e.TV Africa comes to DStv

e.Tv is one of the truly world-class TV channels on the African continent today, airing compelling soap-operas, blockbuster movies and much more. e.Tv has since evolved from a single free-to-air TV station in South Africa, to a pan-African network of channels with even a spin-off dedicated news service called eNews channel.

From tomorrow 14th December 2010 at 12:00hrs GMT, its pan-African service e.tv africa would be available on DStv.

The description currently appearing on DStv channel 144 reads:

e.TV Africa provides popular programming including Hollywood movies and series. The channel also includes news bulletins from eNews Africa service. Launches on 14 December 2010 at 14:00 CAT.

From the text below from etv.co.za describes what’s coming to DStv:

Viewers in 12 countries across Africa now have access to a 24-hour syndicated version of South Africa’s e.tv. e.tv has been received enthusiastically across the continent where e.tv programming is popular and sought after.

Research shows that Africans are passionate for high-quality African and International produced content. The channel also broadcasts two live half-hour news bulletins from the eNews Africa service. These bulletins focus on pan-African news by Africans for Africans.

e.tv Africa’s syndicated broadcasts are provided on a free-to-air, predominantly terrestrial basis, in the following countries:

  • Kenya on Nation 2
  • Namibia on One Africa Television
  • Zimbabwe on ZTV2
  • Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Guinea, Burundi and the Central African Republic on Star TV
  • Nigeria on MITV
  • Ghana on eGhana, e.tv’s sister channel
  • Botswana on eBotswana – which is also a sister channel to e.tv

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Oluniyi D. Ajao
Oluniyi D. Ajao is an Internet Entrepreneur and Tech Enthusiast based in South Africa. Follow him on twitter @niyyie for more tech updates.


  1. Hie Oluniyi D Ajao

    Just to advise you that i am e-mailing you from Zimbabwe were we started watching E-TV AFRICA from 2pm Zimbabwean time yesterday we quiet impressed about this developmenta save to say we were being starved of real entertainment on DSTV, yes we enjoy watching AMagic but at times viewers need a variety of programes.

    But want i wanted to find out from you is are we going to be watching football on this channel 144 eg UEFA Champions league, FA England league. We are currently recieving the signal very clear and we hope to get more entertainment on the channel now we very happy when you go and subscribe you know there is a reason to pay your account it is great news really especially for ZIMBABWEANS.

    Thank you have a great day

  2. please do me a favour,go to channel 144 (etv) press menu then advanced options,then signal detection then give me the frequency, the symbol rate the fec and the polarisation please

    • Do us a favour and reboot your decoder. It appears to me that you are not a DStv subscriber. If you are, you don’t need to enter any frequencies manually. Just reboot and tune to channel 144. e.TV Africa would appear on your screen.
      If you are not a DStv subscriber, entering DStv frequencies would not help you as their broadcast is encrypted.

      • DStv has 5 packages that range in price range. Access Approx $10 / month. Family Approx $20 / month. Compact Approx $25/month, Compact Plus (which now has SS3, SS9 and SS10 added to the Compact package) approx $50 / month, and Premium Approx $70 / month. ALL their packages have ETV Africa. If you dig your Soccer – Compact Plus is the better option to go for. Happy day.

  3. pls u have not given me concise anwer 2 my request.my request is,how can i inpute 36degree E eutelsat w7 on my strong srt 4669x and the frquency ,sym-rate,to enable me watch free Dstv stations on my strong.pls the breakdown on how 2 carry out the prcess.thanks .frm 9JA.

  4. The E channel on Dstv is not as loaded and interesting as the one on the free – 2 air dish. No programme guide, no movie info, no adverts, once you are not lucky to be in front of your Tv screen when a movie is playing, you might no be able to get to know the title of such movie again. and when you are watching a particular programme, you don’t know what to expect next, the info bar does not say anything except Etv Africa very boring

  5. Please. DStv. We beg you. Add channel 210 in N4, 500 subscription. Because, sport channels that are on N2, 500 subscription and N4, 500 subscription are the same. Please, just add Supersport 10 to N4, 500 subscription just to make a difference between them. The amount been charged for watching sport channels seems to be costly.

  6. i’m in nigeria n my dad pays 4 d premium bouquet bt wen we go 2 channel 144 it keeps saying”searching 4 signal.wat should we do?

  7. hi iam multi tv acredited installer and i want u 2 help me on most free 2 air satellite channels both on c and ku band more greass 2 ur elbow waiting for reply

  8. Hi i’m in SA.Wrestling times are as follow: Sunday 17h00 RAW. Mon 13h00 NXT,22h30 Afterburn Tue.20h00 Superstars Wed. 20h30 Smackdown Thu.13h30 Raw(rept) Fri.13h30 Smack(rept) Sat.11h30 Bottom line,16h00 Vintage,17h00 NXT…Don’t forget late night adult movies to steam u up over the weekend ha ha…all times are GMT+2 SA time cheers

  9. hi i’m in SA if etv Africa schedule is the same as etv.your wrestling times will be as follows: mon. 20h00 afterburn tue. 20h00 superstars wed.20h30 smackdown thu. 13h30 raw (rep) fri. 13h30 smack(rep) sat. 16h00 vintage,17h00 nxt sun raw…all times are GMT+2 SA times….don’t forget late night 18+ movies on weekends

  10. good morning from kenya,

    as i subscriber to multichoice i can receive/watch e-TV Africa on channel 144. but where can i find the details of their programme schedules? that would enable me to tune in to watch certain programmes.

    please kindly let me know at your earliest convenience.

    thanks and have a nice day
    claus schumacher

  11. hello, my dstv channel just went off today, it is now saying no audio/video. any hellp will be appreciated. i am using srt-4669x

  12. e.tv on dstv don’t show uefa champions league why?I have neva watched any football on e.tv on like the free to air that shows champions league. Please i want to know if e.tv on dstv shows adult movies and what time do they show it. Iam from nigeria

  13. Hello all thank God for this blog. Am new to All these sat tv stuf ba am getting around pretty quick. please can one help me wit sat name, degrees, Frequency n SR for E.tv am in Tamale- northern Ghana n using strong 4669. tanks…

  14. Hi Guys!(e.tvafrica)My comment is all about “DID YOU KNOW?

    I think the republic of sudan is nolonger considered as the largest country on the african continent since it was divided into another country.If am wrong then i request to be corrected.
    Am Bogere Innocent
    Life fm 93.8
    Balya Road
    Kabarole District

  15. guys etv africa is not same with etv fta,we all love etv fta because of the weekend adult movies and the champions league,but all this are missing on etv africa,i dont even watch it anymore.

  16. Am glad and elated over the return of Etv on our screens. I am particularly keen to resume watching your programme “The Biggest Looser”. Consequently, I would like to have access to the schedule of Etv programmes.
    I commend the management of Multichoice for ensuring that the channel gets to our screens again. Finally, how do I get the programmes?

    Thank you.

  17. etv is one of the best channel on dstv.It keep me busy.best programmes are raw,smackdown,superstar and sundays firm like spider man1,2,3.e.t.c.it the best for me.

  18. Hai,how many channels are showing on dstv as compared to free to air decodes.why dont you also give us etv africa its not fair to us who dont afford to pay for dstv,do same thing about it.frm zambia

  19. Am from Dar es Salaam Tanzania (East Africa), i am a Wrestling fan & also a wrestler too for in 2011 January i won the poster prize from Tna wrestling it was sent to me at my hometown i felt so happy more than ever it was with autographed of Mr Anderson the Tna wrestler & also he was a Wwe wrestler it was awesome, now am looking for a sponsor who can sponsor me in wrestling career cause i have been a wrestling anigma for long time now its my moment to relive the past of Bret Hit Man Hart, The rock, Rvd, Late Legendary Chris Benoit, Goldberg & Rey Mysterio E.tv am depending on you help me on this one; This BIG HIT i need call for wrestling talent search in Africa & especially the C4 from Dar es Salaam Tanzania bte.

  20. Pls,bros i am satellite insteller.what is d problm tht effect AB3 AB2 which Aflamtv 90cm people use compliant abt it. sombody in d house help me as u do dat God wil increse u in life.

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