MTN Callertunez and Glo Mobile Blackberry

Telecom giant MTN is known across the continent as a big/smart player in the mobile telecommunications industry. They are very innovative and always at the front edge of introducing the latest technologies and value-added-services.

MTN introduced Caller Ring Back Tone (CRBT) in South Africa, and branded it “MTN CallerTunez”. The service basically allows your callers to hear a tune you have selected when they call, instead of the usual buzz sound, that is if you have opted for the service.

A fellow Nigerian blogger describes his first encounter with CRBT

But all said, what is the benefit of the Callertunez? I remember my first encounter with this VAS; I called a colleague using GLO and a Sunny Ade tune filled my ears early in the morning when I was prepared for work. I really did not know what to make of it but as the music continued singing, I started enjoying the tune before my colleague’s voice cut in. Oh was I mad, the stuff was cool but the interruption was not.

CRBT (however you choose to brand it) is a good innovation. Tigo was the first to introduce it here in Ghana but I have never opted for it. 10,000 cedis would be substantial since I hardly use the Tigo.

I have noticed that glo has been advertising on global news network, CNN. Glo’s ads are always classy and very professional. The ads though promoting glo, potrays Nigeria in very good light as well. The glo Blackberry ad I saw this morning on CNN was another such ad.

Glo has introduced Blackberry to Nigeria. Another first. The device would find tremendous use amongst the mobile professionals in Nigeria. The last time I checked glo’s website, information about pricing was not yet available. One can only hope that the service would not be too costly.

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Oluniyi D. Ajao
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