At the time of writing this piece, the total number of .ng domains that have been registered are less than a mere 1,500. Infact, the total number of .ng domains in the registry of the registrar, today January 13th 2007, is 1364.

The registration of .ng domains have witnessed a very low patronage among Nigerians, over the years. I am not about to go into all the reasons now but I am sharing an article I wrote titled:

5 Good Reasons why you should register a .ng domain name

It’s worth your time…


  1. Oyo State Government domain name expired and displaying Google Ads.

    It is commonplace for the different tiers of government and their institutions in Nigeria, to be using generic top-level domains, especially .com, .net and .org I find this completely un-acceptable. I am of the opinion that there should be a legislat…

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