Airtel partners Coverage Broadband to launch 3flix mobile TV service in Nigeria

Airtel Nigeria has announced a partnership with Phase 3 Telecom subsidiary, Coverage Broadband to launch the 3flix mobile TV service in Nigeria.

In a statement, the company said: “The product boasts exciting content that is affordable and runs on ease-of-use features for subscribers to stream live TV on the go. The 3flix TV App is also available for download on Play Store.”

The partnership will allow customers who subscribe to a special bundle data plan on Airtel to have unfettered access to 3flix live television channels.

The 3flix TV app Is designed for smartphones and provides premium television content to subscribers across the country.

The Acting Chief Commercial Officer of Airtel Nigeria, Dinesh Balsing, was quoted to have said that the telecom was committed to creating and supporting innovative value offerings that would excite and empower more telecoms consumers across the country.

In his words, “Airtel is positioned as the mobile Internet service provider of the first choice for Nigerians and currently, we have the largest 4G network in the country. We are excited about the partnership with 3flix as we will enable more telecoms consumers to enjoy all the fun mobile TV provides; keep abreast with the latest news; follow up with celebrities and watch their favourite sports team on the go, regardless of location.”

Also commenting on the partnership, the Chief Executive Officer of Phase3 Telecom, Mr Stanley Jegede, was quoted to have said that Phase3’s foresight to focus on the opportunities in emerging markets led to the creation of Coverage Broadband, and the subsequent partnership with Airtel Nigeria to offer subscribers a distinctive mobile TV viewing service.

Jegede said, “While 3flix mobile TV will continue to expand its library of great content, we are particularly excited that the product is designed to adapt features, technology and aggregation just as the viewing and immersive experience of consumers continue to evolve.”

Coverage Broadband, a subsidiary of Phase3 Telecom, was recently issued a mobile TV/Over the Top broadcast licence by the National Broadcasting Commission. It was also issued a Value Added Service licence by the Nigerian Communications Commission.

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