Truecaller introduces call recording to help report harassment and fraudulent calls

Truecaller is introducing a new Premium feature, Call Recording, for Android users around the world. This is another step towards upgrading its Premium offerings aimed at making communication safe and efficient by helping users report harassment related or fraudulent calls.

People use Truecaller to help their communication be more safe and efficient. From users identifying new business clients to empowering women in their fight against harassment or objectionable calls, or for everyone being protected from potential fraud. Truecaller has been there to safeguard calls and SMS to give you the right to know who is trying to get in contact. With the added feature of Call Recording, this will empower users to keep track of important conversations they have with businesses, colleagues, and people.

Call Recording has been a highly-requested feature from Truecaller users for some time, therefore, we decided to develop and combine it into our Premium package along with Who Viewed Your Profile, a Pro feature allows you to see who has been checking out your profile, be it a long-lost friend, a new business prospect, or a colleague.

How Call Recording Works
When a Premium user dials or receives a call, they can toggle on the recording feature from the Truecaller Caller ID screen. The recordings are then stored on the user’s phone.

All Android users who do not have a Premium subscription can try Call Recording for free on a 14-day trial.

Call recordings are stored locally on the user’s phone and do not touch Truecaller’s servers. The user who records calls is responsible for following local laws around two-way consent.

Highlights of the feature

  • Records conversation easily between the caller and the receiver.
  • No communication hinderance as users can directly switch on the call record option from the app whenever they receive a call.
  • The option is currently available to every user for a period of 14 days as a free trial.
  • After 14 days you will need to subscribe to premium membership to make use of this feature.

The recordings in Truecaller will get stored in your Android device, and these can be accessed from the storage folder. The feature can be very useful in certain incidents – to keep track of conversations between friends, family and colleagues, or listen to that preview an interview in case you missed out on an important detail

Most phones carry a call recording facility so this add-on feature will just enable you to keep a better track of your calls with recordings through a single app.

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