Orange Launches ‘Max it’ Super-App in Africa and Middle East

Orange, the telecom giant, has just launched ‘Max it’, a comprehensive mobile application designed to consolidate a range of everyday digital services. This super-app, developed by Orange’s African teams, is set to revolutionize the digital landscape in Africa and the Middle East.

‘Max it’ serves as a unified platform, bringing together mobile telecommunication services, financial tools, and an e-commerce portal. The app integrates account functionalities for managing mobile and fixed lines, Orange Money services for financial transactions, and a digital marketplace offering various content such as online games, music, and news. It also includes an innovative digital ticketing service for events and transportation.

One of the key features of ‘Max it’ is its inclusivity and accessibility. The app is available to everyone, regardless of their network provider, and supports multiple payment options, with Orange Money as the primary method. The app is designed to cater to local preferences and is available in several languages, enhancing its appeal to a diverse user base.

‘Max it’ is expected to attract around 45 million active users by 2025, capitalizing on the growing smartphone adoption in the region, which is projected to reach 61% of connected customers by the same year. This move aligns with Orange’s deep-rooted presence in Africa and the Middle East and its understanding of the evolving digital needs of these markets.

Initially, ‘Max it’ will be available in five African countries – Cameroon, Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Botswana. A gradual rollout is planned for the rest of the countries where Orange operates. The app will not only offer Orange’s own services but also feature digital services from local and international partners.

Christel Heydemann, CEO of Orange, emphasized the significance of ‘Max it’ in Orange’s innovation strategy in Africa and the Middle East. Jérôme Hénique, CEO of Orange Middle East and Africa, praised the collaborative effort behind the app’s development, highlighting its potential to meet various consumer needs and foster digital inclusion across the continent.

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Oluniyi D. Ajao
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