YouTube Go is shutting down later this year

The lite version of YouTube that was introduced in 2016 will be discontinued in August, the company has announced.

YouTube Go was designed for markets where connectivity is poor and expensive, giving users more control of their data. Users were able to preview videos, change MB usage and have more control of video quality.

“When we launched YouTube Go in 2016, it was designed for viewers in locations where connectivity, data prices, and low-end devices prevented us from delivering the best experience in the main YouTube app,” a statement from YouTube said.

In its initial years, the App came preinstalled in Android Go smartphones and later other models. The market has changed since and smartphones have become more powerful with the ability to accommodate any app.

“We have improved performance for entry-level devices or those that watch YouTube on slower networks. We’re also building out additional user controls that help to decrease mobile data usage for viewers with limited data – so stay tuned for more updates,” The company further said.

Although the app had over 500 million downloads, the company said it was no longer necessary given major improvement in infrastructure in its intended markets.

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