TV3 Mentor in Ghana

TV3 Ghana had earlier this year launched a reality show aimed at producing “music stars”.

TV3 Mentor is the biggest reality show on the screens in Ghana today. A programme that is unearthing the hidden talents in the youth. Big ups to TV3. See Music in Ghana:

AFTER two gruelling months of hunting for talents for TV3 Mentor, 12 finalists have emerged to participate in the hottest reality today.

The 12 finalists were selected from three zonal areas, namely, Accra, Kumasi and Takoradi. In all, over 2,000 young people were auditioned.

Selection of the 12 finalists, aged between 21 to 25 years, made up of five ladies and seven men was based on their ability to sing and hold their notes.

The scoring has been 70% public text and 30% studio judges.

moz screenshotThe 12 finalists were Prince Baffour, Samuel Obeng Wiafe, Ruth Williams, Roseline Brown, Martin Kwadwo Asare, Andy Koduah, Hakeem Shabazz, Alfred Broma Donkor, Maya Bennin, Doris Amaniampong, Isaac Nana Assan and Paulette Broom.

Contestants on the show have warmed themselves into the hearts of the viewers and so the weekly evictions, which are part of the programme, have become a heart-breaking moment for many viewers.ร‚ย  – Nii

TV3 Mentor has not been without criticism:

  • Incorrect spelling of contestants name nullify votes
  • Back-up voices: they sometimes cover-up the contestant’s voice
  • Text message carry 70% and judges 30%. Can be rigged easily. This is the most controversial thing about TV3 Mentor and this has seen capable people been dropped earlier.
  • Bringing back evicted contestants. What for? I don’t know.
  • Rules change in-between: they introduced back-up voices later, announced returning evictees later, introduced best vocals, stage performance, audience attraction later.

If TV3 is not careful, this nice programme could get very controversial since the rules are not well-thought.

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Oluniyi D. Ajao
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  1. :evil:the judge called mark is very boring. he doesnt know how to judge his comments are unnecessary and sometimes not pertaining to what is being done.i think dis has led to some ple being evicted unfairly. i mean with stars of the future ghana voted then judges decision but if we are honest we wld see it was a fair competition. though i wished Ramzy had won Irene deserved it too. dont u think :mad:maya should have left like a million yrs ago?

  2. if they dont take care the program might not yield good response next year.i really wish paullette and samuel were still there to ginger what has become in my opinion an unchallenging competition:roll:

  3. the mentor programme is a nice idea but the whole implementation has been a disaster! It si sometimes really painful watching it – prince is the only that keeps me glued to my set -i love him.

    As for Judge Mark, I think he has made it a bit obvious he is not for prince because he hardly commends him even when it is clear that Prince just pulled off a song off perfectly.

    I think the organisers of tv3 mentor should consult the organisers of ‘stars of the future’ – just compare the calibre of contestants stars of the future picked and compare them to that of ‘mentor’. Prince, Maya & Ruth are the only people who can actually contest against those from stars.

    Aside all that – we thank the mentor show for featuring clint and the others from Nigeria – it was the best show and we wish they will replay that episode.

    Thanks for the opportunity too. We hope the grande finale will be better. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. who says Prince is not the best? He is actually it is a sing competition not a raggae competition. i believe the next time this is being held organisers should not consider raggae singers unless they have been asked to do so.

    Andy cant sing but raga very well samuel and alfred as well and i believe this is posing a lot of problem.

    keep the good work up tv3

  5. hi prince, i don’t know you but i’m very proud of you. keep it up: humility.
    just relax and do all you can do after all you can’t go beyond your limit. just know that you are my mentor and i am waiting for your debut album. stay strong dear and be ready for anyhting. welldone and all the best of luck on saturday…:smile:

  6. When we talk of judjement I think Mark knows what it means. I don’t understand why some people will hate him for judjing right to make u know your self and to shape you well. I wish he could judje me each and every day to correct me in life. Thumbs up for you Mark.

  7. Initially i didn’t see the head nor tail of the TV3 mentor show but it turned out to be a boom. I even grew to love it more than the stars of the future simply because it looked like contestants for the stars of the future were already musically inclined and somehow were all somebodies. Those of the Mentors were really nobodies being refined into somebodies. Stars of the future organisers should pick a cue from that.


  9. :cool:i think a lot of people including myself, are really happy for such a wonderful prog. i think it will unleash the hidde potentials in our youth kudos !!!!

  10. :cool:the mentor show is really intereting so i would like to thank tv3 for such bringing a programme to our screens. you will always be first in news and best in entertainment. my only problem is that i thnk the system of 30% for judges and 70% for the public should be changed. thank you

  11. this programme is a very nice one of course which encourages the young music guys and gals to built themselves well on their talents.but some times the way some of the judges speak to them is not the best and can discourage them.they should know how to talk to them. millicent

  12. l realy like mentor 2 n l dont know how to explain it, infact they are not only entertaining but olso saving lives, ๐Ÿ™‚ last sunday, l had a broken heart n l thought am left alone in the world but the mentor stars made me know that they were there for me, they gave me various tracks that reminded me that life must still go on!!!! SHAME ON U NESTOR IN ABSENCE OF U, I STILL HAVE MENTOR STAR’S:eek:

  13. I really like the mentor show.i wish prince or joe wins the mentor 2 just because they are too good to be in mentor house .:lol::lol::lol:

  14. :smile:hey Kofi u ae too goo to go home please stay in the mentor house its all urs, ๐Ÿ˜€ u ar nothing but my mentor. I Dada Dee should have left a thousand years ago but I dont know wat he is still doing in the house. in fact he dey bore me:sad::cry::oops::cool::???::shock::mrgreen:

  15. :lol:when is this power shedding going to end? I aint got light this saturday but dont worry guys(Prince,Kofi and Joe not forgetting dada dee)ill b there sitted in the first roll judging and giving comments.:lol::lol:

  16. Prince i dey feel u waaaaaaa initially i was feeling Joe bt what de happen Joe? Kofi right now u b all whether and make me check u. Dada last weekend u did great hope u continue this weekend big ups to u guys and all the best

  17. ๐Ÿ˜‰ tv3 mentor is a good prgramme .i really enjoy everything about it.the only problem about it to me is the % in voting.its should be 50% for public and 50% for judges so as to discover a true talent and not trabalism.

  18. well i missed mentor show b,cos i was travelling 2 the state so pls kindly show e housemate of tv3.anyway am very happy 4 erico he did a gud job,congratu…………:grin::cool:::roll::c:???::smile:ry::eek:

  19. hey wasup i like mentor my friend was taking about mentor but im in th UK but my best show in princesnanatffour i like u guy u was born will the tagent guy god will use u tob show how the mentor mean to me

  20. hi i liked the previous epesodes i watched while in kumasi. now i’m in wenchi in the brong ahafo region and waiting to watch it again.

    but the tv3 signal in wenchi is too weak.

    please work on it to give us a clearer view of my no one station, tv3 ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜

  21. we love tv3 mentor but mentor 4 is certainly not an improvement of the previous ones we love it as it used to be so just leave it as it was

  22. One thing I don’t like about mentor is that when somebody is singing cools another person sing highlife. They should all go in oneside if they sing cools all should be cools not mix with highliglife n those kinds of music please please

  23. This judge call Mark on tv3 mentor is a bore, too known . He shouldn’t be picked as a judge a again, he keeps on talking any how, bashing the mc n even the fun,killing the spirits of the contestants

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