DStv Mobile on your laptop, iPad, iPhone, iPod

DStv is offering a major boost to residents of Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania and Kenya who might be interested in their DStv Mobile service. Before now, the DStv Mobile had been restricted to a few mobile phones – these phones have in-built circuitry that enables them to receive and decode DVB-H signals. DStv is now offering a new device called Drifta, that should increase patronage for DStv Mobile.

The DStv Drifta is essentially an adapter. It receives and decrypts the digital TV signals and then transfers the decoded signals to the compatible wifi device of your choice. It brings DStv Mobile to a much wider variety of mobile devices. The Drifta is a mobile TV decoder that receives DVB-H signal and converts it into Wi-Fi signal for Wi-Fi enabled viewing devices:  laptops, PCs, tablets and smartphones. Of course, the Drifta must be within the DVB-H coverage area to work.

DStv drifta
DStv drifta

Currently, the device is compatible with the iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad and Windows desktop/notebook PCs. They feature:

  • Broadcast Mobile TV on your iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad and Windows PC
  • Connects to your device via Wi-Fi or USB
  • Access the Mobile TV guide
  • Small lightweight and ultra-portable
  • Rechargeable with up to three hours of viewing

DStv’s Drifta decoder has been available to residents of South Africa for several months now and would be available to residents of Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania and Kenya from 1st June 2011. DStv would probably follow the same South African model, offering the service for free to DStv Premium subscribers, and for a minimal monthly fee to others.

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Oluniyi D. Ajao
Oluniyi D. Ajao is an Internet Entrepreneur and Tech Enthusiast based in South Africa. Follow him on twitter @niyyie for more tech updates.


  1. This is a better option for many subscribers. It is not really convenient watching TV on those small phone screen for more than 1hour at a stretch. However, mobility made them a necessity. With this new device, one can easily watch DSTv on a laptop or netbook when on the move. I guess football fans will love this one. Thumbs up for DSTv.

  2. The Drifta is good news. All the same, I wish it was compatible with Nokia phones as not everyone likes (or can afford) the I-phone. Laptops aren’t very portable and tabs are also qiute expensive so it would have been great if more mobile phones were included.

  3. Why not have a DSTV drifter that is workable like the call phones in any country where DSTV coverage is available? This will allow travellers to stay atone with their favourable channels everywhere. Subscription can be paid for on line. Why restrict it to a few countries when DSTV is across Africa?

  4. Thanks for the enlightment. please i have Nokia 5330-1d , which i used in watching Dstv programmes .Is it possible for me to connect it to my lap top to watch it ? please if possible , how do i go about it .please i am in Nigeria, Edo State , Benin City . please i am awaiting your reply as soonest as possible .

  5. Hi, I live in abuja and use a storm blackberry phone, can my phone be used to view dstv channels and how do I go about it?

  6. Hi, I live in abuja and use a storm blackberry phone, can my phone be used to view dstv channels and how do I go about it? If not how can I get the drifter, how much and how much do I pay monthly


    • Stella, not yet possible.

      For now, the Drifta only works with the iPad, iPhone, iPod, Mac, and Windows computer.

      DSTV has mentioned that they’re working on versions for Blackberry, Android and Symbian devices.

      The Drifta costs 14,500. There are 3 packages: Free[NTA & Channel O], Mini [costs N170 per week with about 9 channels] and MAXI [cost N400/week with all 14 channels].

      For now, it’s being sold only to people who have an active DSTV Premium bouquet.

  7. Wow..! thats cool, wounder when the service shall also be available in Uganda particularly. I think it would reall be Fun. Thanx DSTV

  8. this is gr8, it would definitely help residences that own more than 2 TVs in the house to avoid squabbles and alo hotels too.

  9. I live in Abuja and I have the device, but I’m disappointed that the device could not pick signals in some part of Abuja, especially the area where I live. I can only watch use and watch it when I’m within the city centre. I hope they’ll do something in order to widen the coverage.

  10. Is the Dstv drifta with all channels available in Kenya… What are the costs from purchase of the drifta to subscription cost? Please

  11. Am not able to purchase subcrition on my dstv mobile is only telling me to go and visit service operator. Wat do i do

  12. Please let me know how I can subscribe to dstv mobile,so far it’s no longer a free viewing and the amount payable depending on the channels i loved to watch. Secondly, how and where can I get the dstv mobile drifta?. Thanks for the services rendered so far. Be blessed,awaiting your positive response.

  13. Thanks for your efforts on this matter please I need to know location and current price of dstv drifta if it is available in Nigeria.

  14. Please i have Nokia 5330, which i used in watching Dstv programmes. Is’t possible for me to connect it to my lap top to watch it ? please if possible,how do i go about it .please i am in Ghana,Accra. Your responds is much anticipated


  15. First of all I appreciate dervish fraternity for coming up with such an innovative idea, however, my concern is that the service should not be limited to those with active bouquet.

  16. Is this function now in Zimbabwe as well because it will be very welcomed by the nation at large. Please help us we are really waiting for such?

  17. i have a sony ericsson xperia android x10i phone,and a dv6,AMD hp window 7 premium laptop,and I like to know if i can use drifta on this devices….thanks.

  18. i am very much disappointed with dstv drifter, how can multi choice create a device that is its network is mostly coverage in certain cities or areas, what was their motives behind that. The next thing i went to the shop were i bought the device and i got a reply after my complains that the drifter is meant for sport people, am i not one? That means multichoice then is undermining us people who are staying in local areas such kabokweni, whiteriver, etc. But during their adverts they caverage is available in SA.. Whick SA are they talking off,couse its ‘mobile’

  19. Thank you for the information given on the website. However, how can we in Uganda, East Africa with iPads and iPhone 4 subscribe to dstv mobile today?

  20. Please am in Ghana currently. I have with me my Nigerian DSTV Decoder. Can i connect it to my Laptop. How would i do that so that it works.

    And if NO, how do i go about this Drifta, so i can continue to access DSTV.

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