SD-WAN delivers agility to multi-national networks

Scott Cowling, Director of Network Solutions, BT

One of the challenges organisations who continually expand to capitalise on market opportunities face is effectively managing their technology infrastructure. While the cloud has assisted in this regard, there are still complexities around network management that invariably take the focus away from delivering on strategic objectives.

In the digital environment, agility and speed of operations have become focal points. So much so, that many corporates are trying to find the balance between growth while remaining unencumbered by aging infrastructure. Managing a network from a central, cloud-based system remains critical in this regard.

Changing network times

Keeping an organisation running optimally at speed means rapidly reacting to changing network requirements. But once the basics of doing this securely are taken care of, it is critical to embark on a more future-forward approach. This is where SD-WAN technology comes in.

It provides decision-makers with the insights needed to understand application performance, network traffic patterns, and flagging any weak points from both performance and security perspectives. Network resilience is something that is a corporate agenda item in boardrooms across the world. But it is only through SD-WAN technology where executives have the modernised and digital-centric tools available to them to realise this vision.

Complete visibility

One of the ways an SD-WAN environment enables this is by providing complete oversight into network activity irrespective physical location. In turn, this facilitates making smarter business decisions and reacting faster to evolving customer requirements. By basing the entire network environment on SD-WAN innovation, organisations can operate at the pace of an agile start-up while delivering using the scale of a multi-national.

Transitioning any network into this more modern one remains a significant undertaking. Minimising downtime while remaining cognisant of every requirement at a branch level does present challenges. However, SD-WAN does not necessitate a rip-and-replace strategy. Instead it is centred on injecting the network with innovative software-based technology that makes future-proofing it a significantly easier proposition.

Centralised control

Once a SD-WAN is operational, it becomes easy to manage it all from one place. Building better connections and optimising everything already in place ensures an organisation, irrespective its size, can adapt to virtually any market need.

Beyond improved infrastructure management, SD-WAN delivers better network security and the ability to work more efficiently with cloud applications. Ultimately, SD-WAN ensures business applications, data, devices, and people are better connected than any technology that has come before. In a world trying to make sense of how best to manage the new normal, this level of scalability and agility become critical deliverables to multi-nationals.

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