Paypal expands to more African countries

Paypal has expanded even further in more countries in Africa, and other parts of the world. I have highlighted the African countries below:

The new markets that can now use PayPal to send money online include Albania, Algeria, Angola, Antigua and Barbuda, Armenia, Azerbaijan Republic, Belize, Benin Republic, Bhutan, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cambodia, Chad, Colombia, Comoros, Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Congo, Cook Islands, Djibouti, Dominica, El Salvador, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Faroe Islands, Gabon Republic, Gambia, Greenland, Grenada, Guatemala, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Guyana, Honduras, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kiribati, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Marshall Islands, Mauritania, Mauritius, Federated States of Micronesia, Mongolia, Morocco, Mozambique, Nauru, Nepal, Nicaragua, Niger, Niue, Norfolk Island, Oman, Palau, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Romania, Rwanda, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, San Marino, Sao Tome and Principe, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Suriname, Svalbard and Jan Mayen, Swaziland, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Turkmenistan, Tuvalu, Uganda, Vanuatu, Vatican City, Yemen and Zambia.

Good as it sounds, it is important to note that users in all the African countries covered by Paypal, can only send, but cannot receive money. They cannot receive payments online even if they are online merchants. This is far better than not being included at all as users in the countries can at least pay for online services or send money to other Paypal users via the Internet.

Nigeria, Egypt and Ghana are prominently missing. This might not be unconnected to the fact that these countries are considered high-risk due to the high level of credit card fraud originating from these countries. Nigeria is especially unpopular on eBay, (world’s number 1 auction website) for fraud. Also, there are no bank issuing credit/debit cards in Ghana. The debit cards issued by a few banks are basically ATM cards and cannot be spent online. This might have contributed to Ghana not being listed.

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Oluniyi D. Ajao
Oluniyi D. Ajao is an Internet Entrepreneur and Tech Enthusiast based in South Africa. Follow him on twitter @niyyie for more tech updates.


  1. PayPal Expands In Africa

    Expanding operations into more African nations means more e-commerce for local users. Since e-gold may be slowing down operations, the additional access to PayPal may be very helpful to many people in these countries.

  2. […] Oluniyi Ajao blogs about PayPal expanding into more African countries: “Good as it sounds, it is important to note that users in all the African countries covered by Paypal, can only send, but cannot receive money. They cannot receive payments online even if they are online merchants. This is far better than not being included at all as users in the countries can at least pay for online services or send money to other Paypal users via the Internet. Nigeria, Egypt and Ghana are prominently missing. This might not be unconnected to the fact that these countries are consider high-risk due to the high level of credit card fraud originating from these countries.” Share This […]

  3. […] Seems like Paypal is one of those “leapfrogging” technologies that could help entire regions skip the process of developing a banking infrastructure, which apparently takes about 200 years of war (judging from how the West has done it). Good as it sounds, it is important to note that users in all the African countries covered by Paypal, can only send, but cannot receive money. They cannot receive payments online even if they are online merchants. -Oluniyi David Ajao […]

  4. South Africans have been able to pay with Paypal for years, but there’s been no progress in being able to accept money. If there’s no sign of the most sophisticated banking environment in Africa being fully integrated, what hope for other African countries?

    Paypal may be useful, but it’s still a giant vacuum cleaner sucking money to Western banks, with nothing coming back this way.

  5. Each country has its own financial regulation and many people have given different reasons about why South Africans cannot receive money via Paypal. Some think it has to do with tax issues.

    I still insist though, that being able to send money (only) via paypal is better than not being able to open a paypal account at all.

    • We think Paypal wants to serve in all the countries they can but its the government that is rejecting paypal due to their internal issues, like taxes, fraud etc …

  6. I have registered for paypal but cant add my visa credit card. When I call the issuing bank in Kenya their records show there has not been a denied request.

    The paypal customer service is not helpful at all

    What should I do?

  7. I believe Ghana has fairly strict laws about moving money out of the country, which is why Europeans working there will occasionally be happy to give a European visitor Cedis in return for a transfer into their European bank account.

    I also seem to remember a friend from Sierra Leone once wanted to send money home from Ghana via Western Union but wasn’t allowed to.

    Of course there are ways/exceptions to the rule, but they involve a good amount of paperwork.

    That would explain why Ghana is not on PayPal’s list. If PayPal is not going to offer Africans a means to receive money and if PayPal can’t allow anybody to readily send money out of the country there’d be little use to the whole thing.

  8. Thomas, the concept you are attempting to explain is well-known to me, and is called “Capital Flight” in economic terms.

    I am aware that this may be a major factor deterring Paypal, but one cannot discount the role of fraud. Nigeria, Egypt and Ghana are both widely marked as “high-risk” because of the rather high number of fraudulent transactions originating from those countries.

  9. I bidded for a Calvin Klein for men on Ebay on on 15th or 16th of September 2007 when I was on Vacation in England. After winning I successfully registered my Mastercard issued by Intercontinental Bank PLC, a Nigerian Bank. The processes took me to but was declined registration by the Paypal. I used my card unhindered in UK Shop and ATMs. Now Ebay has since been sending reminder to my email. Please rather than denying Nigerians with good intention from partaking in e-commerce bussinesses some measures should be put inplace to enable issuing banks in Nigeria authenticate users’ elegibility>

  10. I wasn’t aware of the term capital flight, but surely if it is as cumbersome to get permission to send money out of Ghana via a bank as suggested and it’s not possible at all by Western Union, then PayPal simply cannot allow people to do so as they are effectively prevented to do so by law.

    Why they don’t allow it for any African country is another matter, though.

    PS: Thanks for responding. Would be great, though, if you could generally email it as well, I’ve only come across your response by chance!

  11. Not the first Ian, another one!

    Personally I am not going to utilise PayPal on a one way operation. Either they can treat us in Africa as equals or they can take a hike. I’d rather engage in barter, or find someone reputable who accepts payment by normal credit card transactions – not at all difficult.

    Still, this is not an uncommon attitude to Africa from the northern hemisphere, but at the same time I have often wondered if this is not due to some blocking by the local banks who see their heavy fees for forex transactions under threat.


  12. Well, to those people who are lamenting about not being able to use paypal should try and find a smart way to use PayPal. Maybe they can start by opening up an offshore bank account which they can use to receive money and then transfer the funds into their local accounts. for instance, to operate a PayPal account in UK you need a bank account. For those of us who have Barclays in their countries this is even easier since they just need to be transferring money direct from Barclays UK, the offshore account. Go to this website and open an offshore account. . Remember, the Know Your Customer Rules in this case are stricter than usual. The charges may also be prohibitive, at around 10 pounds per month.

    Perhaps thats the best way us Africans can use PayPal, or we can wait until that time PayPal decide its worthwhile to expand into Africa. I choose the former.

  13. I beg to differ with you James.

    I have used Paypal for some time now and know perfectly well how difficult it can be to use Paypal from outside a country where Paypal’s services are not available. If you use your Paypal account from Nigeria and they have any reason to suspect fraud, they would ‘freeze’ the account and any funds in it until you are able to produce valid documentation regarding all the name, credit card information, bank accounts address etc that you used in opening the paypal account. So readers beware.

  14. David,

    Its possible that you will be caught if you use your traditional email address, especially one that you had specified on the drop-down list of countries an African country as your country of origin.

    The trick is you open a new email account and specify that your country is, for instance Britain and make sure you have an account with a British Bank. I recommend Barclays, HSBC and Lyoids TSB. Moral questions will of course arise (lying that you are British) but I believe in this case it is justifiable, PayPal has given us little choice. I believe that way you will be in a position to use PayPal unfettered. Its a tried and tested method really.

  15. I have some prospective customers from Algeria who want to buy from me, but they keep saying that PayPal doesn’t work for them despite the fact that their country is listed as one of PayPal’s accepted countries. Does anyone know what the problem is?

    • The problem is the regulation in Algeria , we can receive the most popular currency in the world such $ or euro ,, ext but we can’t send these currency out of the country unless you’re traveling or you have your own import export company , that’s because our money is not accepted worldwide as a currency to pay debts , so the govt would try to keep any $ or euro that enter the country in the banks to use it later for importation

  16. hallo people,
    i just came across this blog and i think its great.james, i think your idea is great for the serious people.i would advice eric to use the virtual visa credit card for one time transactions or for site has worked perfectly for me.paypal is still miles away from totally embracing africa with all the fraud history trailing us.however, the future is very bright and better opportunities will open up.lets keep up the great African spirit with us…………..

  17. People for me paypal is scam. They are in fact one of the biggest scam operations in the world. I have had personal experience with them and i also advise you stay away from them even if you are not african. YES. conduct your research and see that alot of companies around the world would not accept paypal if the money is reasonable. that is because they don’t want to risk losing it.

    I think we as africans have to start working things out for our selves. why cant we have our own paypal? maybe call it or something. I understand it’s challenging but we can do it and 4get paypal completely. they need us more than we need them though, so make paypal go sit down.

    one day nigger go get their own kindda paypal and we can’t be shut out from the legit internet money making opportunities.

  18. well said, but the problem is, when u get paypal Nigeria or a Nigerian alternative, who will accept it, how will it be welcomed by the rest of the world being that most merchants are non Nigerians and also Nigeria reputation is very poor!
    I think e-currencies like e-gold and Liberty Reserve are other alternatives.

  19. Well they better change their mind.

    I have been using a Visa Gold Card from GT Bank in Ghana for months now. As at last year, many Banks like EcobANK and CAL Bank had been offering Credit Crads and we have been using this card on every website you can name

    This is because almost all these countries are French speaking countries and it makes no sense for these unfocused guys to take such a step because they stand a chance of getting more customers in these 2 countries – Nigeria and Ghana as compared to putting all these African Countries together

  20. I want to open paypal account and do online business from Nigeria. But paypal does not work in Nigeria. Please help me by giving me there website. And if there any online business please do inform me. Earnestly waiting for your response. Thanks.

  21. “Online purchases with credit cards are no longer secure, You don’t know who steals your information and especially when you are buying services, you always have that uneasy feeling of getting charged again and again. But with my work and tight schedules I sure do need a virtual assistant, it didn’t matter where she worked from but the biggest issue was paying her.My search ended when I found Gabrielle on Virtualservicespark. She was the best. I paid only for the services I needed, so there was no worry of being charged over and over agian. Also this is one service provide that accepted payments through paypal and I didn’t even have to reveal my credit card info to them. I could buy the hours from the wide range of services they offer online.
    Anyone look for excellent support, timely deliver & above all best security. If you are one like me then go visit”

  22. is there anyone who really knows how one can get a verified paypal account here?cos some people are claiming to know but are not willing to share that information.

  23. Why hasn’t paypal extended to GHANA.

  24. it is not true thaat no bank in ghana is given credit cards. the ghana commercial bank is offering mastercard and ghana is also on patalert. the paypal management should know that the three countries not listed are those who are more into trading on the internet and they are also economically high compared to most of the countries listed in the paypal countries. its a pity though! 😥

  25. recently lots of nigerians has been able to operate a paypal account, the only problem that they are having is the ip problem which solutions as been recently found, hope it will remain so

  26. Thanks for the very insightful information that you have posted on your blog. If we cannot receive payment via paypal in Africa, what other alternative is there to use? Are there any other money transferring services that one can use to receive payment via the internet? I’d appreciate a response from you.

    Keep up the good work.



  27. Hello dearv mr Oluniyi David Ajao ,
    I am lateef from nigeria,please sir,i will like to open a paypal account and verify it,please lead me through. THANKS

  28. Felix,

    If you wish to add funds using your bank account kindly confirm the bank account to set up the direct debit then in a few days your bank will receive 2 small deposits from PayPal (PayPal expense) that will help you confirm the bank. Then after the confirmation you will be able to add funds (not really sure about the time frame ‘depends where you’re from’) e.g. UK 7 to 9 working days. The funds will be showing in your PayPal balance after the transfer. Now, you can send the money through the send money tab in PayPal’s website. You can still send money even without a balance in your PayPal account just by adding a card (debit or credit card) as long as the billing address matches the postal address in your PayPal account.

    Unverified account has certain limits, if you fully verified your account this limits will be lifted. e.g UK account unverified=£1000.00 sending limit, now if you will verify your account it will show unlimited.

    Please do refer to the PayPal’s website for more information.

    Thanks David for the space 🙂

    • Hello ! Chris

      As a reply to your comment do you think it is possible for someone in nigeria or Africa to pay by Paypal using a british checking account.Have you tested paypal payments in Nigeria or Africa using a verified paypal account using british account ?

  29. One more thing guys if you are planning to sell items on eBay or in your website please be careful of the roaming emails that says it is from PayPal/eBay asking you to ship out the item and eventually you will receive the payment in your PayPal account is a SCAM.

    *Please remember

    Do not ship out the item until you see the payment in your PayPal balance

  30. Its such a shame that paypal does not function in some countries in Africa mainly due to fraud. But I don’t think its mainly due to fraud. Lack of international credit card issue in these countries can be the main point. If so, then very soon there is a hope that paypal will extend to these countries.

    And in working with paypal, you need to receive payment notification from paypal before you take action. And then buy from secure sites

    • I beg to differ with you Michael and fraud and credit cards. How many credit cards are issue in Niger, The Gambia, Togo etc yet Paypal is available to residents of those countries albeit on a send-only basis? I believe fraud pays a more important role about their lack of presence in Nigeria.

  31. I never knew paypal was very wack like that, really am disappointed in them. who said there no scammers in America and Canada> fellow african dont mind them. For your informaton there are so many money making scam sites from Canada and America using paypal, therefore paypal itself is fruad based, Fellow ghanaians, please go to Ecobank, calbank or GT bank in Accra and get an account, THey issue Visa and master cards and do your transactions calmly rather than these pay pal people.

  32. I oned a paypal account while in the US but when icame back 3 months later it was made limited apparently because the service is not fully operational in Uganda. I found this odd considering that the account is linked to a US account. Maybe its time to find a different service or simply use my card considering that the limited status doesnt help much. Paypal is for online transactions which doesnt make sense if we cant receive money or buy on ebay.

  33. I tried to fill a claim on something I did not received, when I did it in the 45 days frame the system told me the claim was not valid becuase it was an overseas transaction, and that overseas deliveries take longer so I should keep waiting, now more than 2 months have pass and there are telling me I lost my money becuase I did not fill the claim on time!!!!! it really sucks!!!!

  34. You talk about ghana involving in credit card fraud and others.
    I leaves in ghana and i steal vcc,papal,LR account online. Yes, do you know what made me to do this? i wanted to register for a university online in 2005 and only got to realised that because i’m from ghana, i can’t! why? i had no bad intentions at that time. just an innocent guy who is trying to get himself educated. well, now, i decided to pay the world for the evils that they are doing to ghanaians and africans as a whole. They came here and used our things,taken our people way and built their nation out of the sweat of africans. Yet they think we are criminals. if we are criminals, who cause as to be criminals? I have over 100,000 bots on the net. yes! and i want paypal and co to know that THEY CAN NEVER STOP THE REVOLUTION!. it will continue as long as the western whole thing we are monkeys and fools who can be exploited. let them know what no matter what they do a real hacker will buy what ever he wish to buy online! yes i buy everything i need online. i use paypal,ebay and others!. there are many ways to hide your ip address. lol. many ways and you can surf the net without anyone knowing that you are from africa or ghana. I buy everything online and i ship to ghana with ease! do you know how? there are many hackers in the western world than the foolish paypal and ebay thought!. just get a hacker friend online. sell the vcc the you get to him at a cheap price and let him buy thing online for you and ship them to you. Why do you lie that there are many credit card fraud in ghana? are they more than what is is going on in america? ah? paypal tell me! are they trying to say that the credit card fraud in ghana is more than in america,uk,germany,Russia and others? i have so many friends online who are hackers. They leave in this western countries. i have not yet met anyone from africa or ghana yet. They say credit card fraud. Most of these frauds originating from ghana has nothing to do with stealing credit card info. if you are a foolish white who decided to give your vcc details to a ghanaian because you feel you foolishly fall in love, have yourself to be blame. For some of us we will continue to let the western world know that we are not fools. Nothing has happened yet. by the time all those scammer whore stay in the cafe looking for foolish white men to fraud as lovers has turn into real hackers, who steal data with Trojan,bots and shits then the world will know that you can’t eat your cake and have it back. One word to my friends who stays in the cafe looking for peofrauple to d I,T IS TIME YOU GET OUT THERE! LEARN SOME COMPUTER PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE AND START THE REAL SHIT!!. KEEP THE FIRE BURNING!

  35. Hi everyone? I’ve been writing some very good articles and i also have some cool designs i was planning to sell online.paypal was part of my plan.what can i do now,any alternatives? Is it possible to receive money in kenya via M-PESA services now that its linked wit the Uk? Pliz help,thanx

  36. what the f**k, i don’t need that f**king paypal services if i can’t receive my f**king money , i can send money is YES, but receive money is big NO ????? so i must say thats a big f**king racism

    paypal = bullshit

  37. Just won a bid on ebay. The seller requests pay pal as the mode of payment. How do I pay to get the item without pay pal account?

  38. Welcome to Paypal workld, someone sent me money and I almost failed to retreive. Had to do a 5$ call to their customer service to have it returned to the person’s account coz mine was limited! Am now happier doing business with Amazon, better products too

  39. @ Ronald Lumumba I would tell them to use a different method otherwise you ll have the battle of retreiving the money after its been sent to ur paypal

  40. Took me a long time to get here. I wonder how many people will read my response to this post-a post 3 years old.
    Yes, I agree with Blo0dnight. Hacking is an alternative to this limitation, a limitation which is simply a result of our geographical location.
    And, Blo0dnight, if u ever come back to this post I’d like you to contact me at [email protected]

  41. I tried to add a bank account to my pay pal account but with no success, it says Bank Accounts isn’t available ,PayPal doesn’t offer this feature at this time. I dont have a credit card. What should i do as i want to make some purchases on line.

  42. Repost

    We all know PayPal started operating in South Africa just a few months ago, during the World cup. Well, it appears now that PayPal has added Kenya to the list of countries whose residents that can receive and send money using PayPal, the second African country on the said list. The site does not support local withdrawals as yet, and customers hoping to use it must add a US bank account to make withdrawals. Apparently the company is negotiating with a local bank to support local withdrawals in the near future, but I bet many Kenyan eCommerce entrepreneurs would rather have money lying in their PP accounts than in a potential client’s pocket (to be withdrawn at a future date). We all hope this signals a change in attitude by PayPal towards Africa, and that more countries will be added to that list in the future.

  43. PayPal does not solve the problem in Africa then. Globally it is now recognized that it is very easy to make online today than never before but if one cannot get the money he/she has accumulated, it sort of looses sense. Africa has a lot of economic market and labour potential that the west has chosen to underestimate and this is such a case.
    why Africa?

  44. It wont help even if u open an account in a different country. I had a bank of America account and was able to use it with my paypal in the US and also for the first few months when i came back to Uganda. Soon after my account was made limited because they detected that my IP address was in Uganda

  45. David,i don’t agree with you that there is no Bank issuing a Debit or Credit Card in Ghana.Here in Ghana there are several Banks that issue Credit Cards even Master Card, for example GT BANK GH issues a Credit Card that you can use to pay or receive money online for anything of which i have one.The same applies to Ghana Commercial Bank that now issues a Master Card.

    This paypal issues concerning African Countries is causing us a lot of problems especially Internet Marketers like me.I use my Credit in opening a paypal account although the account was routed to Togo while i was in Ghana and paypal also verifies my card through their verification process by sending me a code which you can only see through your Bank statement.You will be charged a small amount by paypal but you will be refunded the money back once you are able to get the code and confirm it inside your paypal account.

    I did all these but still my paypal account is placed on a limited status which means i can’t send or receive money.I contacted paypal about this problem and all they did was to finally close my account and send an email that it is because of security reasons.

    This is very frustrating as there are a lot of offers online that does not accept any other form of payment apart from paypal.Who will let this company paypal know what they are loosing in this part of the world by not allowing us use their services.

    Any online marketer from this part of the world knows what i am about.Hey folks i am about to launch my BLOG in a few weeks from now,i will post the link here for all of you to have a look at it.

    David thanks for your good work,you are doing a very good job keep it up.


  46. kato, really?? then i need to get in touch with you. i’ve failed to use paypal and i’ve lost many international opportunities. could you pliz email me? i live in kampala

  47. there are banks in ghana issuing credit cards..zenith bank is one! I have a credit card and wana buy online but i have to pay through i cant pay cuz paypal doesnt operate in ghana..what shall we do brethren?!

  48. Hi there,
    i am living in sri lanka.I was trying to add an bank account to paypal,it’s coming as this feature is not available,why is that?i do not have credit card and my Hsbc debit card is not getting recognized..Gosh i’m getting really tired of this.i open the paypal account twice and i closed the account because of this issue..If i open it again and choose my country as U.S will i be able to connect with Sri lankan Hsbc bank account?

  49. Will do us a lot of good if eBay could allow for another means of payment, specifically Electronic Bank transfer. Cos, it is the account holder alone who has authority to make payments and transfers from his/her account. This way eBay can be sure that credit card and debit card fraud is eliminated. Consequently, the merchant will also have to confirm receipt of the funds before shipping

  50. well well, what kind of business here am so confused, means credit card is the card i used to my bank account (ATM card)Akiba comercial Bank or are special card given from somekind of bank? plz brother help me to know what kind of business i started, i joined but i didnt put the credit card

  51. Maybe if we Africans just shut the f-ck up and called ourselves together to sponsor a few programmers with plans and focus to create our own online payment processing platform we wouldn’t be here kissing the white man’s behind! Think people, think… It’s time to change. You need to know the ‘behind the scene story’ of the so called Almighty Paypal…. Read! Don’t hate on ’em, they are experienced that’s all.

  52. Hi David,
    Regarding ghana financial institutions not having debit/credit cards. Now there are as many as three banks that issue debit cards and bank issues a credit card. They are Ecobank, Zenith Bank and GT Bank. I have been using debit cards from Ecobank and Zenith bank for about two years now. So please update this article and if possible inform paypal that Ghana is ready for their services.

  53. PayPal users in the following African countries can now receive money.
    Malawi, Algeria, Mozambique, Lesotho, Morocco,Botswana and Seychelles. Whats even better for them (unlike those from South Africa and Kenya) is that they can withdraw directly to a debit card which is a faster way of withdrawing. In Kenya for instance, you have to withdraw to a US bank account , which very few people have, and if you have it, it takes 3-4 days to withdraw it. I now so much envy guys from all these other countries that can withdraw using a credit card.

  54. Hi hop everything is ok,my visa cad has expired,but I want to pay someone maoney,kindly how will I pay that person by using paypal or shouldI contact my bank for more detail!

  55. Excellent post and I am glad to see there is so much additional information to be found in the comments. I am currently attempting to work with a Ugandan writer via Paypal or any other service that will allow me to transfer funds to her account..From what I have read here it seems like Paypal is still a no go even today when it comes to sending money TO Uganda. My bank tells me it will cost $40 per wire transfer, anybody have any idea how I can possibly get money over there?

  56. For the information to the public,ghana has some banks here which issues international visa and master cards(most of them which are debit/prepaid cards).i have 1 visa card from zenith bank ghana which i use often to shop online at amazon.I just bought some items on there few moment ago and what is this blog talking about no bank in bank issues visa and master cards.

  57. africa is a continent, and not a country, not becasue there is some fraudent people from africa, that no african can use paypall, i know that there is more fraud in europe and american than in African those f**kers are robberies, i hope nobody uses paypall from africa just to send money and not receive, racist banking system.

  58. iam a ugandan leaving in canada,iam currently helping people in uganda receive money with my canadian verified paypal account,i buy and sell sturf on ebay using my account and anyone in east africa who has account limited issues or for whatever reason cannot complete a paypal transaction,i can help,if you want more information just email me..

  59. Hi hope your fine i havent got the charleng but i wanna no how i can deposit and withdrow in Uganda which bank because i opened ma paypal in Uganda like brother Kato said in his coment that he has no problem with paypal account thanx i hove a visa account with k.c.b thanx if you help me to use my paypal accont to by products out of ma country throgh onlin here ma conterct thanx God bless you Shallom.

  60. I have opened a paypal account but I could not found my country on drop down menu, will it affect the use off Corse to send money as I am in Africa, it only give me an option to chose the US states, I have chosen but I am afraid if it will course problem on delivery address when purchase on ebay.

  61. Hi, thanks for the article. Correction though: Ghana does have banks that issue debit cards, you just have to request such a card for online purchases. Ecobank for example, does this. Also, there a Reuters article online that cites Nigeria as one of the countries for Paypal expansion….

  62. I am living in Ethiopia and create a new paypal account but can’t login. Really my email and password are correct what is the problem tell me now please ?

  63. […] Burkina Faso, Algeria, Tunisia and Benin Republic amongst others have been using the Paypal service for over eight years. Nigeria was the most recent African country to join the list in […]

  64. […] Burkina Faso, Algeria, Tunisia and Benin Republic amongst others have been using the Paypal service for over eight years. Nigeria was the most recent African country to join the list in […]

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