – access to Neilsen data where the agency is subscribed to the service
  • Comscore Integration
  • Import Tool
  • Invoice Reconciliation
  • Traffic Management
  • Post-Buy
  • Dashboard
  • Campaigns
  • Client Database
  • Vendor Database
  • Rankers
  • Inventory Search
  • Team Settings
  • Agency Dynamic Calendar

Being a Software-as-a-Service (SAAS), BluHorn does not require any download nor installation. In addition to the costs savings, the user interface is accessible from just about any modern internet device that is capable of web browsing.

In summary, a modern media/advertising agency that wishes to keep thriving for a long time needs to innovate their internal process by making use of the best software for automating aspects of their business. BluHorn is one of the cost-effective ways to do so.

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Oluniyi D. Ajao
Oluniyi D. Ajao is an Internet Entrepreneur and Tech Enthusiast based in South Africa. Follow him on twitter @niyyie for more tech updates.

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