Is It Possible to Get A Free Domain Name?

A domain name is one of the most important aspects of your business. It determines the growth of your brand as well as the level at which your website will appear on the Search Engine Optimization rank. Getting such a name is not a strenuous exercise. Nonetheless, many people especially small business entrepreneurs usually ask, ‘Is it possible to get a free domain name?’ The answer might be both yes and no, depending on the context. All in all, it is absolutely possible to obtain a domain name without paying a dime. In this article, let us consider a few ways through which you can acquire a free domain name.

Sign up a Web hosting plan with Free Domain

.com is a domain name extension whose demand is usually very high. For such an extension, getting a free domain name is a hard nut to crack. You can consider signing up for a web hosting plan, where you can buy a hosting for some amount. This will come along with a free domain name extension that you will not have to pay individually for.

Is It Possible to Get A Free Domain Name?
Is It Possible to Get A Free Domain Name?

Consider other domain name extensions

As much as .com is the most common domain name extension, this does not mean that having another extension is a bad idea. For this reason, think about some other domain name suffixes like .tk, .ml, .ga, and .gq. These extensions come at absolutely no cost and you can use them to get yourself a free domain name. They are not commonly used but they can aid you to start off your small business.

Find a Sub-Domain

If you are in that situation where you cannot afford to buy a domain name as well as pay for web hosting, finding a subdomain may be a prudent idea for you. There are website builders that provide such services. You will get a free domain name coupled with the website builder’s name for free. For example, ‘’ will be the structure of your domain name. As much as there are limited advantages for this, you can later upgrade to a premium version that will offer you better services.

Use referrals to acquire a Domain Name

For some companies, you simply need to refer other users to their services in order to earn a commission. The commission earned is directly proportional to the number of referrals you make. With this, you can get a free domain name for your business website. There are also sites that offer free domain names, though with limited advantages.


It is possible to get a free domain name. Although cheap is always considered expensive, you may not have any other option in the event of financial constraints. Free domain names are ideal for small businesses and can help with marketing and growth. As time goes, your business may stabilize and hence you may then consider upgrading to a premium web hosting service where you will pay for your domain name. This will create security for your website and lower competition.

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