Angola Cables joins Onix Data Centre in Ghana to Boost Digital Connectivity in West Africa

In a significant development for digital infrastructure in Africa, the Tier IV Onix Data Centre in Accra, Ghana, has announced its integration with the Angola Cables Global Data Centre Interconnect. This strategic move aims to enhance international connectivity in Ghana and Senegal, linking them to an extensive network that includes 66 data centres, 8 OTTs/CDNs, and 21 IXPs. The collaboration is expected to offer secure digital solutions and managed services to various clients, reflecting Onix’s commitment to building a robust partner ecosystem.

Spanning 2000 m², the Onix Data Centre is engineered to address the increasing business demands within Ghana and the surrounding region. It currently serves key banking and financial clients, offering 170, 3kW and 5kW racks, and a dedicated pod of 50 racks for clients who seek shared infrastructure to optimize costs.

Michael Nahon, CEO of Onix, emphasized the significance of this partnership with Angola Cables and its West African subsidiary, TelCables. The collaboration is pivotal in providing interconnected carrier and cloud-neutral services, catering to a wide array of customers who need secure storage and management for their digital assets and data. Nahon also highlighted the data centre’s focus on reliability and uninterrupted power supply, with 67% of its energy needs currently met through solar technology, a figure they plan to increase in the future.

Fernando Fernandes, CEO of TelCables Nigeria and West Africa, noted the growing importance of Ghana and Senegal in the Pan-African market. He recognized the crucial role of partners like Onix in developing the infrastructure necessary for expanding digital services across the continent, benefiting ISPs, CDNs, and various enterprises.

Angola Cables, the entity behind this strategic collaboration, is a renowned ICT and digital solutions provider. It boasts a position as the most interconnected operator in Africa, offering low-latency, direct access connectivity to major IXPs, Tier 1 operators, and global content providers. Their network includes SACS, Monet, WACS, and other submarine cables, connecting multiple continents and operating two data centres in Brazil and Angola.

TelCables West Africa, powered by Angola Cables, is a leading player in connectivity and IT solutions in the region. It offers a wide range of services across Nigeria and West Africa, with a strong presence in various IP hubs and connections across Africa via the Djoliba network.

This partnership marks a significant milestone in Africa’s journey towards enhanced digital connectivity and infrastructure development, poised to benefit a wide array of sectors across the continent.

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