Why is CRTV (Ghana) off-air?

Crown Royals TV (CRTV) broadcasts its programmes from the Astra 2B satellite to Ghana and the rest of West Africa, until a few weeks ago.

CRTV Ghana
CRTV Ghana

Reasons for CRTV going off-air are not clear at this time. Its possible they have left Astra 2B to whichever satellite is hosting their “50 channels”. They have been advertising a new service with 50 TV channels on Ghanaian radio for some time now. I would share the parameters to that new satellite as soon as I have it, if that turned out to be the case.

Its also possible that CRTV is off-air due to technical problems. Their broadcast was not one of the best in terms of visual clarity, when they were on-air.

Worst still, its possible CRTV has become insolvent. If this were the case, a lot of people who enjoyed their entertainment programmes would highly disappointed.

To those asking me about CRTV
Now that you know CRTV is actually off-air, don’t break your satellite receiver looking for CRTV – you won’t find it in there! :-). Also, note that Multi TV is not responsible for CRTV. They only happen to be co-tenants on the Astra 2B satellite.

I would share new information about CRTV as soon as I have it.

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Oluniyi D. Ajao
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  1. Hello thanks for the info on CRTV i was wondering if there was a problem with my dish


  2. i have scanned my satellite i had gtv, but it is off, why multitv should add the english premire league,we can wait,people get discouraged when they found out that there is no epl on multitv.

  3. You guy’s are doing good.. try bring on board more channels and most importantly, i bet you guy’s if you are able to bring the EPL on multi tv, huge majority of soccer fans would turn from dstv to you… i love all what you doing… Honestly feel bored when realize EPL is not available on it…….i wish you will take our comments serious and work on it…Best of Luck.

  4. Hi i want to know how to set my own dish for me to capture channels on my decoder STRONG 4653X. And why it happened that multitv stations come with audio without video? Pls teach me.

  5. pls i would be very glad and happy if joy tv can show more blockbuster movies or action based movies than the boring one’s they have been showing.

    • Hello everybody. Lets all rejoice and clap for Jesus. CRTV is back on air. Please rescan your decoders. They are on a new frequency and symbol rate.

      I just watched a blockbuster movie ‘death race’ and another is starting now. This means movies and more and EPL. Hooray.

    • Kanu, DSTV is a pay TV service. The only free channels you get is the TV service of other service providers who have agreed with Multi Choice to carry their broadcast on the DSTV platform.

      Depending on your location if your subscription runs out you will be able to watch free some local TV channels like NTA, Metro Tv and some religious channels.

      Meanwhile, DSTV is testing their DVB4 and as a result, those with Mpeg 4 decoders like Strong Decoder SRT4669X when updated with the latest software and HE _AAC sound driver, you can do a blind scan and receive this signal for free with full audio.

      There are 17 premium channels like MNET Action, Africa Magic and Africa Magic Plus, SS9, Nat Geo, Cartoon Network, BBC Children, etc.Otherwise, there is no free way to watch DSTV.

      • What is the latest software for Strong Decoder SRT4669X…It me know okay i will be every happy to get all the station you are talking about and can i watch them for free


    • Hello. Please go to the menu option of your decoder and choose blind scan. It takes a while but at the end of the scan, you will have the channels. Good luck.

  7. Hello, sorry I lost out on your question. These channels are free for now and are on Eutelsat w4 and w7. The position is 36 degrees east. The parameters are Feq: 11844, Symbol Rate 27499, and polarity vertical. But a normal blind scan on that satellite band after tracking will reveal these free channels. You do not need a dstv card to view. Its free to air and has nothing to do with multi choice Ghana. Its a direct DVB4 test transmission feed from South Africa and with HE -AAC sound format.

    You need to install the HE -AAC sound driver first to hear audio.

    • Yes! All the multi TV channels will be retained. Supersports is a fee paying service only on DSTV Bouquet and not on Multi TV.

    • A multi TV decoder may not be ideal to track FTA DSTV Signals. Its possible though if its mpeg4 with HE_AAC sound driver and you have Eutelsat W4/7 among the satellites on the decoder satellite list.I believe their latest decoders can.


    • The strong decoder compatible with the DSTV free channels is the SRT4669X. Please note that you have to download and install the HE_AAC driver as it is separate from the updated firmware of the strong decoder to enable Audio on those channels.

      The latest update for strong decoder SRT4669x was uploaded on 24th DEC 2010. When you install the new dish point it at Eutelsat W4 or W7 to get the 17 DSTV free Channels after scanning. If its a multi TV decoder, then it has to be the latest type which is very good for FTA.

  9. oh the free to air dstv channels on my strong mpeg 4decoder is no more.can someone explain to me why all the free17channels not availiable

  10. Crtv is still working on multi tv on the new decoder using the same settings as the 10 defult stations which is=> frequency 12551, Vertical, S.R 19536

  11. Hi guys i need help. I can no more have crtv on my strong SRT4653X. What can i do? And sencondly on which satelite and its cordinates can i get interesting channels? Pls reply me. May the lord bless u.

  12. Hi guys i need help. I can no more have crtv on my strong SRT4653X. What can i do? And sencondly on which satelite and its cordinates can i get interesting channels with my SRT4653? Pls reply me. May the lord bless u.

    • Hello. SRT4653x is IMPEG2 and cannot show CRTV. Its actually listed by strong technologies as one of their discontinued models. You need to get an SRT4669X to be able to access the 17 temporal DSTV free to air channels on Eutelsat W4/7, or Astra 2B to get Multi TV, CRTV and INFINITY TV, SUPERSCREEN, 9JER TV, AMC, ETC.

      • Pls ur information is good but is seems u are speaking in parables to me. What are the frequency and the polarization for the dstv free to air 17 channels? Secondly I can get Infinity, superscreen and Amc on my multi tv but no sound or picture how do i solve this problem? Thanks in advance

    • Hello. Your problem is probably that your decoder, an earlier Multi TV decoder was designed to receive multi TV only to stave off non Multi TV decoders like strong Decoders being used to watch multi TV.

      CRTV can however be viewed on the recently released Multi TV decoders. I have personally installed one for a work mate. Like I always advise, get a strong SRT4669x to view any FTA satellite TV of your choice.

  13. Hello. You have to imput the settings manually via your remote control. Please press menu and select installation. Go to manual scan. Look for Add TP. For frequency imput 12574 Symbol Rate 02854. Polarity is Vertical.. Press exit and save. Now do an Auto Scan and that should end your problems.

  14. Thanks 4d swift response, I hv d GTV Chanel signal already on decorder Everyother channels are showing but only GTV is blank (nothing is showing on it) nd dt major reason I but dt strong 4669 decorder,pls help

  15. Hello. My GTV is on. Please update, rescan and report. Use the latest srt4669x software released on christmas eve by persianwizkid.

  16. Pls. Crtv, gtv is not showing on my Srt 4663 strong decorder and i was told that crtv is now back on air please mail me the settings to get it back thanks.

  17. I need an answer Pls. Crtv, gtv is not showing on my Srt 4663x strong decorder and i was told that crtv is now back on air please mail me the settings to get it back thanks.

    • Hello. CRTV is back but in MPEG4. Without MPEG4 decoder, you cannot watch their channel.On how to update your receiver kindly read through this thread: How to watch free channels on DStv Africa. Channels & Settings.

    • Hello. The DSTV FTA channels are gone for good. I heard they are on Intelsat 7/10 C band at 68.5W. You need at least a 1.4 meter dish to track them. I will try and confirm later but try if you can.

    • Please read through the postings on the topic How to watch free channels on DStv Africa. Channels & Settings by Mr. David Adjao our Moderator and owner of this blog.

    • Please contact CRTV at the following addresses and hope things work out for you. But remember their advert was said to be a limited offer at the time.


      195-197 IPS Road

      East Legon, Accra


      Tel:+233 240303030, +233 204303033

      Email: [email protected]



      PO Box AB690, Abbosey Okai


      Ghana West Africa

      Tel:00233 21515907

      Email: [email protected]

  18. I use d new strong 4669 decorder which enable me view multi tv free on air prog &many others nw I
    paid fr d Dstv full bouquet on my Dstv smat card,but it still showing scramble channels plssss heeelp my money is burning plss

  19. I hv 2 dish connected for multi tv& Dstv I hv d Dstv channel on my decorder but it showing scrambled channel but this is d old Dstv smat card I hv been using on my previous strong decorder,or can’t old Dstv card work on strong 4669 decorder pls advice

    • KILU, There is something that prevents the SRT4558X from fully showing all subscribed DSTV channels. I have same problem so I use my old SRT4622X for the DSTV card. I am investigating and will come out when I am done and what patch can resolve the problem.

      But I suspect that DSTV updates their decoders periodically and those cards in other decoders are not able to read the updated software that tallies with their new video codecs.

      Put your card in an unmarried DSTV decoder and it will update the card and enable you to watch your subscribed channels.

  20. Hi Spence. I kind of rescan my multi decorder and now i cnt view my EPG No more. It doesnt. I use the the latest recordable multi tv decorder. Any ideas?

  21. hi bro my dstv card nw work on d strong 4669 decorder thanks, i saw some hd channels there but cant view them after payin 4d full bouquet any advice

  22. Kilu, good you can now redeem what you paid for. Well on the HD channels the secret is that you need an HD decoder to watch HD channels. Similarly the HD cables are different from the normal one and the LNB is also different as well. Get an HD decoder and a 42 inch Sony Bravia plasma TV if you want to enjoy DSTV in HD.

  23. Hi Spencer, you didnot reply my comment. Anyway the multi tv digibox that i use has a smart card slot. Can i use any random card 4 that??

    • Are you sure its a real smart card slot? Multi TV digiboxes don’t need a card slot because their service is not based on subscription fees. Mine has what looks like a card slot, but is actually hollow/empty.
      Your best choice for enjoying satellite TV is an open receiver like Strong SRT 4669x.

  24. thanks so much for ur usual swift response i do appreciate, i hv a sony bravia hd tv and i’m considering getting a strong hd decorder do u think with these 2 machines i can view the hd chanels on dstv just needed to know b4 i proceed

    thanks man stay blessed

  25. so how many channels have crtv on multi tv. and in all with other free to air channels, how many channels does multi ti have. secondly how would u know this is the latest multi tv digibox, since the first one is for multi tv channels only. thamnks.

  26. ¤ I have a DVB t. When tested in Accra, more channels were scanned. I rescanned in Kasoa in the central region and only BBC and day star worked and the others, there was no reception. Why’s that the case? Will there be an improvement by 2015?
    ¤ Can my DVB T tv be receptive to all free to air channel?
    ¤ where can i get a dvb t digibox?
    Please reply

  27. i hope my name reminds you all of CRTV, especially on morning dew, kwame nkrumah memory lane and TIME WITH SCOF promo. Its true we went off air for sometime. And sorry once again we are off air again.1. we want to get the best of technology to serve you our viewers better. 2. we are building new contents for your viewership and get you abreast with all forms of information.3. we done relocation( i mean totally moved from our east legon location to north legon around north legon hospital.WATCH OUT FOR MORE EXCITING PROGRAMS FOR YOUR VIEWERSHIP. ON behalf of management, we want to say thank you to all our you for you trust in us.

  28. @Scofray,

    When is CRTV coming back online and on what SAT. Is it still on Astra 2b? We are anticipating and expecting, hope its soon this week or easter week.

  29. Pls how can I set up my Multi Tv equipment. Can I use the decoder to install and fine tune the dish and where do I locate the signal meter?

  30. Crtv is off air again, do a blind scan on ur multi tv decoder or srt 4669x decoder to view shalom tv, atn 2, colours, cloud tv, tv africa, ebru, inf quest for free.

  31. Good day, i am in nigeria and i am using strong decoder srt4663x but i cant watch good channels. Please kindly send me some tv frequency so dat i will be able to scan it. Thanks

  32. Please sister Nene,i know this may not be the right place to ask this question but permit me do it.I will like to be a live participant of one of the hello productions of the month of November 2011.What must i do?

  33. Please I use the srt4669xii with 2LNBs I scanned my box recently on 36E eutelsat w4/w7 and had a whole lot of channels lyk setanta africa, trace urban and the rest. My problem is that some of the channels lyk fox entertainment hi nolly and others are blank, no audio or video is what is shown on those channels. I would be very grateful if you could help me on what to do with those channels. Again what is the latest update for my decoder and on which site can I get it to download. Please help me. Thank you very much.

  34. I am using the crtv decoder but have only the multi-tv channels.pls i need the frequency and s.r for other satellites so i can re-scan

  35. Hi SMART TV, can you please tell us what happened to your broadcasting in Kenya. It has been four months now since you suddenly switch off even without any warning.Is that the way you deal with your customers? We have decided to raise our complains in Kenya but no one is coming up to explain. I only hope that my complain will be directed to the right people for further explanation.

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