Review: Sixty60 by Checkers. A Fast Groceries Delivery App

We are one of the first in South Africa to test Checkers' new 60-minute grocery delivery service

Checkers South Africa launched its new smartphone app shopping experience today, that promises groceries delivery within 60 minutes (1 hour). We gave it a spin and share our experience.

Introducing Sixty60

Sixty60 by Checkers is a new convenience grocery app by Shoprite Checkers (Pty) Ltd, promising its customers affordable products delivered in a fast manner.

Customers would be able to choose from over 5,000 products, including a wide variety of beers, wines and spirits from Checkers LiquorShop. They can place an order and choose between a delivery within/in 60 minutes or from a specific time band within business hours.

The Sixty60 app is available on both Apple’s App Store and Google’s PlayStore. It is however restricted to the South African market.

The App

After the app installation, customers are welcomed by a splash screen that shares a quick overview of what the new service is about. One is then prompted to enter a delivery address or allow the app access to the smartphone’s geolocation.

Location / Availability

The service is currently limited to parts of Sandton & Randburg in Gauteng, with a slightly larger footprint of coverage in Cape Town and some surrounding towns in the Western Cape. The customer is given the option to be notified via email where their address falls outside the current coverage areas.


Registration is straight-forward enough. They only needed a name, email, mobile number and a secure password. The customer can add any of the major credit or debit cards as a payment method, after placing an order.

Review of Sixty60 app and service

We gave the service a try by adding a few items to the cart. We needed to be sure about the claimed 60 minutes delivery.

The products on offer in the app cut across some 18 categories with are Food Cupboard, Frozen, Household, Cheeses, Bakery, Quick Meals, Fresh Produces, Milk/Butter/Eggs, Cold Meats, LiquorShop, Baby, Soft Drinks, Desserts & Youghourts, Health & Beauty, Chocolates & Snacks, Liquor Shop Meat/Fish/Poultry and Pets.

sixty60 order
An order completion screen on the Sixty60 app

We placed the order at exactly 1 pm and waited with bated breath.

sixty60 order confirmation 1
The Sixty60 order confirmation page displayed an Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of 1 hour from the time of order completion.

Within 10 minutes, the order had already been fulfilled and was with a delivery man dispatched on a motorcycle. We could track the location of the driver much like the experience we are used to on UberEat’s app.

sixty60 order tracking
The delivery could be tracked in real-time.
sixty60 order delivered
A mesh of screenshots showing various stages of the order process and delivery

Impressively, our order was delivered in exactly 33 minutes after we paid, which is about half the time promised by Checkers.

sixty 60 order delivered
Our Sixty60 delivery

To our delight, the items delivered were fresh and packaged in an environmentally-friendly manner.

What is Sixty60’s delivery fee?
Delivery is currently free-of-charge as of February 2020. It is safe to assume this only applies during the pilot phase. Checkers is very likely to introduce a delivery fee after the pilot phase or keep it free for higher-value purchases.


The Sixty60 by Checkers app and service, albeit still in BETA, is already very impressive when we consider the wide range of products available, the timeliness of the free delivery we experienced on the first order, as well as the fact that items in this app are priced same as those in their physical superstores. We can only expect Checkers to keep up the quality of the service while increasing their coverage.

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Oluniyi D. Ajao
Oluniyi D. Ajao is an Internet Entrepreneur and Tech Enthusiast based in South Africa. Follow him on twitter @niyyie for more tech updates.


  1. I had a similar experience. Order delivered within 30 minutes. However, quite a few products were sadly unavailable. Looking forward to using the app more! Highly convenient!

  2. Checkers 60 keep overcharging but they don’t replace products that are out of stock. I don’t see any refunds. Who is lining their pockets here!!!!

  3. 60 Sixty sucks will never use the app again and won’t recommend them. Over charged me/ didn’t refund me from out of stock products. 60 said the bank has to refund intern the bank said they have nothing to do with refunds, the seller has to refund.

    Scam alert…. Avoid this app like the plague.

    • I placed an order like normal on Saturday 8th August… I was debited for the order but the app said the payment was unsuccessful when CLEARLY it was successful as it was taken from my account??? Was also told my bank is to blame, spent all day not being able to reach customer care at FNB and then receive an email from Sixty60 claiming they had technical issues on their side… I know I did everything right at checkout and sadly used all my money to buy food from the app. disgusted as we sat the whole weekend without food or money and I now have to fight for my money back.

  4. just tried checkers 60 today for home delivery. Ordered 7 items and got my order OVER 2 HOURS after order was placed. Also I wasn’t given a slip and was told to possibly look on the app for it.. without success. It’s good to know the service works but you need lots of time and patience. They should change the name tho

  5. Deleting the app, not response to item not delivered but paid for.
    The Good
    Normally fast

    The Bad
    No response to missing items and issuing a credit

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