Problems with credit/debit cards issued in Nigeria

On the 15th of October 2004, Ecobank Nigeria Plc made history when it launched the first ever internationally accepted credit card in Nigeria – the Ecobank MasterCard. With the launch of the Ecobank MasterCard, Ecobank availed Nigerians the benefits and privileges of a convenient international payment card for online and offline financial transactions. The challenges hitherto faced by Nigerians in making payments via the Internet or withdrawing cash abroad were set to become a thing of the past.

Zenith Bank Gold MastercardSeveral leading banks in Nigeria have since followed the steps of Ecobank, issuing international Mastercard and/or Visa card products.These banks include: UBA Plc, Zenith Bank Plc, Guaranty Trust Bank Plc, First Bank of Nigeria, Access Bank Plc, Intercontinental Bank Plc.

There are several problems with these cards however:

1. Acquisition: Obtaining a credit card from any responsible financial institution should necessarily be rigorous but not to the extent of discouraging the customer. Expect a Nigerian bank to ask for several documents since there is no national database of Nigerian residents that can be used to verify the identity and credit-worthiness of a potential customer. Photo IDs, reference letters, utility bills, bank statements, pay slips (for salary earners), company registration documents (for corporate customers) are among the documents the banks will ask for. Fair enough, a know-your-customer policy needs to be implemented in strict terms to guard against money laundering or any other financial crimes but the sad truth is that not every genuine customer can provide all the necessary documents. Thus, a federal database with every resident easily traceable using an ID number would have reduced the red-tapes.

2. Acceptability: This for me, is the most important issue here. Theoretically, Mastercard/Visa cards issued in Nigeria are acceptable anywhere in the world where there are internationally-linked Mastercard/Visa ATMs, POS terminals or websites powered by payment processors that accept international cards. However, this is not always the case. The terrible reputation Nigeria has on the Internet in terms of fraudulent financial transactions, has seen to it that the word “Nigeria” draws red-flags. To be on the safe side, many internet merchants decline transactions involving a credit/debit card issued in Nigeria [yours truly included], and a Nigerian billing or shipping address. There are also reports of some ATMs in the UK rejecting rejecting cards issued by Nigerian financial institutions – I am unable to verify these claims independently. All these have virtually made such cards mere objects of decoration for the wallets of their holders. Of what use is a card that will be rejected on the Internet?

3. Convenience: To obtain a Mastercard from many of the banks in Nigeria, you need a domiciliary account (essentially a foreign currency account denominated in US Dollars, British Pounds or Euro). The card is not directly linked to the domiciliary account and you would still need to transfer funds to the card to make payments online. This extra hurdle is not necessary in my view and only creates an extra inconvenience.

4. Fees: The best example to illustrate this point is to look at the entry fees for the FirstBank Mastercard. The card has a minimum credit limit of $500 and a maximum limit of $10,000 – limits are in multiples of $500, the card is secured by a 125% cash collateral! 🙂 and the customer must provide a minimum deposit of $625 to obtain the card, amongst other requirements. Source: First Bank of Nigeria website. Many of the banks also charge their customers varying monthly/annual fees.

Many of the cards issued in Nigeria are inadvertently labelled secured credit cards or prepaid credit cards whereas the best description for such cards would have been: debit cards. Most of the card products in Nigeria are backed by cash! There are real credit cards though. I know Ecobank and Access Bank issue real credit cards that are not backed by cash but these are only feasible for traceable salary-earners or high net worth business owners.

There is no better way to conclude this blog post than to reproduce the reply of Propre on Nairaland: Re: To Get Legitimate Credit Cards in Nigeria « #3 on: September 27, 2005, 09:19 AM »

Obtaining a credit card in Nigeria is one thing, being able to use the card on the internet is another – for a credit card merchant to accept your card as a form of payment and deliver your goods/services as ordered requires trust; the knowledge or peace of mind that the transaction wouldn’t be charged back.

Nigeria has lost credibility, a browse on eBay will show that Nigerians in Nigeria are specifically being excluded from bidding for fear of fraud, 90% of online merchant wouldn’t sell to Nigerians with a Nigeria address or shipped to Nigeria.

It is nice and a good thing that credit card are now being issued in Nigeria; this is a welcome development, however a lot need to be done by the card issuers in Nigeria and the government in PR to try and redeem Nigeria image domestically and in the international arena before credit card issued in Nigeria on a Nigerian address can be widely accepted by online merchant.

What are your thoughts on this issue? Do you hold a card issued by a Nigerian bank? Have you experienced any problems with using it? Share your opinion by posting your comment.

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Oluniyi D. Ajao
Oluniyi D. Ajao is an Internet Entrepreneur and Tech Enthusiast based in South Africa. Follow him on twitter @niyyie for more tech updates.


  1. In some ways I think that all these technologies and opportunities being introduced in nigeria whilst an attempt to bring us to par with other nations in the western world, have not taken into considerations the current state of affairs.

    Yes, you want to buy something online. They have agreed to ship it to you in Nigeria. How does your mailing system work? What about getting the item into the countryn the first place?

    Rather than see how those who use the internet fraud can be targeted and possibly reformed into a workforce for inter-online (if such a word can be used) services, trade and business, we ignore their existence and imagine that with each new introduction they leave us a alone? Not going to happen.

    Still, I do applaud any attempt at all to make a change.

  2. Well, you can say this again…it seems easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a naija card to be accepted….

    Honestly the frustration is much…do we all have to go abroad and open cards over there before we are accepted in the world…what a mere 21 year old american will get service for we would have to keep sending our passports, pictures, IDs andd all manner of personal information?

    I think those issuing those cards need to do something about them because they are USELESS if not ACCEPTABLE seemlessly worldwide!
    God will help us chikenan!!!

  3. It is appauling to see that the Nigerian Financial Departments do not see the havoc this is causing on our reputation.

    I’m not suprised at the attitude though, Why wouldn’t a wealthy business man in the financial department in Nigeria ignore this issue when he probably has 4 kids overseas who have more than three credit cards to their name and he as well could get anything he wants off the internet because he probably owns a residence overseas and credit cards to shop with.

    It’s simple….as long as those in charge are comfortable, they couldn’t be bothered about those who are not priviledged to do the things they can overseas.

    First things first…we all know the criteria on the issuing of credits to the people…why can’t we enforce that first before launching the so called credit cards?

    What happened to proper identification of Nigerians?

    We should enforce security before thinking about what we cannot handle.

    Don’t forget we are just a mere third world country and as such should learn from those that were in our shoes before they got to where they are now.

    Imagine you forging series of documents in Nigeria and then you go scot free…you can’t do that overseas?

    Security first then just maybe the banks would fill secured issuing credits to individuals.

    1. All houses should be clearly identified and marked with post codes for international identification just as it’s done overseas

    2. Card owners should have some sort of stable income before being issued cards….remember we are aiming at credit cards and not debit cards.

    3. Those who cannot afford to operate a credit card should be issued the prepaid Visa cards, i think Zenith bank does that now.

    4. There should be a body tracking transactions online and anywhere else to curb fraud.

    I may not be perfect in my suggestions but the good thing is that it gives room for a debate.

    I look forward to a Better Country Nigeria!

  4. I think Nigerians are being labelled unjustly. we have millions of honest nigerians trying to do business.I think the task is to explain to whoever cares that they are losing business by not doing business with Nigerians. Why would master card internation give out franchis to Nigeria banks when they are aware that the same card would not be accepted.It is time we take legal action to redress all these problems

  5. Personally i feel pained by the whole situation surrounding this country. I think if i run a bank abroad, i will typically reject all Nigerian transactions. I have a credit card & debit card from Intercontinental Bank. I understand it is easy to get provided you are qualified to have one. I also kno people who have used Intercontinental mastercard/maestro in Dubai and Medina. People worldwide want to do business, but Nigeria needs to build credibility. Any country where i can get a valid Driver’s License without a driving test has no credibility.

  6. I have recieved Credit Card Scanning from Mr Charles Brown , But I am not sure that it is true or just fraud card, Card Number 56789012354567890 and Name of Card Cirrus
    Interswitch Name holder Sam Ang

    This Is I want to confirm or make sure

    Thank you in advance
    Sam Ang

  7. Here, in the State of Israel a mastercard issued by UBA can’t work. Its a shame! Guys are just stranded. Is that how we can be at par with other nations? I think we need alot image cleansing and help ourselves.

  8. Hi,
    As a person I have been using my own debit/credit card which I obtained from Intercontinental Bank. The only problem is Paypal and Alert Pay which you cant use this card on. If these guys (Paypal & Alert Pay) knows what they are missing they will tighten up and include Nigeria in their services. If they could include India which has a lot of ‘hackers’ and online fraud prevalence than Nigeria, as well as South Africa.

  9. It’s really unjust, labelling Nigerians like that. Just because one is a Nigerian does not make him/her a scammer, just like not every Arab is a terrorist and not all Americans are serial killers. What’s the use of a mastercard if you can’t use it to make online payments?

    Okay, they don’t trust Nigerians, then why can’t we use intermediaries to make payments (If that’s possible) i.e an individual pays to a site/corporation that is trusted, and they in turn make transactions on behalf of that person. Is that possible?

  10. NIGERIA ISSUED CREDIT CARDS – I kind of have to agree with Oluniyi David Ajao. When I first tried to use my Nigeria Issued MasterCard (Intercontinental Bank plc MasterCard) in 2005 it was really difficult. I had to have a US based billing and shipping address. Then there were also some sites that would not deal with Nigeria issued Cards (eg Stride Rite) up to now. Equally if you have an issue with your card of any sort minor or otherwise US based business immediately don’t want to listen to you anymore. Its rather unfortunte because our government celebrate our negativity too much. Our crime rate is not as bad as some of these so called developed nations but their government don’t make it a national identity. Its time we stop making so much noise about our negative side and promote our positive. Equally till we have leaders in Nigeria that are concerned about the welfare of its citizenry and State the Interntional Community would not give us any respect. Finally, I”ve been using my MasterCard here and abroad and its a good starting point. We’ll eventuall get there. Thank you

  11. I am surprise at the rate Nigerians are being blacklisted in many online businesses. Imagine this, what was suppose to create employment for the unemployed and the retired citizens has been poluted by some evil minded beings that claims to be Nigerians. I shame at the way we are being exonerated from paypal and receiving funds with credit cards. Of what use is the credit cards issued here if they are not internationally accepted?
    Our financial institutions and the central bank should do something to redeem this country before things get out of hand.

  12. i have to testify that if a card is issued in nigeria and not accepted internationally then it’s no credit/debit card,i think the problem is not with the citizens,not with the issuing bodies but the bad government of nigeria who at all time publish rubbish about this great nation,i know for sure that God will surely wipe those that does not wish this country good coz the soul that sin shall surely die,then the new age will bring forth the young generation with new ideas.Amen.

  13. Read this:
    Having had a web business since 1997, I’ve gotten used to scam artists trying to extract cash or free products from me. Most of these scammers are from Nigeria and Indonesia, where credit card fraud is considered a sport, much like soccer, only the participants get paid better…
    …finally, you might simply want to make it a policy not to accept credit card orders—and perhaps even wire transfers—from Nigeria…
    Nigerian Letter is one of Nigeria’s most important export industries, you are “exporting internet crime”.
    They pilfer nearly $200 million from Americans annually and drive some of their victims to suicide, but Nigeria’s notorious e-mail scam artists may finally have met their match — and the results can be hilarious.

    Do you still ask yourself why nobody accepts your credit cards? Clean-up your political ranks, there are people in your government and banks getting their share of this money to keep their mouth shut and keep the fraud going… it is an industry for them. You elect them and you are responsible for what they do. Do some civil unrest, demand political change, demand action.

    External observer that does not accept credit card from Nigeria

    • I am a friend of the internet; I can sit by my pc for a whole 24hrs. You know what I do when I am online? I read and read and read…all that come my way. I don’t spam and I hate to see or hear about criminals. But one of the things I have come to discover for over 15 years of my closer to pc and internet is about American’s shallow approach to event of life. May be this is influenced by the environment you guys found your selves. Least we forget Iraq Bruhaha!!! that is seen has the root cause of 2008/2009 world financial crisis.

      However, what I want to share with you is that there are over 140 million Nigerians and this mean a highly dense population. Including those you call corrupt government official voted by care, loving and innocent Nigerians like us. India on the other hand, harbors about a billion of human mass and there politicians were voted by Indian citizens including Indian internet hackers. Most Arabs don’t vote so let’s not even call them voters. But, I most tell you that an average Arab love and cherish is Leader.

      America can never lay claim to the most intelligent people, most innocent population, etc. In fact some of the biggest or worst crimes ever, were masterminded and committed by Americans. Who killed John Fitzgerald Kennedy? Even with the prediction of Mitchell De Nastrodamus -The Man who saw Tomorrow. And this does not portend every American to be Serial Killer. America even harbors most of the wanted drug lords today.

      American politicians can never claim to be saints either, if they get the same opportunity like there Nigerian counterparts they will be worst than them. So if you are a scammer’s victim, then it means you were greedy and if you were presented with the same opportunity, you can also be a scammer. PERIOD!!!

      As my internet friend, just take note of these inscriptions below that:









      Have a Nice Time!

      Nigeria! Good People, Great Nation.

  14. Its a shame for any Nigerian to stupidly take sides with countries labelling us as fraudsters or scammers. It only takes you being an uneducated low-life who has not spent time out there to know that Nigeria is under a very carefully planned out political sabotage and more of a sanction.

    Its in the US that you have legally registered law firms that do nothing but money laundering, its in that same shit hole that you have people like Bernie Madoff scheming out scams and advance frauds.

    Look at what happened to the south Americans, they lifted the “sanction” of labelling them “scammers” and now ALL US banks can have people from those “scammer and fraud countries” wire funds in or out, buy goods online and have cards issued to the just by a click of the mouse.



  15. You are calling me an idiot who assumes things.
    Why are you assuming that I am from USA.

    Guys, I am NOT from USA, far from it.


    I have just listed a number of online resources,
    the facts are that nobody would accept credit card
    from Nigeria. And all purchase attempts with credit
    card from Nigeria in our online shop were with stolen
    credit cards. What does that tell you? When you have
    100% rate of criminal customers from one country you
    really have to be an idiot to accept their credit cards.

    Of all the 130 million Nigerians only the criminals
    are shopping online, it seems.

    You can complain here and call everyone an idiot,
    but the facts are against you and unless something
    changes you will NOT be able to shop online on this planet.
    Maybe on Mars…


    External observer that does not accept credit card from Nigeria

    • Man you’re a pervert. I can tell why you’re not going well in business. Just a piece of advice, if you want to succeed in any of your low life endeavors, try visiting Nigeria for once, that is if you can afford the air-ticket, and explore the opportunities there. Did you ever ask yourself this one sensible question before posting this nonsense you have here that these people (Nigerians) are not allowed in the online reality but they survive, they thrive well. Incase you don’t know, Nigeria is one of the world’s emerging economies in the near future and only few people like us, the chinese, big companies like Etisalat, Nokia, just to mention a few are solidifying their presence there and you’re just within the four walls of your shack you call a house and sit there to post these rubbish. I advice you start allowing people with good intentions from Nigeria make purchase from your three paged site so that you can save some money for your ticket when the market emerges in other not to be left behind. (Its only an advice, I mean no harm) LAUGING….

      • Don’t make assumptions you can’t verify. We are doing rather well. I’ve traveled to several African countries and know how things are there. The future of Africa is probably bright, once it rids itself of tyrants, political turmoil, corruption and other problems. It is sad, but at this moment almost nobody accepts credit cards from most African countries and it will take many years and maybe decades for this to change. It is a simple case of common sense. You get burned once and you just don’t do it anymore. Say you loose 1000 EUR due to a fake credit card, if you accept another from the same source you really have to be an idiot.

        By the way, we don’t accept credit cards from Manila either and it is far more likely that you are living in a shack 🙂


  16. Hi David,
    Thanx 4 ur efforts in trying 2 make the online payment system legitimate. I want to find out how money can be paid from different countries to a Foundation in Nigeria using the Zenith VisaCard.

  17. Hi @ Mandus,

    Seeing all the chalenges we have with the card system, what you require may not be immediately possible.
    However you can try going through a third party payment gateway like PayPal or or
    One advantage of using a third party is that people will not feel that you are one of the other people trying to milk money.

  18. I was told that if American come to Nigeria they will not be able to use their debit or credit cards, is that true? And also if you have to purchase a airline ticket you must pay cash because they don’t accept credit cards. How could I visit the country if i can’t purchase my ticket online?

  19. any alternative to online shopping ? cus am bothered, i have a product of interest to purchase on the web and it involves Click bank. any alternative to purchasing the product online?

  20. It sadens my heart at the state of affairs in our country Nigeria. the issue of visa cards and mastercards are terrible.all through my stay in nigeria i have realized we the people have a tensile expansion for absorbing sufferings… we are where we are today because people have refused to speak out because of fear of death. no one wants to die but want to see change and revolution.

    for every transformation and benefits western world enjoys people, a generation fought and died for these rights to become a reality. The government is in a mess because we have refused to speak out for fear of death. we allow the efforts of peopole like ken saro wiwa and other activists to die in vain. how can there be a good governance when there is no proper electoral place. how can there be a good covernance when there is not an opposition party? we have over 30 political party but a loosed federalism.just one government in power whose authority cannot be challanged. that is the height of corruption and it will continually exist until there is a change in the electoral and governmental structure.

    As for online payment. a lot of Africans, nigeria go overseas and get confort and enjoy the paypals, mastercards and all and forget to fight for us.. only 2months ago i wrote and email addressed to paypal for thier injustice on our country nigeria and denial of acceptance… how many people in diaspora can join me to flood paypal with acceptance request on a daily or monthly basis??? i am just one individual and am not enough to achieve what i am fighting for.

    as for nigerian credibility, it is true we do not have a national database of residence identification and proper liscenceing id. we have to start implementing those… I have been studying database management in the last months and looking forward to join a Nigeria revolution. the questions is how many of us are ready for a revolution and willing to stake thier neck at the fight for this revolution???

  21. Nigeria has potential.
    Nigeria has manpower, brains, and a resilient population.

    One thing that would solve our problems is: electricity.

    If we could build a 24/7 power system, even 419 would disappear. The reason people engage in 419 today, is primarily because there is no work for all these brainy people we have. So naturally they device ways to use their academic prowess. With stable power supply however, many businesses would begin to spring up, and naturally absorb all the 419’ers.

    419 disappears, and our image around the world would slowly begin to heal.

  22. To all my nigerian good people we are blessed.there is one point i found very interesting here and in which i wish i have the opportunity of taken it to the president and media notice.our media house seems to be making public of our great country nigeria negative side instead of the positive side which is realy potraying a bad image to the western fellow nigerians have it in mind that the time has gone when we especially the youths are been decieved by our leaders.i dont know what you feel but i what i know for sure is that changes has come nigeria and africa as a whole and with president goodluck jonathan nigeria is heading to the top.he has finally brought us goodluck.very soon,i mean very very soon those so called company’s who are now refusing our transactions would be the one’s calling us nigerians.mark my words.God bless nigeria!.

  23. With what i have seen now..i think the fault is not from us,it from the banks.the banks knew that this credit cards are not normally accepted online why not them quiet make them.with what the banks in nigeria are doing now they re promoting crime and scamming in nigeria

  24. I posted this comment from America while on summer holiday with my family. I have a visa card with GTB. I HAVE ALWAYS USED IT FOR ONLINE TRANSACTIONS. It cost me about N4500 to get and I think I will be paying again in March 2012. I could not use it on many sites as there was no option for Nigeria when the space for COUNTRY was to be filled. I have tried many other sites which have shown TRANSACTION DECLINED at the end of filling a long form. It is painful. I withdraw from ATMs here and I buy groceries from stores. ACCA even accepts the naira master card as a means of payment. So the situation is not that bad. Just know what websites will work.AMAZON.COM accepts Nigerian cards and will even ship to a Nigerian address. The additional security measures VISA VERIFY is enough to prevent petty fraud.
    In all I give the Nigerian credit card a 60% and I am happy to have one.

  25. een now..i think the fault is not from us,it from the banks.the banks knew that this credit cards are not normally accepted online why not them quiet make them.with what the banks in nigeria are doing now they re promoting crime and scamming in nigeria

  26. Thanks for the explanation you have offered.Please enlighten me here.There is a website that i wanted signing up with, they accept nigerians but in the list of countries accepted by master card which i wanted using nigeria is not included.How do i overcome the hurdle

    • Pay via bank transfer, most websites will accept this payment.

      It is very likely that nobody will accept your credit card.

      If you do find an idiot “stupid enough to accept your credit card from Nigeria” it may actually be a a scam website and they will gladly take your money since they don’t care about security, they don’t plan to ship the product to you anyway.

      The news is bad, but don’t kill the messenger, rebel and change your political system, stop corruption and some day maybe your credit cards will be accepted outside Nigeria.


      • well thats not completely true mr m i have used my naira mastercard for online purchases on some hakersafe and verisign indicated sites with no additional deductions. Mr M YOU ARE TOTALLY WRONG, in fact you are discouraging all nigerians by your insincere statement . The basic truth is that NOT ALL SITES accept our credit cards .If you call the companies or websites that accept them as idiots and stupid then you are equally suggesting to all nigerians that we are all scammers which in fact isnt completely true . if we are to change the system yourself ,i and everyone else in the system must change.please Mr man carry out your research before making your statements.there are still people out there who love nigeria and am a living withness

  27. a point of correction to readers from my statement above. i meant a regnow site reseller accepted my naira credit card for a product purchased from a europe based company. i got my product in good form. i guess i was a bit angry but the truth still remains that naira credit cards are accepted from some sites . all i know is that i purchased my product with no deductions.but do give a shot on other sites . well m, sorry for my statement if it hurt you in any way .though am a living withness to my far so good there are other sites i think accept nigerian credit cards. im very careful here as regards my last statement on this issue as regards other compliable sites. a us based hosting company customer care agent told me via skype that they accept nigerian credit cards , my probable error from my earlier statement was that it was hacker safe and verisign which i didnt fully authenticate or verify . for now. my statements concerning verisign or hacker safe is incoreect. checking my records regnow is verified as the company that procesed my credit card transaction.i accept responsibility and apologise for the error. .all the best m,readers, from my records i securely and fully authenticate my current statement . as for my error, my apologies, best wishes

    • I have done my research, have you done yours:

      Let me recap the page above:
      “Having had a web business since 1997, I’ve gotten used to scam artists trying to extract cash or free products from me. Most of these scammers are from Nigeria and Indonesia, where credit card fraud is considered a sport, much like soccer, only the participants get paid better.”

      I would say not all Nigerians are scammers, but 5-10% is enough. And yes, anyone accepting credit cards from Nigeria is an idiot that is going to go out of business soon. If he starts a new business afterwards he won’t accept the cards from Nigeria anymore.

      If you think you can’t change the country yourself, look at Libya, Egypt, Syria, Jemen and other countries… People are doing something there. Nigerians are doing nothing.


    • One more comment, you found one website which is not shipping any products, they sell space on web server. Their loss in case of credit card fraud is minimal, you can’t steal the server. They will shut down your web account in 30 days with no financial loss to them.

      Show me one website which sells actual products that ship to your address in Nigeria…



  29. you found one website which is not shipping any products, they sell space on web server. Their loss in case of credit card fraud is minimal, you can’t steal the server. They will shut down your web account in 20

  30. somebody should please help me.. have been trying to place order on amazon lately with my zenith bank prepaid card (USD) but amazon keep sending me this mail:

    Unfortunately your recent order(s), including (#102344-9957634334-22347564519438), could not be processed. If you would still like to receive the item(s), we ask that you place a new order. Please accept our sincere apologies for any resulting inconvenience.
    Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns, and thank you for shopping at

    I have contacted amazon rep so many times on this but they seems not to a valid reason why they were unable to process my payment.

    I also contacted the company that issued the card(Zenith bank) and here is what they said;

    Our cards do not require any authorization as they are done real time online, please send them an email as advised as what they require might just be a verification fax confirming that you are the card holder.

    I gave amazon all information they needed to contact my Bank but they insisted the bank contact them and bank said they cant do such.

    Am left in the middle of this .. somebody should please come to my aid.

  31. Only if you know how many cards from different banks have tried on amazon.

    have tried using Gtb Naira master card, First Bank naira Master Card and Zenith prepaid Visa Card… dont you think thats wasting of time and money?

  32. thank .. now have gotten the trick …its now going successfully after a whole month on this .. am going to write an article on my blog about shopping on amazon, there are somethings people are not explaining am going to explain in full details on my blog

  33. In today’s world of payment, I still find it difficult to believe that some websites are still not accepting Nigerian issued debit or credit cards.
    This may be to the history of Nigeria with fraud and these sites are protecting themselves against charge backs from the card networks (Visa/MasterCard).
    Since many websites are afraid of scammers from Nigeria and the rate of fraud is high, then I think that the banks need to tighten up the securities on each card in other for their customers to be able to shop online.

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