Uber announces changes to Fares in South Africa

Uber has released a new pricing list for rides in South Africa. With a high portion of trips at the minimum fare, the fares across South Africa will increase by an average of 5% based on the average trip mix.

“This increase is informed by various components such as time, distance, base and minimum fare,” Uber announced in a press release.

“For driver-partners, this will help to ensure that they are able to maximise their earnings while on the road. It matters to us that driver-partners are able to continue to maintain a sustainable living while using the Uber App. Accordingly, the change in fare prices will allow driver-partners to earn more in order to make up for the rising cost of business and living expenses that affects their earnings,” the statement read further.

Johannesburg & Pretoria Cape Town Durban Port Elizabeth
uberX Was: R7,50/KmNow: R8/Km Was: R7/KmNow: R7,50/Km Was: R7/KmNow: R7,50/Km Was: R7/KmNow: R7,50/Km
uberXL Was: R7/KmNow: R7,50/Km Was: R7/KmNow: R7,50/Km
Johannesburg & Pretoria Cape Town Durban Port Elizabeth
Per minute Fare R0.75 → R0.80 R0.70 →R0.75 R0.70 → R0.75 R0.70 → R0.75



Johannesburg O.R. Tambo to Fourways Athol to Sandton Gautrain Newtown to Maboneng
Minutes 53 5 15
Distance (km) 38 2 3.2
Old Price – Average Fare R330 R25 R40
New Price – Average Fare R352 R25 R43
% Increase in Fare 6.7% 0.0% 5.8%

Cape Town Cape Town Airport to Century City Mouille Point to Waterfront UCT to Cape Town Station
Minutes 35 7 10
Distance (km) 18.8 2 6
Old Price – Average Fare R161 R25 R54
New Price – Average Fare R172 R25 R58
% Increase in Fare 6.9% 0.0% 6.5%


Durban Durban Airport to Umhlanga Suncoast Casino to Durban ICC University of KZN to Berea Station
Minutes 20 5 12
Distance (km) 19.3 2.2 5
Old Price – Average Fare R154 R25 R48
New Price – Average Fare R165 R25 R52
% Increase in Fare 6.9% 0.0% 6.4%

Port Elizabeth PE Airport to Summerstrand Splash World to Boardwalk Hotel Nelson Mandela University to Radisson Blu
Minutes 9 5 8
Distance (km) 5.8 1.8 3.1
Old Price – Average Fare R52 R25 R32
New Price – Average Fare R55 R25 R34
% Increase in Fare 6.5% 0.0% 6.0%


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